How Behaviors of Many Dinka People Is A Threat To The Development and Maturity of The New Nation (South Sudan)

By Kenyi Wani,

Young Dinka dancers celebrating South Sudan independent in 2011 in Juba, South Sudan (Photo: Charlton Doki/IPS)
Young Dinka dancers celebrating South Sudan independent in 2011 in Juba, South Sudan (Photo: Charlton Doki/IPS)

August 24, 2015(Nyamilepedia) — You may choose to interpret this analysis in a way that is suitable to your conscience but one thing you must acknowledge is, the observation herein is based on experience and what has taken and continue to occur in South Sudan. While I may sound bias in presenting Dinka people in this context, I am sure some of you will agree the writing has some merits. Truth is bitter but unfortunately must be said.

A lot have been said about the Dinka people. As you can tell by my name, I am not Dinka but I have good friends who are from this tribe and in fact they are some of my best friends. In every society, tribe, workforce, team etc., there will always be people with good and others of vicious intentions who celebrate when others suffer. But to have an advertent systematic abuse of power and lack of political expediency is a real issue which threatens not only South Sudanese dignity in the country but in Africa and the world. I am sure the Dinka tribe has misconstrued their biggest population presence in the country and view it as a token to suppress others by violently, unethically and arrogantly imposing their ideology upon others.

South Sudan is not being ran as it should be but rather the key policy makers from the tribe in question are being influenced by the Dinka tradition, which lacks tolerance of other people from different tribes. The word ‘mony jaang’ meaning ‘rulers of people’ or ‘husbands of people’ in Dinka is a principle most of them are trying to apply despite the fact there is no logic and merely does not make sense but a complete lunacy. This tribe is a threat to civilisation and will continue to hamper and frustrate any development effort to progress the new nation.

The ingredients of the terminology mentioned above are dearly upheld by most members of this tribe which are incompatible with basic values of civilised human being. Unfortunately these inharmonious values be it arrogance, impoliteness, belligerence, being undiplomatic etc. are being used in various spectrums in the country and in fact around the world. By now, all South Sudanese and in fact many people around the globe know the make of a Dinka person. Therefore all non Dinka citizens, IGAD and other bodies who deal with key personnel from this tribe must consider and be weary of inherence force which directs and impels their decision making process.

One of the essence and distinguishing fact about us humans is the ability to admit mistakes and knowing what is wrong from right. If you are lacking these basic human values, then you might need to evaluate yourself and identify yourself with other creatures. Cognitive dissonance being splayed nearly by every member of this tribe is implausible and constitutes gross arrogance. The challenge is for those Dinka intellectuals who identify themselves civilised to stand up against those Dinka elements who are vandalising the country to start behaving and living decently.

Remember, a human mind is like a parachute, it only performs or works when it is opened, if you believe what you are doing is right, you are fooling yourself because base on your obvious actions, it clearly shows, the parachute is fully closed and nowhere near deployment, now think about that for a minute, you can torture and kill the innocents people, take their properties and everything, and then what? Remember death is inevitable, whether you die now, later or in 1000 years’ time, it is the same death.

Those people who you are victimising and intimidating every day in their own ancestral lands because they don’t have resources will one day reach to a point where they will not take it anymore and will revolt to protect their existence and I am sure their ancestors will not let them down. So please stop this madness before real suffering starts.

You will be judged not base on your tribe nor region but rather on your actions. Too much madness has taken and continue to take place in South Sudan, some of the people who are causing this very suffering on innocent lives even do not know what they really want and fighting for, a pride or self-esteem acquired through depriving other human beings of basic needs other entitlements such as food, security, jobs, scholarships, opportunities etc. because of their tribes or clans is evil and abhorrent. Such ‘pride’ will one day trouble you. It is called karma. Believe you me. Whatever you do to others, it will be done unto you…. This could be in physical, emotional or psychological form.

A lot have been said about peace, but in fact, what does it mean to the Lake State Youth and other youth in the country who boast and celebrate the death and suffering of others? What does peace mean to you, yes, you and what are you doing about it? What action have you or considering to take to transcend and disseminate in action what peace really is? Are you failing to act because your father, mother, son, uncle, nephew, niece, neighbour, friend, commander, captain, colleague, sister, brother, wife, husband, in -law etc. wants you to act violent, arrogant, uncivilised, inconsiderate, uninformed, malicious, evasive, undignified, ferocious, disrespectful, intolerant and incompetent? If so, you ought to break free of the bondage and find your inner you and start adding value to the country. Try to change and be different in a subtle way.

