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Opinion: Vulnerability of the people of South Sudan over COVID-19

By Emmanuel Malual,

President Salva Kiir, the head of COVID-19 Task Force and Dr. Riek Machar Teny, the deputy head of COVID-19 Task Force demonstrating the use of a mask to prevent Coronavirus(Photo credit: supplied)
President Salva Kiir, the head of COVID-19 Task Force and Dr. Riek Machar Teny, the deputy head of COVID-19 Task Force demonstrating the use of a mask to prevent Coronavirus(Photo credit: supplied)

May 8, 2020 (Nyamilepedia) – I was shocking when a COVID—19 headline on The Dawn Newspaper reads that “COVID-19 patients will be treated from their homes as foreigner escaped from quarantine Centre,” vulnerability of people living in fear of more cases that the number of coronavirus cases in South Sudan on Friday jumped to 45 after 10 more cases tested positive of COVID—19.

The recent jumping cases of COVID -19 in South Sudan is a clear indication that we are likely to go from bad to worse the violations of such measures violate the rules of social distancing as public must respects and adhere to the orders, people coverage in churches in jonglei state last Sunday and people also held a wedding in same states with aim telling people that coronavirus is not Jonglei state, that is why they defying the orders.

The patient is said to be s a 29-year-old female UN staff who arrived from the Netherlands via Addis    Ababa on 29th of February, the violations of COVID 19   orders is likely to contribute to widespread of coronavirus pandemic in the country like South Sudan, Poor sanitations as no water systems in the country. Barely two months into the COVID 19 outbreak in South Sudan Shocked the world and the people of South Sudan as Country have no health facilities to handle deadly Coronavirus.

Lack of quarantine facilities for possible exposure to the coronavirus without proper medical facilities and training or protective gear, then scattered into the general population put them at risks. South Sudanese are Vulnerable even simple cholera outbreak response sometimes is very slow which should generally focus on medical aspects that are important to civil populations in the country like South Sudan.

The vulnerability of people of South Sudan is really worrying when coming to the level of the health’s practitioners in the country. For the first since the dark days of bloody conflicts in South Sudan are bearing witness to the armed conflicts inter communal violence in the country like South Sudan

South Sudan are vulnerable due to lack of education in the country UNMISS staffs who are involved in all problems in South Sudan. The Negative role of   UN staffs infected nearly 800,000 Haitians have been infected by cholera since 2010 (as 2016) and more than 9,000 have died as Haitians judge urge judge to find UN culpable for Cholera outbreak that killed thousands.

Since the conflict in South Sudan UN has played negative as   thousands of people have protested in South Sudan in major cities in South Sudan accusing the UN of arming rebels. Despite UN denied the arms were destined for rebels.but acknowledge it make a mistake transporting them by road.

Lack of coronavirus testing kits will make it hard to for South Sudanese as patient who were confirmed to have the coronavirus were either sent to an isolation centers or hospital for more analysts in the country.

The role of media and media mainstreams in coronavirus pandemic, that most of media houses in the country should be on frontline to educating the public about the dangers of COVID -19,

The world as we known it has turned upside down. The coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic is running rampant across the globe. And there doesn’t seem to be an end in sight.

Let us used our social media platform  as social media is one of the best ways to share news nowadays it may be the only way for some people), especially if you are trying to alert people of something serious very quick manner. Whether it be COVID-19   news from individual states or news on a national scope. Social   media gets the message where it needs.


The questioned of lack of masks which was recommended by global health partners to fight the COVID-19, now in South Sudan not everybody who is wearing the recommendable Masks that prevent and protects individuals for not getting the deadly COVID 19.


The author is a concerned South Sudan citizen who is reachable via: malualmakuach77@gmail.com

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