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Opinion: Is the U.S’s President the UN or World’s President? 

By Bol Khan,

U.S. 2020 presidential election candidates, President-elect Joe Biden and outgoing President Donald Trump(Photo credit: courtesy image/ANBC)
U.S. 2020 presidential election candidates, President-elect Joe Biden and outgoing President Donald Trump(Photo credit: courtesy image/ANBC)

Nov 18, 2020(Nyamilepedia) — It was late last week when I encountered yet three (3) South Sudanese men who involved in a discussion. The discussion was about recent U.S’s Presidential election in connection to world’s governance affairs. Two (2) of those three (3) men confounded whether or not the USA’s President is different from UN’s or the world’s President. I was sitting few kilometers away from them. One of them started the discussion by asking a question: “Who won the elections in America?” The third one, who looked a bit informed, replied “Joe Biden won the elections”! “Okay, but is he (Joe Biden) good to lead the world?”

The first man asked again and continued. “Will he be able to work for peace globally or in particular bring to an end these sufferings in South Sudan?” I got interested in their discussion and commented “No, the USA’s President elect, Mr. Joe Biden, is not the UN’s or world’s President. He is only the United States of America (USA)’s President. The World’s leader or President is different”. Simultaneously, the two men said “No” the United States of “America’s President is not different from the world’s President. That’s undisputable thing.” They said. 

I said okay, let me tell you the difference “an organization—coalition of nations formed to govern the world is the United Nations (UN) and its Secretary General is the world’s President and not the USA’s. And the US is a mere member state within a structure of the United Nations (UN)”. Again, the two men insisted and said “No, No USA is a country yes, but it’s a powerful country worldwide whose President also leads the world”.

Mutely, I then talked to myself “these chaps are still naïve on this, because of ignorance, about how the world operates. And making them understand now the difference between the USA’s President and the UN (World’s President) was impossible. I therefore had to cut short an argument by not making any further attempt to convince them. On the other hand, the three (3) gentlemen also described the US’s incumbent President as “very weak President” because “he allowed opposition—Democratic Party’s Candidate Joe Biden won the elections while Donald Trump is the one in power”. 

In Conclusion

I realized that those South Sudanese men are among the majority of African (the least developed countries) people who always care less to know why and how the US as an individual country got to have power influence on the whole world’s affairs. In other words, they are ignorant of the fact that the US is a current superpower nation in the world and that is the only reason why its citizens are most respected worldwide or its President sometimes appears like the world’s President. A position (global influence) which other individual countries in the world such as Nigeria, Paraguay, Kenya, Yemen, Cuba, Somalia, Uganda, Ukraine, South Sudan…etc. could have even compete then to obtain, if they willingly based all of their acts on democratic principles, nationalism, statesmanship spirit guided by definite Presidential Term Limits based on the constitutions that squarely allow people to exercise State’s power, by transferring it from one President (Leader) to another through free and fair elections as it always happens in the US.

Bol Khan is a South Sudanese Civil Rights’ and Peace’s Activist.  He can easily be reached on khanrom8@gmail.com.

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