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New Archbishop of South Sudan, Justin Badi Alama: Is it politics or destiny of leadership from Maridi?

By Ochan Samuel,

An interview with Archbishop Justin Badi Arama, Primate and Archbishop of the Anglican Church of South Sudan(Photo: file/Nyamilepedia)
An interview with Archbishop Justin Badi Arama, Primate and Archbishop of the Anglican Church of South Sudan(Photo: file/Nyamilepedia)

July 8th, 2018(Nyamilepedia) — It was on the 20th of January 2018 that a signal vote flipped Justin Badi Alama, a Baka from Maridi State from being the Bishop of the Diocese of Maridi to the Primate and Archbishop of the Anglican Church of South Sudan. This is the highest position in the Anglican Church in the country which Archbishop Justin Badi will hold for the next 10 years. Many Christians from all denominations have faith that the Archbishop Justin Badi will perform because of his track record of being a humble and national character. There have been celebrations among the Anglican Christians and Clergy from many parts of South Sudan. Anglican Christians and Clergy from Maridi have also been jubilant because Archbishop Justin Badi Alama is their own.

Archbishop Justin Badi Alama did not come this far unopposed. There has been a stiff opposition from some of the clergy of the former Central Equatoria, Amadi State and Aweil States. Many of the Clergy from these States were bitter by the fact that it was not long that the Archbishop of Sudan was from Maridi and also a Baka by tribe a fact which also reflects who Archbishop Justin Badi is. The late Archbishop Joseph Marona was from Maridi and a Baka by tribe and it was from him that the previous Archbishop Daniel Deng took over and only to hand over to yet another Baka from Maridi. Was it destiny or politics?

It was politics for those Clergy who opposed Archbishop Justin Badi Alama. But for many, it was destined that another Baka from Maridi State would become the Archbishop of South Sudan. In the words of one senior church member from Bahr el Gazel, “Archbishop Justin Badi was destined for this position. There were signs that God was preparing him for that and in God’s plans, there are no tribes or States.”

This is not the first time that Maridi State has produced leaders. Apart from Archbisop Justin Badi Alama, there was the late Archbishop Joseph Maron, the late Ali Batala, the late Alison Mugaya, the late Isaiah Paul. The living leaders from Maridi State are the likes of Africano Monday, currently the Governor of Maridi State, Samuel Bahati, currently the Deputy Governor of Maridi State, Peter Beshir Bendi, Hon. Mary Noah, Gen. John Daniel of the National Security, Hon. John Musau, Gen. Henry Denima and others not mentioned here. Many of these leaders have performed their duties and have demonstrated national characteristics in their leaderships with the exception of a few like Hon. Peter Beshir Bendi who is always surrounded by many family feuds, arrogance, badmouthing, the phobia of troubleshooting and disrespect for bosses which unfortunately he calls bravery.

To cite a few examples, Hon. Beshir has presided over daily abuses on the President of South Sudan. Hon. Beshir has not spared the 1st Vice President Taban Deng Gai of abuses calling him a bastard child. Hon. Beshir has undermined Vice President James Wani Igga and also dismissed Hon. Speaker Anthony Makana as being incapable of running the National Assembly. Hon. Beshir latest takes in abusing leaders are the abuses on Dr. Riek Machar, Michael Makuei and above all Hon. Martin Lomoro Elia. From a social point of view Hon. Beshir Bendi has caused a long family divisions and divisions in the communities of Maridi to the level where he lives an excommunicated life. He never appears in community gathering and never seen in public with members of his community but rather living in isolation and focusing on his routine of abuses of the authority that gives him his monthly pay.

As far as the rest of the leaders from Maridi State, South Sudanese must keep eyes on them and continue to appreciate their characters, principles and leaderships. And no doubt Archbishop Justin Badi Alama is one of these young generation of leaders from Maridi State who possesses a national character and good principles of leadership therefore making everything about him less of politics but more of destiny.

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