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Machar: Why I Think You Should Leave Addis Ababa and Go Back To Your Base

By Elbow Chuol,


Former Vice president, Dr. Riek Machar in Jonglei state in January(Photo: supplied)
Former Vice president, Dr. Riek Machar in Jonglei state in January(Photo: supplied)

August 3, 2014(Nyamilepedia) — “We will not accept him (Dr. Machar) in this government may be he go and be the governor of Unity State” Salva Kiir Mayardit roughly quoted on 31st July during Martyrs Memorial Day directing the saying to Opposition leader Dr. Riek Machar Teny

First of all (Sudan People Liberation Movement-In-Opposition) is a party or a Movement independently fighting for egalitarianism, even-handedness, enlargement and impartiality for all south Sudanese. It twirl out to be clear that, south Sudanese transversely around the world, in USA, Australia, Europe, Asia and the entire Africa continent wires this progress amounting it to National Movement and not like the beginning of the crisis. And it’s just a matter of time and space before we the right people not those thugs in Juba march into the golden city and establish one of the strongest classlessness system the world has ever seen.

Therefore, I am talking on the bases of Democracy we so much sacrificed and continue giving it more blood for the last seven months or so. So, in real sense Dr. Machar came to Addis Ababa for peace deal between him and Salva-crisis weeks ago right? Then, Kiir is back to his base and why is he in Addis Ababa? Doing what and why? Eating or sleeping or waiting touring the world?

Since we are the Opposition fighting fiercely with sticks, stones, spears and pangas against the dictatorial terroristic regime of Salva-crisis in Juba equipped with modern chemical weapons like clusters bombs and tanks from China, we just don’t supports you in person (Dr. Machar) but the movement you leads and so deviating from this truth, you must be told and given a free advice because you are a human being and not a stone. So, officially I am asking you (Dr. Machar) to prepare to leave Addis Ababa for Nasir immediately.

Kiir declared war against us by drawing up several redlines. It’s clear that he is not interested in peace but war and so since we don’t want war but we cannot just sleep and Kiir come to slaughters south Sudanese while the entire world is hoping to see Kiir out. We will defense ourselves and it would be much interesting seeing you down there big man.

Where in the world when you fighting your enemy you go around to someone hut and stays there, sleeping, eating? A leader is not needed to fight battles but his presence strengthened the troops and moves them around. This is being cowardice and terrifying because considering how Kiir is busy buying armaments outside drawing redlines each day and vowing to continue injustices. This is not only disturbing but shocking also. Yes, we are not getting supports from the outside world but the fact is that, Napoleon is busy writing down the plans for the defense of his soldiers’ century and half ago is worthy glorifying. You are not part of the peace talks and so let the Gen. Taban and other peace stakeholders’ stays in Addis Ababa if anything need you, Igad will come for you in our base.

You are staying in Addis Ababa because of those (us) down (here) there defending themselves from terroristic government. If it happen today that, we the mighty white army and other stakeholders stop defending ourselves even your stays in Addis would be at risk. Trust me. Otherwise, appoint military officers that will lead the Movement and you will stays anywhere in the world and we shall be busy kicking Kiir out. Prolonging your stays here will compel us the youth in hundreds across the world to demonstrate against your stays in Addis Ababa.

And that will be the first ever apprehended Democratic protest in the name of the Democracy we are fighting for. Kiir must go and it’s time for him to leave south Sudan immediately because south Sudanese are suffering so much. He took the advantage of poorly military organization we did from the very beginning and now threatening to wage more final war against us. This Movement is by now a nationwide.

Truth Hurt but Liberating

White Army oyeeeeee

Freedom fighters Oyeeeeee

Diaspora supporters Oyeeeeee

Opposition Oyeeeeee

Dr. Machar Oyeeeeee

God bless our country the Federal Democratic Republic of South Sudan (FDRSS)

Elbow Chuol Becomes the first south Sudanese criticizing the stays of Former South Sudanese powerful vice-president in Hotel in Addis Ababa. Chuol can be reached at elbow.chuol@gmail.com

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