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Opinion: Roads are crucial for South Sudan’s national development

By Beek Mabior,

Road constructors in an unidentified location in South Sudan (Photo credit: Supplied/Nyamilepedia)

Nov 1, 2020(Nyamilepedia) — The uniqueness of roads in a country is an irrefutable reality. Road infrastructure is one of the major things that most developed and industrialized countries have invested in it massively. Nations like U.S, U.K, Sweden, Canada, Norway, Russia, Germany, China and many other countries have developed their roads. The importance of the road networks is an incontrovertible fact because road infrastructure is the first ladder in the opening up of a country for full development and industrialization to take place on earth. Nations need better and quality road networks for the mobility of services, goods and people from place to place within the country and beyond.

Furthermore, in many nations globally, roads are given top priority in the development of the nation. A nation need roads for security motives because when there’re good roads across the country; government security personnel will be able to move quickly in response to any insecurity that face the country. Additionally, Roads make an incontestable contribution in the development of the national economic in any country on earth. They bring many economic and social benefits to the communities in a nation. They help in creating accessibility of social, health, security and education services by the communities.

Moreover, roads help in the creation of employment opportunities for the people and they help in the reduction of extreme poverty in the country. Roads help in opening up the country and stimulate economic development. There’s a massive correlation between a nation’s economic growth and the quality of it road infrastructure. In addition to that, in many African countries such as Namibia, Egypt, Morocco, South Africa, Rwanda and many other nations. Roads have been given top priority. Nation like Namibia have anexcellent roads and it is number one with the best and quality roads in the entire Africa and have hugely invested in road infrastructure.

Namibia surpass South Africa, Egypt, Ethiopia and Nigeria in quality roads construction. The Namibians government have recognized the fact that roads are vital in the national development and economic growth. The Namibians government has constructed more quality roads than any other country across Africa. They fully understand the importance of road infrastructure in their country. Moreover, countries like South Africa and Egypt have also heavily invested in road infrastructure. They understand the significance of roads in the national development and economic growth.

So roads are crucial for national development and economic growth and South Sudan need to fully invest in roads. Additionally, South Sudan is a landlocked country and the only thing that can connect her to the neighboring countries and rest of the world are good and quality roads. Our country need to fully invest in the road infrastructure and build excellent roads that’ll connect her with the bordering nations and entire globe. Furthermore, the president’s vision for crude oil for roads is a remarkable idea and should be implemented in letter and spirit in South Sudan. Additionally, our country need to build better and quality road infrastructure that’ll last for decades.

Our nation need to be connected with excellent and wide roads in order to ease the mobility of goods and services. Furthermore, the ongoing construction of some highways across the country is a fantastic and nationalistic task and we need its continuity so that all the roads across South Sudan should be constructed. Our country is endowed with many natural resources and we can use some of those resources like the way we’re using the crude oil now for road infrastructure. Moreover, South Sudan’s government need to connect all our bordering countries with at least four or three lane highways in order to fully open up our country to neighboring nations and worldwide. The four or three lane highways will ensure smooth movement of goods, services and people between South Sudan and sisterly neighboring countries of Africa. In addition to that, South Sudan is the only country in Africa who’ve come up with the idea of crude oil for road infrastructure and if this wonderful idea is implemented fully, then our country will surpass Namibia which top Africa in excellent and quality road infrastructure than South Africa, Egypt and Nigeria. Roads will help to accelerate development and open up businesses and foreign investment.

The president’s idea of crude oil for roads is an excellent idea not only in South Sudan but Africa and worldwide. And with this idea, our country should build quality and wonderful roads that’ve never been built across Africa. We should build great highways like the ongoing Juba-Bor-Malakal-Renk highway all over the country. The agricultural states like Western, Eastern and Central Equatoria should be open up with four or five lane highways. Additionally, Western and Northern Barh El Ghazal states need similar highways too. Unity state which is the country’s rich oil powerhouse need same roads likewise. Furthermore, The Juba-Bor-Malakal-Renk four lane highway is a right idea at the right time because in the future, many vehicles especially the foreign oil transporters will be using that highway when entering or exiting South Sudan as they go or coming from the oil areas in Upper Nile region.

There’ll be many foreign countries especially neighboring nations that’ll be purchasing oil in South Sudan in the future after our country have fully end senseless civil wars and achieve permanent peace and stability. Additionally, I’d like to kindly appeal to President Salva Kiir to ensure that his nice idea of crude oil for roads is implemented fully across the nation. If the idea is implemented, it’ll be one of the greatest legacy for his presidency and SPLM government as a whole. It’ll be a shining and golden legacy for his presidency. We need South Sudan to top Africa in best, wide and quality roads in the years to come and with the president’s idea for crude oil for roads, it’s workable and achievable.

Also, It’s my healthy hope that our country will achieve lasting peace with the ongoing revitalized peace agreement under implementation by his excellency President Salva Kiir and his excellency Dr. Riak Machar Teny plus other signatories to the revitalized peace agreement in South Sudan. Finally, we as South Sudan Environmental Advocates (SSEA) hereby urge the Ministry of roads and bridges plus construction companies of road infrastructure to pay keen attention to our environment as they carry out their wonderful and patriotic work of building the nation. Environmental protection and assessment need to be seriously consider when carrying out any construction work in South Sudan.

The author is the National Project Coordinator of South Sudan Environmental Advocates (SSEA) and can be reach via his Email:  beekmabior2020ssea@gmail.com Web: www.sseasouthsudan.org

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