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Mayiik Ayii Deng – a Poison in the Office of the President

By Michael Joseph,

Mayiik Ayii Deng, the Minister for President Salva Kiir, deliverong a message to Ugandan President at his State House in Entebbe(Photo: file)
Mayiik Ayii Deng, the Minister for President Salva Kiir, deliverong a message to Ugandan President at his State House in Entebbe(Photo: file)

March 25, 2017(Nyamilepedia) —— South Sudanese were optimistic that President Kiir Mayardit would appoint a well experienced, qualified cadre of SPLM with strong academic credential to run his office efficiently but unfortunately the appointment of a semi-illiterate boy as Minister in the Office of the President is a political shame to the entire nation. This office needs a trained SPLM Cadre with impressive academic credential to transform the presidency into a functioning institution. It is sufficiently alarming that Mayiik Ayii is creating a culture of corruption and embezzlement in the office of President.

My classmate Mayiik Ayii Deng had failed miserably to complete his senior Secondary School in Khartoum. Rumors are circulating in the streets of Juba that Mayiik is incompetent, uneducated and extremely corrupt Minister to ever run the Office of the President ever. He has no capacity to run this institution. It is very interesting to know that the Minister in the Office of the President can’t even draft a Memo or take a simple note. Most of the Ministers are complaining that Mayiik is not picking his phone and has no time for them, he fear doing so will expose his incapacities.

It is equally importance to understand that Mayiik Ayii is intimidating the Management of Nilepet and conspiring with his cronies to control the Oil Sector. He was appointed as Chairperson of National Planning and Chairperson of Board of Directors of Nile Petroleum Corporation (Nilepet).He is also intimidating the Management of Nilepet to settle his unnecessary bills. He had purchased a luxury house in Nairobi in December 2016 after getting kickback from Oil Operating Company.

This uneducated boy is misleading the president with inaccurate information that he is connected to the world leaders. It is very unfortunate that Mayiik is seriously involved in Diesel/Petrol saga. His two trucks were detained in January, 2017 by National Security Petroleum Division. It is obliviously clear that the associates are creating more damage to an already dying Oil Sector. His main objective is to enrich the syndicate and to create an an oligarch in the Oil Sector. He is humiliating and dismissing qualified cadres in Oil industries in the name of the President.

There is serious administrative strife between the Minister and the Administration in the Office of the President over the Minister overspending of the fund. His working relations with Staff are seriously deteriorating.  Mayiik is conspiring to replace the senior officials in the Presidency with his corrupt friends as he did in the Oil sector. He doesn’t want any person who is an obstacle to his organized theft in the Presidency. Mayiik has no political capacity to managed and restructure the office of the President. There are crucial evidences that the Minister and his cronies are terrorizing and intimidating everyone in the Presidency.

It is unbelievable that Mayiik is also including his business partner Deng Johnson in government trips. They are engaging in illicit businesses that are damaging the image of the President. It is a serious war of economic resources and control. Syndicates headed by Mayiik Ayii are requesting money from Nilepet without any documentation in the name of the President. This is a clear criminal act that must be investigated.

There are more substantial indications that the so – called Mayiik Ayii and his associates are fighting everyone in the government to pave their way for their chronic looting. Stories began circulating in the street of Juba that Mayiik Ayii and his cronies are conspiring to replace the SPLA Chief of General Staff and Akol Paul, the Deputy Minister of Information and Telecommunication.

One of the oil company admitted paying bribe of millions USD to the Petroleum Planning committee headed by the so – called Mayiik. This committee was formed with objectives of channeling illegal Oil funds to a narrow political elite. This is to be ensured by using the powers of Mayiik Ayii and Ezekiel Lol. There is a serious criminal networking established by Mayiik and Ezekiel Lol to manipulate the Marketing of Crude Oil. Both Ministers were perfectly placed to use the power of the public office to dispense personal gain for themselves.

Michael Joseph is a PhD Student at the University of Stanford International and can be reached at 0915003033

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Nyaluak Lual March 25, 2017 at 8:05 pm

I dont know about Mayiik, but I know that you Dinka are now in more danger of Petroleum corruption than you have ever been before. First of all Taban Deng Gai and Ezekiel Lol Gatkuoth are natural thieves. They have already sold the oil to companies that they used when they were fighting the government to buy the oil so that they can be paid back whatever they used to finance the war of Riek of Machar last time. Now, Ezekiel took 1 milliion dollars from one of the oil companies that was given a contract to buy for him houses in nairoibi. He already stole money which he used to send MPs of IO to Ethiopia, Uganda, Sudan and Kenya to convince Nuer who are with Riek to support their IO. But the real motive was to take money out of the country to his wife and brother whom he placed in Gambella to do their dirty money laundering. Now, they bought houses in Ethiopia, building businesses in Gambella and taking some money to America, their home. Ezekiel is an Ethiopian by nationality. Go and see his village in Ethiopia. It was Riek machar who brought him to South Sudan. He was the one who killed SPLA officer Francis Ngor in Manjangdit area in 1985 when Gajaak of Ethiopia were fighting in support of Sudan government.
Mayiik is naive. His name is put on the list of those that oil companies are paying by Ezekiel and Taban so that they have constant access to President. The president as usual does not see these things until it is too late. It will be blamed on him later on.


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