The need to co-exist with different tribes in South Sudan is paramount and is achievable. Therefore every effort must be taken by authorities to promote healthy and ethnicities tolerance. It is not expected all the 64 tribes in the country will harmoniously live together but it is vital to acknowledge respecting other people and their culture is the core foundation of any effort to unite the country. On the other hand, those with extreme egos and imposed self-worth must humble themselves prior and be willing to apologize, publicly admit mistakes, allow their peers and mere citizens to challenge status quo, treat the rest with dignity, respect people from different tribes, their lands and properties before they are seen by the rest of the citizens otherwise. Until those Dinka people are willing to meaningfully change and humble themselves, the Dinka tribe will continued to be viewed as a source of incompetent individuals.

Countries and nations are built from ideas, for these ideas to flourish and eventuate, the mere citizens should be allowed to express their ideas freely without fear of retribution. A true leader is a person who admit mistakes and allow new paradigm of solutions and encourages divergence of ideas. The pride and your empty self-worth, ego and self-esteem will not exonerate you nor your ethnicity from the world view. Don’t let your conscience being steered by fortune quest but rather by human essence of who you are as God’s creature.

Do not disillusion yourself about a demise of another tribe or population simply because they do not belong to your ethnicity…. No matter how much you try, you will not succeed as any mission or ambition planned with conspiracy and bad intentions, the tide will always work in favour of the innocent. If you carefully study the history of Sudan and South Sudan combined, you will understand the people you classify as weak are indeed the pillars and the only people protecting the image of the new nation on the world level. Civilisation defines diplomacy. In another word, if you do not respect others being the media, diplomats, mere citizens etc., then your assumed civilisation is a wrong civilisation.

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GatNor August 25, 2015 at 1:47 am

The word dispicable comes to mind when I think of how these Jaang have shown their true colors in the light of South Sudan affairs.

James Droma August 25, 2015 at 4:39 am

All People have known Dinkas of their bad habits in South Sudan as the whole.

Stephen Leo Oloya August 25, 2015 at 6:37 am

100% true. dinkas think and behave as if they are in their traditional courts. This is a country called South Sudan. In fact everywhere you go dinkas are problems….. What is really in their socialization and up-brining processes is very close to stone age……..

DINGIT NA TUGGÖ August 25, 2015 at 1:07 pm

My name is DINGIT NA TUGGÖ, which in Bari means only time will explain. Kenyi WANI, what you posted is not only the fact of few years but of many many years. And now the deeds of Our Brothers Call jengelon is explaining their bad habit………….it is already too late for them because it is the time explaining. Forcefully the Peace is going to come and every Peace lover is going to work hard to see that the FEDERAL SYSTEM OF GOVERNANCE is put into Place because this is the only way to send every body to his or her State to concentrate on developing his/her area.
There is no way for them to be stationed in Nimule or Kaya borders just collecting customs Money right into their Pockets. It is too late for them and thank you Kenyi because you have said the truth. Kilo jengelon a KOLAK ama kilo aje ri’diki i ‘deken na dak.

motapthiodiit August 26, 2015 at 12:16 am

what i knew from you is that noisy is what you like most, but in the country arena you are nothing federal will not help you, if you think Nimule border will help you total nothing, the goods entering Nimule point will be clear from it destination, you are cowadic Dinka women are more strong to fight than you,

SG Alony August 26, 2015 at 12:33 pm

I can also say that when I think of Nuers or people from other tribes, I don’t think highly of them. I can also say that I am disgusted with them or they are despicable. We can do that until the cows come home. Insulting the whole tribe, doesn’t give you the outcome you are looking for. It is counterproductive. There is no South Sudan. We, as tribes, pledge our allegiances to our tribes rather strongly than to South Sudan and you can’t deny that. You can’t honestly and truthfully say with a straight face that you have been nationalistic or patriotic than Dinkas. You have been nothing but tribalistic or sectarianistic. When the war for independence was being fought, you all rebelled against the movement that you once professed to support. What if the Dinkas gave up and threw their hands up in the air and said that this is too hard, we don’t want to fight anymore since everybody else doesn’t think fighting for the independence isn’t worth dying for. Do you think there would have been South Sudan as a nation? Absolutely not. Naming callings and insults, especially to a whole community is very unproductive and unpersuasive. South Sudan is mostly likely going to break up into three countries, formally the three regions. I hope and pray that it never happens because I don’t want to see the cause that hundreds of thousands of South Sudanese gave up their lives upon the alter of freedom to go down the drain. So stop being a hypocrite and come clean. We have all created this mess and it is upon us to create a better future for our kids and grandkids. Badmouthings and insults aren’t gonna cut it; persuasive arguments and language that appeals to the angels of our nature and sense of togetherness and unity, pledging allegiance to one flag, will save us. I have animosity and sense of utter repulsiveness toward you, as tribes as you have toward me, as a tribe, but where is that gonna take us? I don’t want to break it down for you because you know the outcome. President Kiir legitimately deserves criticisms and I won’t come to his aide because he is a Dinka; I could care less about him being criticized because he is from Dinka and he needs to be criticized so that he gets his acts together and leads the country well. So I urge and ask you to stop insulting the whole tribe. By the way, Mr. Wani, Monyjang doesn’t mean what you just told the whole world it means. It means a person from Jieng. I could guess your tribe base on your name as either Bari or Mundari, but I may be wrong. If you are from either of these tribes, you are either Mony Bari or Mony Mundari, according to how Monyjieng call you when it comes to your tribe. Even within the larger Dinka community, we call ourselves as Mony Agaar, Mony Bor, Mony Malual, Mony Ngok, etc. I think you get the point. I think you are a good writer and articulate. In lieu of wasting your time insulting and name calling the whole Jieng community, why don’t you try to write something uplifting and positive so that you can persuade Monyjieng. I think you can definitely win me over, but insulting my tribe is going to make me angry, uncooperative and become more tribalistic. We have a saying in Dinka: “duonne koc ye lat ne kuat”. “That means don’t insult people according to their lineages.” You know why because it upsets people more and hardens their hearts. There is no South Sudan without Dinkas, Nuers, Acholi, Didinga, etc. So let’s use the art of persuasion and positive communication because at the end of the day, we are all in this together. “We are friends but not enemies. We must not be enemies. Though passion has strained, it must not break our bonds of affection.” Pres. Abraham Lincoln.

