Opinion: Charade of loonies outlived their usefulness in the Internal Security Bureau

South Sudan’s national security forces seen in Juba (File/Supplied/Nyamilepedia)

June 12th 2019 (Nyamilepedia)In the particular case of South Sudan, a deliberate direction was taken by Internal Security Bureau and especially the presence of Lt General Akol Koor Kuc at the helm of the powerful Internal Security Bureau; turn the Country‘s Security direction to model the Sudan types which is susceptible to abuse and corruption because of its emphasis on both professional intelligent and combat organization when South Sudan was at liberty to choose any model that suits better.

This was a strategic move for General Akol to run an opaque institution devoid of accountability and transparency. Though he opted for Sudan type that has twin wings i e Professional and combatant wing; Sudan type is professionally managed and very cohesive as Security institution because the calibre and stature of people who reigned as Directors. Most of them are very patriotic, fair and full of ethos befitting their call of duties.

The reason General Akol preferred combat type because he is inept and unqualified to hold such dynamic Institution; therefore, the reason you hear him boasting of quantitative numbers {parade of ISB} is just mere conmanship and deception, it is like managing barracks and that what is happening in the blue house. There is no intelligence operations happening there, let our people not be cheated to believe Internal Security Bureau is capable of thwarting or preventing threat within or without as defined above. In fact, the desperate efforts being exerted by External Security to make the Country peaceful is in most submerged by atrocities and impunities committed by the charade of loonies in the blue house. They want to interfere and control other independent institutions especially the one that generate resources like Nile, oil companies, Ministry of petroleum et al

General Akol has successfully purged all the capable officers’ especially senior one whom he should team up with and consult them on every decision he makes to strengthened Internal Security Bureau; instead he has surrounds himself with juniors officers who are gifted in or castrating, perpetuating and peddling lies. These junior officers make him feel more of demi-god, too indispensable and immune to be criticises. Good example of these officers is Lt Col Angelo Kuot Garang Kuot who is basically a career gossipers and romuormongerer, this officer cannot pass aptitude test to be intelligence officers leave alone working in such sensitive office. He boasts to everyone of how he is the point-man of the powerful Lt General Akol Koor Kuc.

He warns people recklessly on petty arguments, normal disagreement that he is not a person to be mess with because he could make anyone disappear into the thin air.

The reminiscence of their attitude, intentions and character is well known by those who happened to know them. Most of the officers in the blue house can attest to their distasteful behaviors of boasting and intimidating people.

After masquerading as the best officers, when some of them are civilians, some untrained intelligence officers like Kuot Garang and other corrupt called Jiel Michael, the loony charade overtook the blue house by storm. One would even wonder how such collection of liars found themselves in such critical institution. There is an old adage/conundrum in Japanese that say ‘if you want to know the character of a man; look at the types of people he associate himself with’. General Akol Koor is the biggest gossipers, liars and too envious of success of others.

Their reports brought to him by loony brigade are barrage of lies about people they are jealous of who need urgent concoction or framing to damage their reputation and set them up to prevent them from moving forward in their careers, business or politics etc.

Because of their mediocrity, ineptitude, lack of foresight, the loony charade keep making mistakes and too dune- heard to learn from their mistakes; the loony charade invested in propaganda rather intelligence. In fact, most of them have fake facebook accounts which peddle rumours and lies.

Last month, the loony charade frame an officers who work in business sector- hipping all their evil deeds just to expose them to hatred and ridiculed not because anybody will believe what they are saying. This was an act of a witch.

The loony charade is desperate to contain the fire they started with South Sudanese intellectual. They pay people to write about acumen and track records of Lt General Akol Koor. Well, there is nothing to be circumvented especially life in public office. They want to fatten his CV which basically contained nothing but trails of dirt and refuse.

One the same idiot goes ahead and talked of his records in the Movement {SPLA}…… Get from today this free history lesson that Lt General Akol Koor Kuc has nothing in his CV in regarding to bravery and great contribution during that time as junior officer or generally during the struggle. This man has been chasing money and wealth all his entire life. If you are from his Tonj, find out what were his chargers when he was fired from commissionership.

During the climax of the struggle, and this was the time when the people’s movement {SPLA/SPLM} was squeezed in the mid 1990s by the enemy {NIF}, General Akol Koor was doing matatu business in Nairobi Kenya while his peers/age-mate were radiating fire to push back the enemy from Greater Equatoria.

Let the charade of loonies get this message right that they should stop opening many fronts. Some of the officers like Lt Col Angelo Kuot Garang Kuot had used General Akol Koor as a shield and this has given them free hand to intimidate and exploit people. Like this case of officer he has written all the craps about, yet he still want to bully him at the airport. You are forgetting you pushing people to the tipping point. You have fleece this country of it resources….stackso much money in your accounts that you see the rest of people as not worthy of respect.

Same idiot put claim that the return of the opposition should be accredited to Lt General Akol Koor. There is no an iota of truth to this. Yes, money have been taken in the pretext of convincing the opposition figures to return home but the loony charade use this money to buy properties in the neighbouring countries. When such talks take place, they always involved the participation of the third party which is foreign dignitaries. Is that mission a portfolio of internal Security or General Akol Koor for that matter so he can take credit?

Lastly, let the loony charade understand that when you hold public office, every move, decision you make etc is interpreted. Don’t think if people are keeping quite then you draw conclusion that they are fools. The Internal Security Bureau is there to groom, empower relatives of General Akol. The few who are not from his area are selected on their abilities to peddle lies and spy on those who are concern about direction of the Institution. Question can be asked; when was the last time ISB general meeting have been called to talk about challenges facing the country and the Institution for that matter? What is happening is least of their worries because it is the reason they will keep making money anyway. In fact, the loony charades now believe that their boss can benefit from the spoil by becoming a president by default.

The president must be counting stars in the sky for having appointed such an incompetence, inexperinces, semi – illiterate and envious person who cannot foster unity. His appointment as the first Director General of Internal Security…., a very coveted position in History of this Country, should have gone to a senior person with proper credential like his counter in the other Security organ.

Another consequence of his appointment is that, he now days want to isolate the president: he has been taking fake reports about all officers that are well known by the president saying they are not supporting him, while he is busy making alliances with people of low standard to position him for big things….. Probably becoming President.

To conclude, the Strategy of Internal Security Bureau can be summarised as that of wild dog wanting to feast solo on an elephant brought down by lion and tiger. Stop antagonising and victimising people from Aweil, Nuer, and Equatoria. These communities are the pillars holding foundation of this Presidency of whom you got chance to loot. Leave alone those young men who are successful business like Dr Bol Mel, Kerbino Wol, and many others whom you want to bring down. What criteria you used to pick those incompetence conmen like Lt Col Angelo Kuot Garang whom you commission from nothing to the rank of Lt Col. Could there be any justification if not because they are your personal stooges pay allegiance to you not the country.

The author, Daniel Deng, is a concerned South Sudan citizen and can be reached via: dengkuot2005@gmail.com

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