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Opinion: South Sudan, the Fighting Ground for both Indigenous and Imported Demons.

T.T. Shaka,

May 2, 2021Imagine you are watching people dancing or a movie with one eye forced open, don’t you think it would be more stressing or tiring? I believe Southerners have been experiencing this scenario before and after the birth of South Sudan.

South Sudan president Salva Kiir Mayardit has been seen a few time walking with a stick that carries witchcraft symbols(Photo credit: South Sudan Presidency)
South Sudan president Salva Kiir Mayardit has been seen a few time walking with a stick that carries witchcraft symbols(Photo credit: South Sudan Presidency)

We all watched the creation of Devils and Demons of multiple spirits in South Sudan and said or did nothing about it. The spirit of theft, corruption, rape, killings and more became deep-rooted.in the society. There was no spirit of care among those talking for peace. Meanwhile, we have seen bodies such as IGAD, AU, Troika and others worked for short-term solutions in their minds, and the results of which have brought instead long-term problems that South Sudan has to live with now. I wished those who really wanted to see South Sudan have peace, listened to the views of ordinary southerners and respected them instead of the few for whom they supported their interests.

Today, like oil spreading on water, church leaders are not different from others who experience tortures and killings. This has come as the result of the local (indigenous) Demons such as the JCD (Jieng Council of Demons that tore the South Sudanese who loved themselves earlier apart. When the things of non-national nature became the order of the day, hate replaced love. It can never be easy to imagine how long it will take to reverse the damages caused so far in future. Predicaments and dilemmas linger in every mind of Southerners now than ever before. How do you expect children born under trees, under rains, in the experimental zoos and camps to forget this if told the histories of their lives when they grow? 

The nation if there is one finds itself without a backbone. How do people feel about going without food, which are not due to natural disasters but because of the grid? Don’t you think it is painful to take? Essential development is like a dream. Civil servants and the so-called forces of choice go without their wages paid just because the imported Demons and local Kojur take hundreds of thousands of their money.to hire them. 

As both Kiir and Nhial Deng compete for power, more sophisticated Nigerian Demons drain more money from the South. Kiir tried pro claimed Prophet Joshua and had to switch to Demons. Are both Kiir and Nhial concern for the people of South Sudan? Why did they bring Nigerian Demons to come and fight on our soil? What will happen to these Demons when Kiir and Nhial who are entertaining them are gone?

Sometimes, we have to blame ourselves for the predicaments we are in as Southerners, don’t you think these Demons are controlling us so much that we cannot step out to demonstrate against Kiir’s wrong doings?  For many years, we have experienced deceit and hypocrisy among other things of our leaders whom everyone knows has not qualified to rule but we preferred to die silently. Today as I write this article, not one talks (addresses) of the root causes. I hear more and more campaigns for refugees to come back yet many more are running away fighting all over the country. Can there really be a timetable to stop this cycle of movements?

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