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Opinion: Happy 10th Anniversary Independence day to our Innocent leaders H.E Gen. Salva Kiirdit, Gen. Akol Koor Kuch and Maj. Gen. Akol Ayii Madut.

By Deng Emmillo Mou,

Juba, South Sudan.

July 12, 2021 — It gives me great pleasure to greet all the people of South Sudanese, living in the country and abroad, on the eve of the 10th Independence Day. 9 july fills us with the excitement of unfurling the tricolour, taking part in celebrations and listening to patriotic songs. On this day, the youth of South Sudan should feel the special pride of being citizens of a free nation. We gratefully remember our freedom fighters and martyrs whose sacrifices have enabled us to live in an independent nation.

President Salva Kiir and Chief of Internal Security Intelligence, Gen. Akol Khor Kuch(Photo credit: courtesy image/Nyamilepedia)
President Salva Kiir and Chief of Internal Security Intelligence, Gen. Akol Khor Kuch(Photo credit: courtesy image/Nyamilepedia)

The ethos of our freedom struggle forms the foundation of modern South Sudan. Our visionary leaders brought together a diversity of world views to forge a common national spirit. They were committed to the cause of liberating Southern from oppressive foreign rule and securing the future of her children. Their thoughts and actions shaped the identity of South Sudan as a modern nation.

Dear friends, Leaders and Public.

My heartfelt wishes for the 10th anniversary Independence Day South Sudan. Probably here there is hardly anyone who woke up on the midnight of 9 July 2011 to hear South Sudan’s tryst with destiny. We are born in an independent country and hence probably understand very little about the insult of being governed by a foreign power. However, whenever we are away from the country we observe that non-resident South Sudanese celebrate Independence Day with more vigour than people celebrate in the country itself. Probably it is the feeling of an identity as South Sudanese which is behind such emotions.

The identity of being an independent country where the sovereignty power of deciding our destiny rests with us, brings about a huge responsibility on our shoulders. 

The world today is looking at this nation. The uniqueness of South Sudanese’s great story is that this nation is achieving respect for the World by taking a democratic path. This is always a more difficult, more painful way of achieving growth but definitely it is a more sustainable way where we do not silence the voices of concern while planning our growth agenda.

The founding fathers of this nation, among them late Karbino Kuanyin Bol and H.E president Salva Kiir Mayardit, along with the numerous freedom fighters who gave their lives to the country, wanted this nation to be independent and happy. 

Let us salute today people who fought for the independence of the country and dedicate ourselves to the service of this great nation.

I am thankful for having your attention with this. It will be my great pleasure to start with my message for this auspicious day . So do read every message given by me . I will not take much of your time and here I go:

Like every South Sudanese know we got Independence on 09 July 2011 . As an independent citizen of the republic of South Sudan , I would like to throw some light on the issue that is important to be addressed under the roof of our Struggle . My main message is to spark the spirit of patriotism in youth because from our childhood we are told that on this day South Sudan got Independence from the Sudanese rule and whole history our parents , teachers use to recite us and many of us in our school and college time have taken part also in Independence day programs and events . So I think we need to do much more for this nation. Only taking part in events / programs will not be sufficient in the progress of nation development .

As the youth have the true and brisk power to change the nation and their blood is so warm that they have that confidence of changing the nation’s picture very accurately . You know What is the main logic behind celebrating Independence day every year ? The reason behind this logic is to make the following young generation aware of the sacrifices that our martyrs and we have made to make this country a better place . The founding father Gen. Salva Kiir Mayardit of this nation along with numerous freedom fighters who have given their lives to the country , wanted this nation to be independent and happy . So we all should not let their blood and sweat go to waste . We all youth should work in a team because together we will grow our Constitution ahead.

So my dear youth girls and boys, open your eyes , spend less time on Netflix series and other evil social media sites. Invest your time in social work and please do contribute at your level in the process of nation building to make your birth more successful on this earth . Do not ruin your life simply by eating , sleeping , chatting , drinking , wasting time on useless things and talking. Just break this chain and do something unique so that you become the inspiration/ motivation to others because I believe that some of us are born leaders and some of us become leaders by our passion , dedication , interest .

