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Opinion: Part Four (4) Leadership Behavioral and Conflict Management

By Brig.Gen.Pal Yiech Lam


May 2, 2021 — This Quotes will inspire you to change your leadership behaviors as well as situational stresses during tough days of your lives. Individuals might thinks like it’s targeting their personalities but they would have to take it as piece of educational studies.

1. Avoid to be acknowledged by others withdue crimes you are committing into your organization.

2. Encounter your new friend’s leadership styles before you inputs your political strategies. If not careful, They will described you as political prostituter.

3. Be responsible to act as problem solvers if any internal difference occurred in your organizations

4. Escape to be negativity critic without capacity to provide what might help socially, politically and militarily.

5. Being leader with Quality is always determined by due commitment and advisory roles.

6. set your behavior to act like owner of establish systems ( organizations) so that to put in place the political stable.

7 Avoid to spoil your established system because of positions that would cease every time while those set structures remain as affair of Nation for all complainants

8. Patience will bring you to what you are expecting to be, just matter of Times.

9. Leadership wouldn’t be snatched by power of personalities but by power of experience and commitments.

10. Avoid being political prostitutes between different organizations by selling out your missions and visions

11. Learns to be good ambassador of the day to recruit new members into your interest organization since political theory is not about revenging the pasts

12. Do what might upgrading your own organization at levels of your capacity instead of accusing for minor issues.

13. Don’t perceive members of your organization as threats to your activities unless you have experienced them as double dealers.

14 .Mindfully, advise your brothers /sisters to know the dangerous of being political double agents into multi- parties system

15.Avoid to allow your own future to be controlled by what you descry shortly as Possible to get soon.

16. Endeavor to frame what is impossible to be possible during hard time of your life

17. Even though you are employed to be liar, don’t regretting to tell the truth sothat to set others free from decaying

18.Most importantly forsaking to compare your life style with others people,Just remains at your own level

19. Never enjoying the problem of your opponents as your best opportunities to win the victory , most importantly the same problem would turn badly to your own side

20.Life is brighter if you socialize your well-being with people

21.As Leader must avoid to use gencidal Acts as productivity to earn more wealthy.

22.As Leader must dessert to Manipulate the means of communication so that no spontaneous feedback is possible.

23.As Leader must abondon use to banning, silencing and eliminating individuals who resistant your orders.

24.As leader must quite to use imprisoning and killings to those who daring to maintain economics, social and political ties.

25.Good Leaders don’t intense the existing of conflicts to extend their terms of governments.

26. Never viewed ourselves as superiors to others but our superiority will speaks itself

27.As Leader, Never used murderng and kidnapping as law enforcements.

28.As Leader, Never used murderng and kidnapping as law enforcements.

30.Avoid to use lies and propaganda by dehumanizing the others .

31.Don’t distort reality or truths by refusing to see actual facts to happening for all concerned fellow citizens.

32. Avoid to allow your mind to be influenced by corruption practice, This will thereto hardly harms your life style during economic instability

33. Avoid to practice any demagogue Leadership who usually calling the tactics of attacking people as “self defenses”.

34. Avoid to be among Leaders that lead countries through fear, threats and intimidations.

35. Escape to be among the Leaders that resort for violence to dominate others from their rights of every freedom.

36. Distance yourself from Leadership that turns their opponents into scapegoats.

37. carefully think to achieve more holistic and living understanding of the community members .

38. Most importantly You have to regulate yourselves to solve problems among individuals before you have to manage conflicts of all people in the Nation.

39.Mindfully You have to commit So as to comprehend all sides of the conflicts in their minds and hearts so that you understand how they would stay in peace & harmonies .

40. Mindfully,meditate cases involving rumors , gossips and miscommunications in your own organizations.

41. Presence more responsive to the needs of all people so as to survive as peaceful citizen

42. You must be thinking twice critically before to call someone an “enemy”during conflict because it might happen that the same Persons will turn as your mediate friends.

43,.Develop awareness of full range of choices about how to speaks and talks.

44 Leader must dialogue to catalyze the human capacity for bridging and innovation.

45. Leader must inquiry to asking questions that fully understand the complex system of the conflict so as resolve for all.

46. Presence to dedicate all your metal, emotional and spiritual resources to witness yourself on conflict of which you are part of it

47. Your thinking capacity must be beyond what you thinks as rights not to commit emotional mistakes.

48. Examine your actions before decision and Don’t take delimma decision

49. You must rely on experiences more than ideology

50.Your hunger for the freedoms of your own people will trurn as hunger for the freedoms of all people.

51.You must Learn to love your people beyond your interests of bargaining.

52.Assess the conquences of your decisions and know feelings and thoughts is rulling your decisions.

53. Learn to Know the relationship between thoughts , feelings and reactions

54. Forgiving someone can be difficult. The Bible can provide inspiration and direction on why and how to forgive others.

55. Learn to be capable in conversations with facts on various academy topics but not on common sense.

56. Acquire to be capable to plan with values of time

57.You must attain to be firstly good listener before comments on any conversations.

