Letter To Mama Rebcca Nyadeng Mabior


To Mamma Nyadeng Mabior, South Sudan.
Dear Mrs, Mabior.
Source: KBC, Kenya.
Source: KBC, Kenya.

Sept 17, 2014(Nyamilepedia) — You and Dr. Adwok Nyaba are the first people in South Sudan Capitol Juba to take courage to blames South Sudan’s Kiir over violence against Nuer tribes in December 2013. I read all your interviews from many different sources that make me take this opportunity to just say thanks!!. Your bravery and determination is well documented in South Sudan man-made catastrophes. for that, I believed you are the mother of all blameless children of South Sudan who died innocently at the hand of Kirr Mayardit. Mama, I felt how weak you were at the time I read your interview with the London base “The London Evenig Post” in that interview you fearlessly report to the whole world the ongoing Annihilation of Nuer in our nation’s capitol. Mamma the action you took to talk to the world about Juba massacre is part of the reason why there is a few who survived Kirr is crushing tanks. I hoped your word are not fruitless a few survived, they will be the living proves of Kirr is crimes against South Sudan and also against humanity.

My word at this time may beguile you from your grief of a loss so overwhelming that continued from December last and still continued to all corners of Greater Upper Nile States. but, I cannot refrain from reminding people the tendered consolation that you give to Nuer at the time when almost every Nuer loss hope about the future. At the time when powerful president and dictator of Uganda gives Nuer only three days to surrender to Kirr to be humiliated once more time. Mommy, I always pray that this will be your last sorrow and our heavenly father may assuage the anguished of your bereavement and left you with treasured memories of love and loss.

I always cried and asked myself why South Sudan is destroyed by one man name Kirr Mayardit? until I realized that it was not the number of man that is important. Mayardit used terroristic tactic. He employed psychological war that skirt the rule. a war that leave freedom fighters ill prepared, because freedom fighters are taught to played and fight fair. I do not know how god is going to help us when this terrorist Mayardit use our country is tittle and money to destroyed the fabric of our society. When he started his own war in Juba, he figured out without killing women and children the war wouldn’t stopped. Again, when he know his own mercenary loss the war in Bentiu Unity State, Kirr converted his Dut-Beny Kirr Mayardit militia and he made them look like Bor Dinka youth; he order them to killed innocent women children under the UN protection. Kirr Mayardit is deed of taking revenge against innocents is the best case-study of Africa oral story shared by many cattles herders in Africa call: A “leapord Revenge”

Once a leopard cub strayed from his home and ventured into the midst of a great herd of

elephants.His mother and father had warned him to stay out of the way of the giant beasts, but he did not listen. Suddenly, the elephants began to stampede, and one of them stepped on the cub without even knowing it. Soon afterward, a hyena found his body and went to tell his parents.“I have terrible news,” he said. “I’ve found your son lying dead in the field.”The mother and father leopard gave great cries of grief and rage.

“How did it happen?” the father demanded. “Tell me who did this to our son! I will never rest until I have had my revenge!” “The elephants did it,” answered the hyena.

“The elephants?” asked the father leopard, quite startled. “You say it was the elephants?”“Yes,” said the hyena, “I saw their tracks.”

The leopard paced back and forth for a few minutes, growling and shaking his head.

“No, you are wrong,” he said at last. “It was not the elephants. It was the goats. The goats have murdered my boy!”And at once he bounded down the hill and sprang upon the herd of goats grazing in the valley below, and in a violent rage killed as many as he could in revenge. Like Kirr Mayardit, Coward Leapord take his revenge on innocent goats.

The fact of the matter is, on December 6th you called a press conference in the SPLM House, in that conference you outlined the main differences and called on the SPLM Chairman Salva Kiir Mayardit to convene the Political Bureau in order to set the agenda for the anticipated National Liberation Council. Instead of facing you in National Democratic forum, the weakest President takes his revenge on innocent bystanders. December 15, 2013 Massacred is truly the case-study of African story the Leopard’s Revenge. Mama Salfa Kirr see great weakness in our cultures. Every tribes in South Sudan is making a decision based on their own identity, that why Salfa Kirr succeed in using 1991 episode to pave his way for social solidarity within Dinka tribal group.

Most of the Dinka think Kirr Mayardit is a true leader a gift from god (Nhialic) who will ended all Dinka problem including extermination of Nuer tribes in South Sudan. Mamma Rebecca the action you took will make our country more united than ever before. I hope Kirr Mayardit is blind supporters and monies lovers will relealized Salfa and his money are our only problem nothing else. Kirr Mayaridit should be reminded about several tragic story of National leaders who used his power to divided his own country. Anwar El Sadat was killed by Muslim. The same muslim whom Anwar think god send him to set free from the bondage of Jews. It is not something unheard off. Kirr Mayardit destroyed South Sudan but, he better know Dinka too, are tired of be pushed around by a stupid leader like Salfa Kirr. Kirr Mayadit is a tyrannical who act in his own self interest at the cost of South Sudanese people or Dinkas in particular. Mamma in march 25, 2014 I had a dream that I shared with my facebook friends. My dream is followed by capture of Bentiu in Unity State from Kirr is Mercenary in april 15, 2014. Than followed by another killing of innocent women and children; their death is plan by Kirr. Below is the dream:

A dream worth Sharing. Last night 3/25/ 2014 I had a dream I want to share with my fellow friend on FACEBOOK. I dream like I end up in Bor-town in the house of my longtime friend Abraham Makuech a Dinka from Bor community. From there I asked my friend Abraham to take me to Nyadeng de Mabior is house. Abraham told me it is certainly dangerous for you go on street, within minute before Abraham stop talking the army surrounded his house and Abraham hid me somewhere in house, which I have no recollection on how I was hiding. The only things I remember is to see Abraham’s house is destroyed and his body lay motionless on floor, killed by his own people because he is willing to save my life. My dream maybe one of a true story in South Sudan is current crises that we do not heard about because we had been soak in by negative history we hear all the time.

Time and time again, in the wake of tragedy, there are countless stories of selfless people who risk their lives to save others. South Sudan is no exception Mamma Nyadeng you did that self-sacrifice the work of an angel eventhough you survived it happened by luck. This will concluded my letter but before I do. I would like to request you Momma if United Nation High Commision for Refugees (UNHCR) plus times and security allowed. could you please go and visited the South Sudan children under UN protection where ever they are. It is a shamed to our nation that these innocents children are protected by foreigner from their own government. The government of Salfa Kirr make them easy target. The government of Salfa Kirr Mayardit called South Sudan women and children REBELLS. Oh god save us from Evil President!

Thank and take care of yourself and others:

Stephen Pajok Kong.

Contact @ stephenpajok@yahoo.com

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