Yes it was a Genocide on December 15th 2013

By Governor Adhar Ajak Chol


President Kiir addressing the nation on December 16 2013 as he announced what he called a coup by Riek Machar shortly before Juba Massacre hours later (File photo)
President Kiir addressing the nation on December 16 2013 as he announced what he called a coup by Riek Machar shortly before Juba Massacre hours later (File photo)

May 16th 2018 (Nyamilepedia) – Let’s call it exactly what it was and decide what role it will play in our search for justice, freedom, unity and equality. On December 15, 2013 a massive Dinka private forces known as Mathianganyoor and Dekenbeny began the long expected revenge to maim and kill Nuer people in what most creditable human right organisations, UN and African Union reported the act as the worst ethnics killing since Rawanda Genocide of 1994.

President invited the massacre, quoting his inhumane and unsouth Sudanese intention, “1991 cannot happens under my watch operation”. The incitement confirmed an implementation of Salva Kiir bizarre statement  at SPLM convention days before.

Justifications ,excuses and explanation were charged and discarded almost as quickly as they were being produced by non other than Kiir and his Godfathers of self claimed/Appointed Jieng Council of elders.

This gave rise to ethnic Nuer combatants in different barracks staging revenges on their Dinka Colleagues.

The coup planner called, “Dr. Riek Machar rebelling again”.

Four months into the conflict a notorious general Malong Awan was appointed chief of General Staff of SPLA forces, replacing James Hoth Mai who was accused of being kind and friendly to his own troublesome tribe. Gen. Awan declared to crush Dr Riek Machar and his tribe and supporters within a period not greater than three months and disciplined them to the point of no return. However, the declaration turned out not to be qualifying for a laughing test as he himself was to be added to the lists of victims. Gen. Awan suffered worst humiliation ever to be recorded in any military forces.

A fighting which started between presidential guards loyal to Salva Kiir and Dr.  Riek Machar, quickly took an expected turn, neighbourhoods such as Mangateen,  Hai Referendum, 107 and Eden city were to become first target of Mathainganyoor and Dekenbeny private forces of Salva Kiir and General Malong Awan, by the morning these neighbourhoods had became a field of rubble as almost all residents were killed and maimed as they failed to answer simple Dinka question of  “Ye yïn cɔl ŋa?” what is your name?

There was ineffectual resistance from Nuer soldiers but they were out gunned and outnumbered by the huge forces of Dinka Militias. As later explained by the survivors in UN Camps: ” It was like our Dinka brothers instantly became wild animals of the most fearest jungle in Africa”.

Nuer were killed and maimed indiscriminatly regardless of their political affiliations, their failure to answer in Dinka and their tribal forehead marks were the  only premits needed for them to qualify for inhumane slaughtering. Some were arrested and taken to blue house were they could watch the killing of their own by private forces of Mathainganyoor and dekenbeny. Children, women and elderly were rounded up and blindfolded bound to be taken to unknown locations, were  little has been heard about them since.

Quickly the crisis reached other states of Upper Nile Region where some Nuer General reacted to avenge   on their Dinka colleagues what have be fallen their tribal men in Juba,  these actions were fathomable as it is a profound human being habits to respond to  injustices with equal force but Dr. Riek Machar and other leaders who understood the real issue were extremely quick to change this reactions to revenge and called for the need to maintain our unity and reject to destroy our social fabrics which will play to Kiir hands.

Five years to the conflict has proven Dr. Riek Machar to be the uniting leader as many South Sudanese begun to join  his call to liberate our country from tribalism and corruption  with clear agenda of reforms which will redirect our country to her promising path of prosperity.

The author is the SPLM-IO Lol State governor

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