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Opinion: Unquestionable link between Jikany community and the SPLM-IO

By SB Chiok Guek

A group of Eastern Jikany Nuer politicians posting for a picture after holding a conference to disown Hon. Dak Duop Bichiok and his group (Photo credit: supplies)

April 22, 2020 (Nyamilepedia) — Its very clear and known to every South Sudan Citizens, foreign friends and international community that the formation of the SPLM/A-IO Movement in 2014 wasn’t political choice instead it was the result of the Nuer Massacre (genocide) in 2013 in Juba capital and other cities that was introduced by Salva Kiir regime in the Republic of South Sudan.

When Salva Kiir and His military Chief Gen. Malong Awan were tribally motivated by the destruction spirit, they ordered their tribal militias to carry out mass killing and targeted the innocent Nuer people without discriminating them based on their background or geographical location, therefore Jikany Nuer fall the victim of the tribal cleansing initiated against Nuer People.

Meanwhile that mass killing incident served as the main reason which had forced the Jikany Nuer, other Nuer subsections and marginalize South Sudanese to be the founders of the SPLM/A-IO National Movement because they opted to organize themselves to fight the country’s known enemy when they have the governing body in place which is the SPLM/A-IO leadership.

So due to the genesis of the country’s deadly civil war it was what make Jikany Nuer Community to be part of the Movement and it wasn’t done through political memorandum of understanding instead it has happens suddenly because our fellow community members were innocently murdered by the Salva Kiir’s tribal men, in which it was the only motive that had forced us as the community to rebel against Kiir government, in that case nobody will manage to push the Jikany Nuer Community out from the SPLM/A-IO nor shall SPLM/A-IO be easily separated from Jikany Nuer Community until we achieve the struggle mission and vision because the ongoing political defections game is aiming to weaken public goal for individuals benefits it indicates that the South Sudanese suffering populations seem to be forgotten by the country misleaders (politicians).

At the moment we the Jikany Nuer Community we are just peace partner under the SPLM/A-IO leadership with President Salva Kiir because the country is at peace, if not the 2018 revitalized peace agreement which brought the warring parties together we as the community who were victimized by Salva Kiir’s tribal destruction move against none dinka, there should be no valid reason we shall submit our supports to Salva Kiir since he (kiir) was the same person who had denied our supports to him by killing our innocent civilians simply because they were Nuer by tribe.

Nevertheless, with no doubt the Jikany Nuer as the Community we must remain loyal to the cause that killed thousands innocent lives and displaced half of million South Sudan people, we will continue fighting for the success of the national struggle for better country that will accommodates all 64tribes fairly and happy together at home.

Yes we have noted our known enemy is playing harder day and night to create mistrust and deep enmity hole among ourselves by all means but we believe their divisive mission will fail terribly and we shall one day celebrate the victory of this hardest struggle.

The ongoing seeking for satisfaction of the politicians needs is the bigger threats to freed the suffering population of South Sudan who ‘re dying in the refugee camps both inside and outside the country. And that is the very reason why we shall never be soft nor to give up easily without placing un-removal stone for the needed change in the world’s youngest nation South Sudan.

To all easy quit politicians in the city, please feel free to exercise ur political rights and practice ur personal interest as u wish but don’t fall short to forget what hurt u yesterday because of your background.

Put it in mind that Salva kiir Mayardit value u today because of those Nuer people at the ground who stood firm against his new marginalization in the country, so without the presence of the Nuer White Army in the liberated areas I believe Salva Kiir will just throw u all into the historical dustbin.

Let’s all value our home, respect community image, reputation and make it separate from any political pledges in all the political forums.

The author is a South Sudan concerned citizen, he can be reached via: gueknuer@gmail.com

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