58. Learn to have good analytical skills to survive in any situations.

59. Imbibe to make yourself busy all time on certain findings.

60. Assimilate to be happy all the time in any circumstances so that to overcoming the risks.

61. Learns to have incitement of need to know

62. Be capable to endure of doing difficult work

63.Learns to establish communication skills with others and do not hesitated to approach who you leveled as your enemy.

64. Learn to be person of your own words and be creative of solving problems

65.Take in to be knowledgeable capacity so as to educate others as well as to seek knowledge from others.

66.Educate yourself with quality of education so that to be option in any circumstances.

67. Discourage hatreds, just build your own capacity.

68. Respect and listen advises from both subordinates and superiors so that to survive socially, politically and militarily

69. Have a capacity of reasoning in order to decide your own destinations.

70. Avoid to train yourslves to be enemy with in your own people , just Learn to encourage them for better living.

71. Learn to Let the sense of peace return into your minds & heart’s

72. The most important in life is to determine who you are and where you are belonging to so as to reach your targets peacefully.

73.Your visions would target your goals while your commitments will allow you to reach your last destinations.

74. Suppress your first choices of walking to goals since Long Walking would exhausting your power by thinking as if you are not going to reaching your desire Target of next Days

75. Your Hopes and Endurance would allow you for extra miles to achieving your target points.

76. Lack of patience might withdraw your visions and missions of reaching your end points.

77. Be productive of your own organizations, don’t just spoiling your names with cheap price. You will be great tomorrow .

78. As your are born free you must also be free to run in the fields near to your mother’s huts .

79. Free to swim in the clear stream that run through your villages to enjoying freedom of life.

80.Being champion of your freedom, you will be champion for all South Sudanese regardless of their tribal identifies.

81.Don’t confusing your own country, just insights into its better future.

82. Don’t took the freedoms of another people, thereto you would be considered as prisoner of hatred.

83. Learns to construct your language in the ways the people would understand you as qualify person.

84. Prepare to teach individuals so as to understand their common mistakes in their leadership but avoid to attack their personalities

85. Most importantly, if you advise the fools, the fools also advising you to be fool, if you are not careful, you will advised to be confirm idiotic. Just distance yourselves from premature arguments

86.Avoid to destroy all Bridges between groups in your organizations.

87. In any of Your leadership capacity you must raise other followers to higher levels of motivation and moralities

88. Mindfully ,There are no farmers that would not enjoy the products of it’s gardening unless they would have have surrendered their costs to opportunists

89. No one can serve two masters during hardships. to survive to Life. God himself taught us to hate one or loves another one.

90. Mindfully,A greedy man brings trouble to his family, but he who hates bribes will live & love bribes will shortest live.(Proverbs 15:27)

91. As a leader, You must appreciate and value the support your Countrymen have been given to you. They would remember your absence from leadership through delivering the needed services to Them.

93. Don’t promise people for what you are not going to provide, just be sincere to them so that to remains clean person.

92. Learn from experiences and maintain to have ability to acquire and attain knowledge so that to be able convincing others for possible changes to realities

93. Leader must act as symbols of peace but not for destruction, as the “fruit of righteousness is planted in peace”for those who make peace to their communities.(James 3:18)

94.Avoid to act as Earlier listener to any situational change because you might not know the intentions of the actors for changes. Just be late listener to scope with needed Developments

95.The People are ready for a change, but they don’t know what to do to achieve it, Please learn from experiences of actors

96. if You’re struggling to find the need to move forward, you could be trying to tackle huge questions that you don’t have answers for.it mentally

97. .Act to be like future seeds that being prepared by the owners for other seasons to come but Mindfully, the corns are remaining from its origins

98. Learn to compromise to work with all types of government public officials whether dedicated workers, supporters, opportunists or subversive/ destructors. Just give yourself times to evaluate them accordingly.

99. Leader must always learns to encouraging the process of National reconciliation, truth and healing for peaceful settlement of entire community

100. Avoid to have a hearts of fear to compromise your own rights.

101. Learn to be among sound minded individuals with high intelligent capacity.

102. Don’t train of grabbing what you don’t deserves to be through unpleasant tactical methods, Mindfully the same acts will happen you thereto.

103. Don’t trying to judge people of their physical appearances or previous experience but through behavioral capabilities of reasoning.

104. God is testing your faith a leader because God gives the hardest battles to his strongest people

mindfully, You can’t stay at the top positions if you aren’t comfortable in high stress situations.

105. Managing your own grievances or distress is much easier if you can focus only on your own Excellence.

106. Successful Senior Government officials need to be able to think strategical and relate to people.

107. Never quit a task before it is done because it will appears as your personal incapability.

108. Learn of having knowledgeable of what is truth so that you would be able to govern others

109. “The leader who is quickly angry will do what is foolish to his followers, but the man of good sense will have quiet.”(Proverbs 14:17)

Brig. Gen .Pal Yiech Lam is a former Lecturer of Developmental studies at the University of Juba. He can be reached through email at eco.puoktut@gmail.com

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