Opinion: 7th Commemoration of the 15th Dec 2013 Nuer Massacre (Genocide) in Juba Capital.

By Chiok Guek

Gen. Salva Kiir speaking on television addressing in his military uniform of the tiger division(Photo credit: file)
Gen. Salva Kiir speaking on television addressing in his military uniform of the tiger division(Photo credit: file)
Dec 16, 2020(Nyamilepedia) — The night of Mid-Dec 2015 mark the saddest moment or beginning of the country’s mess when the President Salva Kiir’s wrong politics commit suicide with the national agenda, betrayed country development vision and introduced mass killings against innocent lives due to the political unrest that occurred within the SPLM party which could have been handled and address in peaceful manner by their fellow politicians in the ruling political party without affecting normal life of the ordinary citizens in the country.
Perhaps, by then the situation continue worsening started from 15th-20th Dec 2013, that resulted to death of more than 21,000 people includes (children, Women, Unarmed youth and elderly persons) butchered by President kiir’s tribal Militia (mathianganyor) who conducted deadly mission searching Nuer people from door to door in all areas of Juba city where they used word “Maale” and Birth Location appears on individual ID to identified Nuer Community members among other South Sudanese. Meanwhile, the endless continuation of the atrocities, inhuman act, rapes and tortures being commits by Mathianganyor militia in the whole city had later provoked the relatives of the victims from the far distances after the public realized that Kiir’s government have failed to protect the lives of innocent civilians in Juba Capital which caused the spread of fighting in the most parts of the 🇸🇸Country.
15th Dec become the depressed day for all South Sudan Citizens, hence it was time when the world’s youngest nation entered crestfallen chapter in its historical life records just 2years after gaining independency from old Sudan. The genesis of the country conflict actually it was meant to harm specific community (NUER) but unfortunately its barbaric outcomes claims the lives of almost 520,000 🇸🇸people in the country and subjected majority of the country population to longer suffering in every corner around the world that made the majority people become homeless surviving in the refugee camps inside and outside the country.
Such a unjust incident that lost thousand lives within few days was well planned event organized by President Kiir and his tribal ally Gen. Paul Malong Awan with the external back up influence from Uganda President Yoweri K. Museveni, the three were considered to be the masterminds who designed the country conflict years before. Since they were accused early of facilitating illegal recruitment of the tribal militias from Barh El Ghazal Region in pretext to reconstitute the South Sudan’s Presidential guards Unit Tiger while in the reality Mathianganyor and Dote Ke Beny Militias recruited with aim to target one ethnic group as possible solution or tools to prevent their politicians/leaders from participating or exercise their political rights in the country political arena.
Though the Republic of South Sudan is yearning for Lasting Peace, the (Dec 2013 Nuer Genocide and other ethnic cleansing among South Sudan nationals) shall always be remembered yearly so that the country will learn from the past mistakes and pave the way forward to secure bright future for all generations because the citizens of South Sudan deserve to be treated equally and enjoy fair life like any other citizens around the world.
Justice must prevail and President Salva Kiir plus other individuals (politicians & military commanders) one day they will be held accountable for the deaths of thousands lives, war crimes and properties destructions in the countrywide.
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