A response to Andrew M. Mwenda of Uganda’s article on UPDF’s claims as a successful mission in South Sudan

By Gatluke Chuol Reat,


Ugandan Police Commissioner, Fred Yiga, currently commissioning the UNMISS police, has been the chief technical adviser for the South Sudan’s interior minister and inspector general of police. (Photo: UNMISS)
Ugandan Police Commissioner, Fred Yiga, currently commissioning the UNMISS police, has been the chief technical adviser for the South Sudan’s interior minister and inspector general of police. (Photo: UNMISS)

Background on what you wrote while lacking knowledge

June 30, 2014(Nyamilepedia)On Sunday June 29, 2014, an article appears on The Independent website in Uganda titling “UPDF shines in South Sudan” by Andrew M. Mwenda, a brother of one of the Brig. Gen. Kayanja Muhanga who is a one of the UPDF commander for the UPDF’s mission in South Sudan. Andrew M. Mwenda has written a desperate article praising the UPDF as if it is a modernized army. And the prove he claims is that their presence in South Sudan shows their strength as a modernized army. He shamelessly praised UPDF’s fight in South Sudan as the prove to its cure ill long corruption that the UPDF has been facing since independent of Uganda, what a shame!!!

He when on falsely claim that “When this army pounced upon poorly trained, poorly armed (with light infantry weapons), poorly commanded and poorly disciplined militias of Riek Machar, one can imagine what happened. The UPDF fell into an L ambush along a 4km stretch at Tabakeka. But they had expected the ambush anyway and were already in a box-formation. In a battle that lasted between four to five hours, UPDF lost nine soldiers and 46 injured (and this due to an initial mistake). No one wants to talk of the casualties on the other side. But one can imagine what a highly armored, mechanised and motorised fighting machine with close air support can do to militias with light infantry weapons. It was the first and last battle the Sudanese rebels engaged the UPDF.” he said.

The above statement is not only shows exactly how desperate this individual is, however, it prove that this individual lack evidence and knowledge because the truth can be found here at the BBC report on that particular incident that he was talking about, here in case you didn’t noted it http://www.bbc.com/news/world-africa-25613847 . I am not surprise that a bloody liar can claims nonsenses that White Army who actually defeated both SPLA and UPDF in that incident were killed in countless numbers. This is bizarre desperate and baseless claims.

On top of that, he seems to lack knowledge that it was a United State who order M7, to “protect” Juba from well-trained White Army whom United States of America fear off to take over the Capital and turn Juba to be a pure democratic city where white man will have no say. As a result, the people of South Sudan will determine who can and cannot buy lands with a pure permission from them. On January 3, 2014, a top U.S diplomat said, “We can’t allow the carnage to go on; we can’t allow the capital to be overrun,” said Tom McDonald, who worked on Sudan issues as the American ambassador to Zimbabwe during the administration of Bill Clinton. “We have too much to lose; we’ve put too much into this.”

As a result, while the United States is highly unlikely to commit its own troops, Mr. McDonald said, it could provide planes to transport Ugandan soldiers or share intelligence on rebel positions with Ethiopia’s air force. American officials said that they hoped that Uganda’s warning would be enough of a deterrent. So, what make this liar to be proud that UPDF is now transformed to a well organise forces while their daily survival is at hands of the Americans in term of army’s supplies and blood money of the Nuer people. Therefore, I did not see any reason to praise or to claims the modernization when in fact the army are still depending on other.

My response to your nonsense

First of all, I have done a little bit research about who is this lost brother is, I find that in the past, he actually criticized Yoweri Museveni, calling him a failure, a coward and a “villager”, and said the president’s days were numbered if he “goes on a collision course with mebut what is it that change this little brain’s heart to praise the very person that he wish dead 6 years ago?

Well, I want to response to this lost brother and mindless individual who actually declared his interest, his love of money while writing his own opinion, in part he said “Let me declare a conflict of interest: my brother, Brig. Ben. Kayanja Muhanga, is the commander of UPDF in South Sudan. But that, I hope, has not influenced my assessment” however, your interest on your opinion actually tells me much more about you Andrew. You said that UPDF is in South Sudan is “well fed and well led soldiers” and who are well “highly motivated” for what they are doing in South Sudan, while you failed to tell us who feed them and why they are well fed, and why they are so much motivated in fighting in South Sudan.

Here is the reason why in case you didn’t know it. They are well fed to “protect” the American and Salva Kirr with the South Sudanese money and they are motivated because they are being paid ten times more than they can earn in poor Uganda soil for the rest of their life. Oh, and they did not know that this in the end will come to Africans brother killings themselves for the war that have no caused whatsoever. However, a little minded of “paid me, I will killed your whoever you thought is your rival” from less minded Ugandan people’s army.

