Opinion: South Sudan will build many hydro-electricity dams, an affirmative response to Mr. Hani Raslan

By Santino Ayual Bol,

June 27, 2021 — First let me begin by giving heartfelt appreciations as well as unwavering support to the honorable Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Great Republic of South Sudan Comrade Deng Dau Malek for his timely courage by announcing loudly in broad day to the whole wide world inhabited by friends and foes alike that South Sudan is planning to construct Hydro-electricity dams. Indeed, it should be made known to anybody who cares that Hon.Deng Dau has spoken and rightly so in our name as a nation. He owes no explanation nor apology to any nosy damned body. Hon. Deng is speaking in his capacity as one of the national cadres of the government.

Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam
Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam
He is expounding the vision and mission of an independent sovereign country the Republic of South Sudan which has unfettered rights to do anything under the sun for the well being of its citizens such as affording them social amenities like hydro-electricity power, clean drinking water, housings, health services, education, telecommunication and transport services, and many more others. South Sudan owes its citizens these aforementioned duties and responsibilities and nobody else. South Sudan is not under any obligation to be ordered to do or not to do anything by foreigners Egyptians included when it pertains to its internal affairs and responsibilities within its frontiers. It is only answerable to itself and to its citizens period.

The negative utterances coming out hurriedly and hysterically from Cairo in response to our Deputy Minister’s hint at South Sudan’s imminent internal socio-economic development programs should not be source of worry to anybody in South Sudan as they are not official statements of the government of the great Arab Republic of Egypt but rather reckless self-amusement statements uttered by an evening drug intoxicated racist shisha smoker masquerading as a political analyst and a director of a certain Cairo based Ahram Center for Political and Strategic Studies. Critically analyzing those stench and vomiting word by word from this uninvited sham political analyst, serious academics and real political analysts of substances must feel sorry for such an academic center if at all it exists in Cairo because words coming from the filthy mouth and ignorant mind of one of its Directors are non-U of real political analysts’ class. The chosen words are haughty, insulting, lousy, uncivilized, racist, careless, and above all uninformed of the current prevailing positive realities in South Sudan.

To give esteemed readers of this article the unsavory taste of this Arab jingoism possessed Egyptian Arab Nile River Water Mujihad, it is necessary that his statements are reproduced here for further display as translated from his facebook page by the Sudans Post on 26th June 2021:

Hani Raslan: “This is nothing but incitement and external planning. South Sudan has not reached – in its structure and political reality – statehood. It does not have reliable cadres in any field, and a lot of projects meant to help them are disrupted due to the lack of parties or specialists with whom it can be achieved. Until recently, the parties were fighting, and sometimes this amounted to burning their opponents alive, while they were dancing and screaming around them.”

The key words of interest here are; that the declaration of the South Sudanese Deputy Minister are nothing but incitement and external planning, South Sudan having not reached statehood, does not have reliable cadres in any field, projects meant to help them, lack of parties or specialists, and the fighting parties. To pump sensibility into the empty mind of this Arab racist, someone better inform him that the words of the South Sudanese Deputy Minister are neither incitement nor are they external planning. They are rock solid tangible Socio-politico-economic programs of the government of South Sudan, well planned and which will be diligently implemented sooner than latter by the current and next governments.

Some of these planning are short term, medium term, and long term. If South Sudan lacks reliable cadres as is mis-portrayed by our self-inviting-uninvited fake political analyst, why is he wrecked to the core of his nincompoop nerves by Mr Deng’s statements of up-coming dams? Who owns these so called a lot of projects meant to help South Sudan and why it matters to the progenitors if South Sudan is not important? The simpleton confusedly contradicts himself by alleging lack of parties or specialists with whom the so called a lot of projects can be achieved but within seconds of a minute talked of fighting parties burning their opponents alive while dancing and screaming around them!Funny and disgusting indeed!! I’m tempted to think that the Egyptian Arab was not seriously applying reason, logic, and thinking while writing his face-book piece of a damned shit but only hallucinating. If there are no parties to a lot of projects, where do these fighting parties in South Sudan come from?

