My opinion on the ongoing SPLM-Reunification and SPLM-Internal differences sorted out peace process, as they call it

By Gatluke Chuol Reat,


Arusha djj
South Sudan’s president Salva Kiir, Tanzanian president Jakaya Kikwete and SPLM/SPLA Chairman, Dr. Riek Machar posting for a picture(Photo: Hatim Cuei/Nyamilepedia)

Oct 22, 2014(Nyamilepedia) — I humbly and prayerfully hope that what I have to say will be received in the spirit that I would like to convey. We have just heard that there is an ongoing SPLM-REUNIFICATION peace talk in Tanzanian Capital, Arusha. Many of our brothers and sisters might join me and ask about the reality of watchman on the tower. He has raised a warning voice and he said, I would urge all to listen and follow my counsel. It is tremendously important always to be in harmony with those who cheer you on and believe that what you are doing is best for all and have watch for the souls of the fallen. As they falls and their falls must give an account and that they may do it with joy, and not with grief.

My message to those in SPLM-IO is that I wish I am not speaking of a people who did not care to listen to the voices of their comrades and their brothers and sisters, who are voicing and urging, to say that we might not agree with that decision. The killings of the Nuer people has nothing to do with the differences within SPLM-Party and if Salva Kirr is saying it has, then instead of saying SPLM-Reunion, you might start my digging out why then SALVA Kirr order the killings of the Nuer people? And then see if the UNIFICATION actually needs the presence of SALVA KIRR while still sitting as a President of all people?

To: Dr. Riek Machar, the leader of SPLM-IO

I am sure that you might have seen many voices and hope to have a chance to read them, I found it unpleasant business to constantly be calling people to frequently and set a stage as if the issue should be discussed at the level of SPLM-fractions despite the continued unflinchingly by the Juba led Fraction.

The blood had bled horribly within South Sudanese communities, and most importantly within the Nuer community and within your close circles. Many might admitted that your leadership, must be everlastingly at it; I want you to understand that, some of us are well informed and have much citation to the history of our country. I want you to know that undermining as if young people do not understand will eventually put you on the defensive, which I think is not what you want right now. Otherwise, by then the fault may be partly yours.

But, if we make the true way clear to you, then we are blameless. I wish to speak today of unwanted messages I have received from many friends, colleagues and beyond about what is taking place or the so called SPLM-UNIFICATION. My purpose in doing so is to attempt to give strength against mistakes, suffering, heartache, and anguish to you and your entire leadership.

May I begin by sharing with you a personal experience as a young man who grown up experiencing the unfolding civil war in both Sudan and South Sudan from a time many years ago. By 1955 Elia Kuze, the Liberal Member of Parliament was put on trial because he was the first South Sudan nationalist who led resistance against Gellaba rule in Yambio. At that time, the Azande demanded that South Sudan not be ruled by or be dominated by the “false so-called Northern brothers, as a results, the Bloody riots erupts in Nzara. History tells us that 1972, a bad peace was signed or the so call Addis Ababa Accord between the Anya Nya and Sudan Government. Three years later, in 1975 Revolts by South Sudanese soldiers in Akobo and other barracks in protest for their being transfer to the North, in violation of Addis Ababa Agreement

When I received an unwelcome but valuable message from my devoted friends around the world about what is going on, reunited SPLM. I tell them persistence is a key.

My memorable mission was when I visited you in Nasir in March this year and later in Addis Ababa, before my returning to service the community. I was not anxious to explain to people about what I tell you or what I think of you. My intended messages were received well by many of friends, brothers and sisters within the community and would require more thorough explanation privately with some of them, especially those who are curious to think that something like this might happened in the future and about other counterfoils, discipline, and seriousness of our brothers and sisters with you.

With all of this in mind I said to my friends, they are doing what we think of them and what is good for the community. Now, what I am seeing had made me think about the entire thing we saw in the past. I am an ordinary son and brother in this community who is hurting so much because of the events of December 15, 203 it hurt, but I could not ignore it. I rather message you in a brotherly manner than hurting our community who is already hurts by Salva Kirr and the Nuer who pretend to be Nuer but letting their own people dying on their watch at UNIMISS CAMPS.

In the time of killings of the Nuer by Salva Kirr, a certain ruler who was voted on by the Nuer people will one day meaningfully answer many questions as to why, why Nuer people? The unwelcome answer by many now would be “UNIFICATION of the SPLM, I would rather seek otherwise. Jesus once said to Master: “Yet lackest thou one thing: sell all that thou hast, and distribute unto the poor, and thou shalt have treasure in heaven: and come, follow me.”

When the ruler heard this, “he was very sorrowful: for he was very rich” and “And when Jesus saw that he was very sorrowful, he said, how hardly shall they that have riches enter into the kingdom of God!” How people handle their earthly riches is among the great tests they have in life.

In the end, I rather am faithful to say that, sending wrong words out can tremendously cause tragic and my message is that while reading a piece titled “How Dr. Riek Machar Set Himself Up for Failure” I think there is much to be learn there. In 21 century, almost every one dismissed “assume to be or live by assuming that thing will overnight be ok.


Gatluke Chuol Reat, the author, can be reached at nuerinternational@gmail.com

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