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Opinion: Multimillionaire businessman with connection to late Kerbino Wol Agok and Peter Biar Ajak inciting youth in Paloch oilfields

By Deng Dut Deng,

GPOC employees as they protest at Unity oilfields(Photo credit: courtesy image)
GPOC employees as they protest at Unity oilfields(Photo credit: courtesy image)

April 09, 2021(Nyamilepedia) — A young South Sudanese multimillionaire, Lual Wil with ties to Kerbino Wol and Peter Biar is currently inciting the youth in Paloch oil fields to conduct strikes against the government as leverage over the oil companies to get more contracts. 

Mr. Lual Wil who was in the US Army and a nephew of Stephen Dhieu Dau was awarded multimillion-dollar contracts by his uncle in 2014 to supply food in the oilfields and waste management using his web of companies Easy Services Investment Company (ESICO), Gongdit, Vitex International Ltd and Leaders General Services. 

Mr. Lual Wil has been providing expired food of horrible standards in the oilfields until everyone in the field has stopped eating in the camps and goes to the markets for their three meals. This has enabled his to amass a fortune of millions of dollars through which he has stashed in foreign countries of US, Egypt and Nairobi. He has bought a large portfolio of real estate in foreign countries while people in the field are forced to consume unhygienic and sub-standard food on a daily basis. 

Mr. Lual Wil using his company VITEX international was awarded waste management contracts to ensure that all the waste and chemicals in the field are disposed properly. However, he has been unable to perform this critical task and has been over $2million while the oilfields are still polluted and the local communities are being affected by the environmental damage taking place

When the oil companies recently decided to terminate his contracts which he has been holding since 2014, Mr. Lual Wil decided to conspire with some criminal elements in the field to mobilize youths to conduct strikes to pressurize the oil companies to give him back his contracts. The strikes were planned to coincide with the genuine workers’ strike by South Sudanese in the oil sector who are rightfully demanding higher wages to match the wages of the expatriates. 

Mr. Lual Wil was a close associate of Kerbino Wol Agok and Peter Biar Ajak and had been delegated to be in charge of the oilfields as part of their plans to undermine the government. 

The Youth in South Sudanese should stay away from engaging in destructive behavior and corrupt schemes as the only way to move the country forward towards development and a brighter future. 

We call upon the authorities to ensure that anybody inciting the Youth against the government should have action taken against them. The oil companies should not be blackmailed by individuals for personal interest. 

The author is a concerned South Sudanese who can be reached through email at southbiznewss@gmail.com.

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