South Sudan is a great country inhabited by a historically great people whose greatness and civilizations are documented by all the major records of human civilizations such as the Bible, Greeks, Romans, English, Ottoman or Turkish, ancient Egypt and lately Holy Quran of Prophet Mohamed peace be upon him. Mr.Hani Raslan do not know this fact , pathetic and shame to his unfortunate Ahram Centre. To belittle South Sudan and its great people in the name of a brief short-lived civil war (Dec 16, 2013 – Sept 2018) which occurred here is not intellectually convincing. The Arab World which Egypt proudly represents and calls itself by name is more in disarray and engrossed in gruesome killings than the case wrongly alleged in South Sudan. The Arab World is more deeply immersed in internal civil wars and deadly fighting than any other parts of the world inhabited by civilized human species. Real intellectual political analysts would be more understanding and sensitive to total anarchy in Syria, never ending hatred between the children of the Gods (Yahweh, and Allah) in Israel and Palestine, Yemen, Libya, Moroco and the Saharawi Enclave, Arab Republic of Egypt and Israel at Sinai, Egypt with itself the case of Muslim Brotherhood, Al Qeida and its violent religious revolution in the Middle East and the world, etc.

I have never been to Egypt and I do not have the desire to go there soon. May be in future if and when by necessity. However,I respect Egypt as a country with its good people except some few rotten apples the like of Mr.Hani Raslan. I have over heard it from fellow South Sudanese who have been to Egypt that “An Egyptian can tolerate your insults when directed to his personality but would lynch you if you insult the Motherland Egypt”! Funny and cheaply contradictory position isn’t it? Then why would some Egyptians not apply the same yardstick of treatment to other people and their countries especially Sub Saharan Africa? Why are some Egyptians pretending to be political analysts always quick to use some insulting adjectives in the descriptions of other countries, peoples, and cultures? This behavior in itself is uncivilization, non-intellectual, and criminal in short.

Africa is waking up from its long slumber and is beginning to take its future in its own hands especially the welfare and happiness of its children. Ethiopia is upbeat about its Great Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD) and there is nothing Egypt can do about it. South Sudan has broken away from Arab Islamic Sudan and is in the processes of laying its foundation and delivering basic services its citizens hydro-electric power service included and Egypt has no power to stop it. Rushing here with smoke polluting fossil generators to lull South Sudan into not building dams along the Nile and other rivers is untenable. The Arab instigated civil and tribal wars in South Sudan are dwindling and would soon give space to peace and it is a matter of time before South Sudan engage in nerve-cracking developments during peace time such as Hydro-electricity dams construction, solar energy, nuclear energy, mechanized scientific agriculture, and eventually manufacturing industries including motor car industries.

When South Sudan proudly hoisted its flag on the 9th of July ten years ago it was subtly sending a signal to the whole world that it has become free forever like it or loathe it. “For better or worse Ghana is free” quipped Dr.Kwame Nkrumah. South Sudan is free and can do anything for itself especially something helpful like economic projects for development. Egypt constructed Aswan High Dam and nobody objected it. Sudan Constructed Sennar Dam and nobody raised a finger. Uganda constructed Owen Dam and is currently silently constructing another second dam at Karuma Falls and it is up to Satan to hang itself or live with it. Why would a proud sovereign and independent country South Sudan take permission from any nosy body along the Nile Valley when it wants to do similar projects?

Anyway, political analysts in Egypt should be more concerned about the GERD Dam and the defiant posture of the Ethiopians and how to find a win-win agreement with Ethiopia, than empty rhetoric and insulting threat to proposed South Sudanese dams. This arrogant attitude of some Egyptian Arabs which quickly degenerates to negativity and insults and war-posture when it comes to Black Africa wouldn’t help them. God was not less wise when He let the Nile River flows abundantly from the beautiful breasts of Mother Africa to the Mediterranean Sea. Anything is possible in this age of technology and Nile River’s course can be diverted to Darfur-Chad-Mali-Senegal and finally into the Atlantic if some Egyptian Arab political analysts do not behave by respecting Africa and the African peoples.Mistreatment of some South Sudanese citizens living in Egypt by some unruly Egyptian Arab Supremacists coupled with long distance hauled insults and negative mocking comments at South Sudan and its people should stop immediately. Some Egyptians who come to South Sudan live peacefully here. Nobody disturbs, harass, or insult them. Nobody has appetite to haul insults at Egypt from South Sudan. Some Egyptian Arabs should try and reciprocate our great civilized composure.

Santino Ayual is a political analyst and a concerned South Sudanese citizen. He can be reached for more information through email at santinoayual@yahoo.com & ayual@students.uonbi.ac.ke.

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