While reading your opinion on your website, The Independent, I discover that you are not only lack knowledge about the current situation in South Sudan, by failing to mention exactly what triggering the war in that country and what convinced Uganda’s army and its President to jumps in to that war. You are actually among the lost Africans brothers who are so brainwashed and are so proudly destroying Africa from the distance by the Whiteman. Look, you said, “The army today boasts heavy artillery, tanks, armored personnel careers, heavy machine guns, a motorised infantry, and close air support consisting of supersonic jets and armor-plated helicopter gunships” while talking about UPDF, this is absurd because you failed to tell us why?

Here is why, while you are proudly fooling yourself, we know that Uganda’s army was trained by the Americans to carry out their dirty mission in the horn of Africa and the mission was to establish an air space that will enable U.S army to monitor any movement of the African’s armies’ developments. Shamelessly, you claim that Uganda is now superior to any army in the entire East Africa while you failed to notice that they are being fed with the blood money to kill the Nuer people in South Sudan and UPDF was trained elsewhere by the American to killed brother Ugandans.

Andrew, you also failed to tell your readers that UPDF was actually defeated on that ambushed by the Almighty White Army; truth can be found here http://www.bbc.com/news/world-africa-25613847 . I am also not surprise that a bloody liar can claims nonsense that White Army who actually defeated both SPLA and UPDF were killed in countless numbers in that incident. This is bizarre desperate and baseless claims as prove shown on that Video.

Elsewhere in your writing, you also shamelessly praise M7 and said, “Museveni has modernised the army and thus gained capabilities to launch military adventures abroad, defend the nation, and strike at his domestic opponents if they dare challenge his power” are you kidding me, are you saying your only hope is to see M7 lead Uganda until the day he died as a sign of UPDF modernization? Wasn’t UPDF a people’s army? Oh, Ugandans are less human, therefore, it doesn’t matter who f@#king them on daily basic as long as they are get their food, ok I got it. But remember this will not reach South Sudan. The UPDF’s mission in South Sudan will only make you cry in the end my brother. I will call you my brother because we share that beautiful continent together even if you are among the lost brothers who always wish their brothers dead because of food. I have every reason to call you brother.

What will the future relationship look like for Uganda and South Sudan?

Well, today June 30, 2014 an article has appears on shimpreport.com another Uganda online news report titling “Uganda Will Regret South Sudan Mission” says ex Spy. In part, the ex-spy who is also a general and a former Director General External Security Organization (ESO), argued that Uganda’s mission in neighboring south Sudan, which he said was only but creating future enemies for the country. And continue to say that “For example if you go killing the Nuers. These aren’t Kony, they aren’t Al Shabaab; they have in fact withdrawn from Juba to their home areas, and you take our national army bomb them in Bor and Malakal,” charged Pulkol, this answer the whole future relationship. This is no strange the the Africans mindless brothers who always act before thinking.

Gen. Pulkol has also explains to the website that “Even if you are securing Uganda’s trade route or hunting for Kony, then you should be where Kony is. What was the UPDF doing in Bentiu and Malakal? In the process of trying to resolve a problem, we could be actually creating a bigger problem for ourselves. Rightly so and indeed, the Uganda created the war that will end up de-established the entire region. What was UPDF doing in Bentiu and Malakal when in fact Juba who supposedly was the target of the mission was at hand of Salva Kirr?

As a student of Philosophy, I come to realize that lack of understanding and knowledge is worse than diseases itself. In which some diseases can be curable while lack of understanding and knowledge can killed thousands in a minute.

Brother Andrew, UPDF is not and will never shines in South Sudan, in fact the UPDF will go back to the era of the “army depending on the taxpayer for its budget and on many occasions (under Idi Amin and Milton Obote II) looting from citizens” as you says.

There will be no future relationship, no mercy as you shown to the Nuer people, No peace until M7 answer why he rush to killed Nuer people and bomb them in Bor, Malakal and Bentiu? Lack of knowledge made M7 to rush to destroy not only Nuer people but the future relationship between South Sudan and Uganda.

Is there any hope for the future?

Well, hope always is a key and norm for the Nuer community. Dr. Riek Machar is known for that, in 2004 and 2005, he gave hope to the very people whom are today uniting themselves in quest to kill him; these are Salva Kirr and M7 of Uganda. He makes peace between Dr. John Garang and Salva in 2004 and tries all his best for Uganda’s Joseph Kony and M7 in 2005 on behave of the people of Uganda.

In 1901, The Nuer and Azande wage armed resistance against colonial rule, killing British officers and soldiers and the Governor of Bahr el Ghazal. As a result Nuer are being level as the enemy of the British and therefore, they will try all they can to stop any Nuer person to become a leader in South Sudan.

In the end the Nuer people are the only hope for South Sudan and the entire Eastern Africa

The author, Gatluke Chuol Reat, can be reached at l.chuol@yahoo.com

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