I know we all have a personal agenda of progressing in our career but we should never forget our responsibility towards serving our nation . And no matter if you are a school student or college student or a business tycoon apart from your studies , events , projects , meetings, make some time for our nation and do good deeds wherever you are . Don’t miss any opportunities whether it is a small school drawing competition or opportunity to address 50-100 people and the nation never says “no” to any work. We should always take the responsibility willingly because these all are only the steps that will take us to our final destination .

As a Youth I will personally say that if you have not lived or did something for the nation you have not lived your life up to the mark . I personally think that our nation , our society should be our first and constant priority then other things later because if we will not do anything for this motherland we will surely die in guilt because serving nation and working towards welfare of society is that emotion which you will feel till your last breath So come out from your comfort zone and explore more and more

Connect with more peoples , utilize every small resources whether it is water , electricity , money , listen , follow, watch every gesture of our respected, humble and innocent president H.E Salva Kiir Mayardit’s Speeches because he is the best inspiration leader and motivation too for all of us , form your own social work groups , follow the ideologies of our great and brave leaders like Gen. Akol Koor Kuch and Maj. Gen. Akol Ayii Madut etc…….. And forward these ideologies to other people in the form of Security and Developmental activities in the Country, because we all people very fastly forward all ridiculous messages/contents/ images on social media so fast just in the blink of eyes to other people just for the sake of our Safety Nation. Do you all really think this way our nation/society will develop ? Yes this really going to help us ? This issue really needs a very serious sight . So in a way there are many things we can do yourself but the only thing is that we need to look upon it.

In every form you can build nation more stronger youth don’t not started any chat Negatively group on social media they just wanted alone and people followed them, so build a personality like that people will automatically follow you and instead of keeping your voice till yourself raise your voice against every crime , violence near you . Don’t feel scared and shy because you are only the reason and cause of bringing change to this nation and society and eventually to people’s life . We all should build that fire of patriotism in yourself so that no external body can extinguish the fire inside in us .

We all have 3 choices :—

1 ) Only Watching other people from T.V and on social media who are involved in nation building and who are doing welfare for society and social work in different areas


2) Getting involved in social work and you yourself is doing great work for nation and becoming inspiration for 200 people watching and people are watching you on T.V and mobile and media


3) Doing nothing neither watching nor doing anything involved in your own world . So you have to only decide which option you will choose today , tomorrow and life time

Don’t wait for anyone, you have to take the first step yourself . Don’t wait for anytime, start from today and be a inspiration for tomorrow and let your every drop of blood and sweat be for nation and society welfare . And I can assure you that if every youth , adult will walk on the path of nation development no one can stop South Sudan to become a super powerful nation in Africa Continent compared to all the countries in the  world . For all of us there should be a do or die situation. Either we should do something for the nation or we should die because simply living without nation and society goals is not living, it is merely a weight of your body on earth.

And coming to the end of my message I want to thank our God’s Chosen President Salva Kiir Mayardit because of him once again we can feel the patriotic vibes and lyrics of every patriotic songs can be felt deep inside our soul and heart as Because of our late Karbino Kuanyin Bol and many other liberators (South Sudan) again has got its value in all aspects and sectors . A special gratitude to him for creating so powerful patriotic vibes in every veins of youth and adult of South Sudan.

We the independent citizens of South Sudan will always be dedicated and committed towards the nation and society .

And with full enthusiasm and determination we will work together in a team for the growth of our beloved and Democratic nation and make a promise to yourself that you will never judge anyone on the basis of gender , colour , religion , caste , race , looks .

We all will have independent thoughts and will have broad thinking for our sisters and brothers and will not see and do any crime , violence or wrong things with anyone .

We will not forget our responsibility towards the nation and society Because whatever we are today at whatever post we are sitting in society plays a big role in that so it is are duty to give back to society in the form of good deeds and social work .

May God bless SPLM.

May God bless Maj. Gen. Akol Ayii Madut.

May God bless Gen. Akol Koor Kuch.

May God bless Gen. Salva Kiir Mayardit, president of the Republic of South Sudan.

May God bless South Sudan and her people.

The writer is a concern citizen of South Sudan, he can be reached at Via email emmillomoud@gmail.com

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