Not All Dinka Agrees To Kill or Massacre Nuer, Only Salva Kiir Who Plans it!

By Puot Jock,


Puot Jock
Puot Jock(Photo: Supplied)

June 30, 2014(Nyamilepedia) — South Sudan is country which consists of multinational culture with 64 tribes that has different language, traditional dances, wearing, and the way they live and governs them based on family or kinships. Dinka and Nuer are one family that belongs to one mother that NgunDeng Bong has expressed in his prophecy by song as sons of Kuol Deng, will you sleeps or silent’s while the prophet NgunDeng has fall or come to you(gaat kuol Deng bia nin caer I ci Deng pean). The mother of Dinka and Nuer was called Kuol Deng , this two brother of one mother their relationship is now bitters , but before B.C ( Before Christ) ,  A.D ( After Christ), and even up to 19th century, these two family has no any conflict  rather than cattle raids and grazing land conflicts along their territory , which is not like what happen.

The outbreak of Juba genocide by Salva kiir its roots cause is on the mind of Salva Kiir to restore the Dinka Elders plans to liberate Nuer in south Sudan that was first taught by old man of Dinka called A belier  that was passed up to Salva Kirr ages groups to liberate Nuer by Killing them one by one and to the all, this ideology is caused by ethnocentrism and prejudice from Dinka elders on the Nuer society, because they are their targets people that can says  no to any people that may dictate or humiliate south Sudanese .  Due to Dr.John Garang activeness he knows all things about this plane, but he did not do that directly because he is visionary leader not like mindless Salvator Mayardit.

However,, this current war was planed only by Salva Kirr and his groups namely Kuol Manyang, Makuey Lueth, Paul Malong, and killers advisors Teler Ring Deng, and others that are not mention their objectives were to kills all Nuer to rule country as Dinka not south Sudanese, which others Dinka did not agreed to did it’s that why even now most Dinka civilian or society are keeping silent’s not to involves in the Salva Kiir cruel war on Nuer.

The reason that show us this plans belong to Salva Kirr plans is because during the time when war broke out Late Dr.Garang son Mabior Garang and another’s Dinka joins the Dr.Machar groups, even early the mass defection including General Dau Atur Jong, and others Dinka from Salva Kiir government defects to SPLM in opposition this shows that not all Dinka agrees to kills Nuer. These Dinka and others tribes in south sudan join SPLM in opposition because what Salva Kiir Mayardit did is not good to kills innocents civilians, and his government is also dictatorship government that do not give right, freedom , equality  to everyone in the country .

Thank, a lots to Generals Dau Aturjong, and Mabior Garang for their roles they are playing to liberate brutal killer and dictatorship government of Salva Kirr by both peaceful and forceful mean, I wish you to go ahead like what you are doing, lets we preaches together the positive attitude that the war or fights is not between Dinka and Nuer, but it is between Salva Kiir government and SPLA in opposition, of Democratic freedom fighter.

To everyone of us  this war in not between Dinka and Nuer, it is between killers government of Salva Kirr and SPLM in oppositions of  democratic freedom fighter, because during the outbreak of war Salva Kiir trains confused people that he calls Tiger force based on his plane and he chooses them by his planes not all Dinka planes to kills Nuer.  My question is if any one among us will stills think that this war is ethnic war between Dinka and Nuer, why Kun Puoch, Nguen MuonyTuil, John Koong Nyuon, Riek Gach Kok, Dr. Gach Nyuot, and Gen.Hoth Mai are together with Salva Kiir that kills their people?, and why Mabior Garang, and General Dau Aturjong and others are with Dr.Machar. For these mentioned groups under Salva Kiir they are money lovers groups that were motivated by their needs of money and positions that is why they follow Salva Kirr not any reason, while those under Dr.Machar are motivated by the feeling of national unity, peace, democratic federalism, equality, freedom, and rights of every nation, and people of south Sudan. Due to this reason lets us fights as Dictatorship government lead by Salva Kiir and Democratic government leads by Dr.Machar like what exists on the ground or war fields.

Last, but not the less lets we think brotherly we Dinka and Nuer   judges only what  will be good for us to leads our people in to peaceful democratic government. Lets the Tyranny government of Salva Kiir must go, and allows the democratic government by changing our attitude on tribalism caused by ethnocentrisms on each others.

Yours Sincerely; Freedom Fighter Activist: Puot Jock Guek. You can reach me at puot.jock@gmail.com

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