My Opinion About the False Emotional Speech of Dr. Majak Agoot in his Recent Trip to U.S

My opinion about the false emotional speech of Dr. Majak Agoot in his recent trip to U.S, his “False words are not only evil in themselves, but they infect the soul with evil” quote I borrowed from my friend Socrates (470-399)

 By Gatluke Chuol Reat

Dr. Majak Agoot giving a speech in Phoenix, Arizona, USA(Photo: Extracted/Nyamilepedia)
Dr. Majak Agoot giving a speech in Phoenix, Arizona, USA(Photo: Extracted/Nyamilepedia)

November 20, 2014(Nyamilepedia) —  the evilness of Dr. Majak Agoot and what people didn’t know about him is that exactly two years ago, Dr. Majak Agoot was activily was working behind the sense to and never shy to give his opinion and what he think of Dr. Riek Machar, at one point he was caught while describing Dr. Riek Machar and his followers, in part he said, “Look at the landscape of the warlords” describing Dr. Riek and commanders whom he think are associated with him “that we have absorbed, without applying stringent criteria, in the interests of the peace” are enjoying our hard work to bring them peace.

He also in the same talking accused Dr. Riek Machar as someone who is recruiting people to rebel against SPLM Party. He then joked that “When you recruit people for the political party there is criteria that qualify them for leadership positions. They are not necessarily the same qualifications that make them suitable for a rebel organization whose main mission is fighting” A language that we later see used by Gordon Buay against Dr. Riek Machar. This narrative was made special report by AP on Nov. 20, 2012

While many are celebrating his evil speeches in the U.S, I call it a shortfall and “False words” which are “not only evil in themselves, but they infect the soul with evil” Dr. Majak Agoot, while on his repair tours events, even if many were so blind to not see it that way.

A statement released on his behave said “Dr. D’Agoot urged South Sudanese to rise above their bitterness parochialism and unite in order to secure a prosperous future for the country” and later, Dr. D’Agoot explained that what transpired on 15 December 2013 was a mutiny within the Presidential Guard/Tiger Division even though it was deliberately mischaracterized by the Juba Government as a coup d’état to justify clampdown on peaceful dissent, the statement continues.

What a hypocrite, the above statement is completely nonsense and inhumane to say the least. Dr. Majak Agoot knew exactly how and when Salva Kirr will killed Nuer people and destroyed South Sudan as whole. Dr. Majak Agoot fought his way up in mind that he will one day eventually took over from Salva Kirr, the ill ideology that the leadership of South Sudan will always be between Bor and Bhar El Ghazal cycles.

While in his long statement, Dr. Majak Agoot admitted that the war was triggered because of long stands and would be war. In part he said, “The 15 December 2013 incident only acted as a trigger but it was not the only single cause to the crisis”.

This is exactly why Dr. Majak Agoot never wants to joint Dr. Riek Machar who fought for his released. Here, he is trying to outsmart the internet make over news maker Gordon Buay by using what Gordon Buay has been pounded media with. And that is as if the war was caused by 1991 issues. He continuous to said “ If the conflict was not complex and multi-dimensional, nothing would explain its spread outside Juba, upward trend in ethnic mobilization and atrocious acts that followed the outbreak of conflict and which were clearly a prelude to genocide” he said.

However, Dr. Majak Agoot with delusional ideology forget that action proven men over time since the creation when your country men are attacked, especially your community. If he, Dr. Majak Agoot, as he claims thinks that Salva Kirr and his gangs did absolutely wrong to the country, then why making himself a bystander while his countrymen and women are being slaughtered daily?

Soon after his return, he wrote too many opinions in either defending of himself or to put forward too many excuses without any action. Among them is a movement for encouraging the exiles of South Sudanese to stay away from the conflict as if the war is between Salva Kirr and Dr. Riek Machar. Well hell no, if the war was indeed is between Salva Kirr and Dr. Riek Machar then was it not true that Salva Kirr across the line by ordering the killing of the innocent people in Juba?

Too all, South Sudanese in Diaspora

I had hoped that the relations subsisting between the former minister and the old master known as Salva Kirr should end by then or you would think so. But while I believed this, and still have some such weak faith in this guy, I have seen enough, heard enough, and learned enough about him. He is no strange to the current issue and he will never will. Many might join me and say they have seen enough of the condition of these people of South Sudan, to make them to dismiss any false hope or movement which will take them out of the wretched condition in which they now know that they are in.

While I shall continue to labor my time for increased justice to those who staying at the UNIMISS CAPMS, I will continue to give you, the people of South Sudan my hearty God-speed in your struggling scheme. I believe you are the God people and anyone who is trying to inject their evil deeds will be dismissing without delay.

Likes of Dr. Majak Agoot proven to our society that they are nothing but scheme of food chasers, power hungers, exploiters and even worth, they had proven to be bystanders when their country is bleeding and need them most.

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