DINGIT NA TUGGÖ August 26, 2015 at 12:12 pm

You are wasting your time, even if the federal is not there, you already know that you are forced to behave well or face fire…………..mark my words, as you are forced to sign the peace, you also must be forced to behave. you said we are cowardic dinka women now see who is crying while signing the peace…………Equatorians are born to be teachers and they know how to teach you hahahahahahah

Wani Kenyi August 26, 2015 at 10:36 pm

Dear countrymen

I have read your commentaries and can certainly agree with most of your points. The article was written in order to generate such discussions and encourage personnel intrinsic standing on some basic values. May God continue to guide our thoughts and deeds.

Motapthiodiit; Thanks for your comments and while your comments might have been written with sense of anger and frustration, I must highlight, calling other people cowards or Dinka women is really a concern, you have just shown why this article ought to be written, it is Dinka elements like you that must change before we can start identifying ourselves as citizens, brothers, sisters of the same country. Why is everything about fighting? Fighting brings destruction; chances are most people who have read this article including you are not in their motherland, why because of war. Imagine if other states in South Sudan joint the war…..what do you think could have happened? Immeasurable suffering of innocents lives.

SG Alony: I am very pleased with your comments and also agree with most of your points. Base on your comments, you are one of the Dinka intellectuals this article is trying to challenge in order to start a conversation within the Dinka community to bring the much needed change pertaining to behaviours exhibited by some Dinka People including those educated. The article was not intended for the whole Dinka tribe as per the title; “How Behaviours of many Dinka People is a threat to the Development and maturity of the new nation (South Sudan).” The key word is many.

Brother Alony, I have to be honest with you, I have seen the best of Dinka people and this is the main reason I wrote this article to highlight that some behaviours of your tribesmen being experienced especially in South Sudan are worrisome and I am certain most people who are not from Dinka will agree with the contents of the article base on their own experiences.

Alony: Like you said; “we are on in this together”, you are right, we are and this is the main reason we are having this discussion…. Remember, your enemy will not tell you your weakness but a friend will… count me among countrymen who love peaceful coexistence.

Thanks once more…Since all cannot be discussed on this site, I suggest you send me an email to converse at length.

Many thanks

Kenyi Wani

DINGIT NA TUGGÖ August 27, 2015 at 6:19 am

SG Alony and motpathiopdit……….
When we Southerners started war With norh, they the Arabs thought we will never succeed. But we did because we had one course which was the independant of Our present beloved country and I believe that was the reason why Dr. Garang and Dr. Machar unite because both wanted to see this country freed. . Now many tribes in South Sudan are calling or telling you the dinka that we need better system of rule but you are still thinking these many tribes are just joking and wasting time and you Call us your cowardic women. Believe me or the other tribes are going to unite to bring good governance and you need not to Call us Your cowardic women. We are going to push on With FEDERAL RULE because as I mentioned this is the only better way to send us to Our different states to help in Development.
Do not pretend that you are already good rulers………….yes might be in the future but for now we just need to push on With what we think will help us build up this country…………FEDERALISM has been called for right from 1947 and it is a common Call of the People of South sudan but we do not know why you dinkas do not like it. Is it because you do not want to develop Your areas or because you enjoy land grabbing in in equatoria.
For you Keny WANI, please post this topic again because it is so sweet for discussion or you post another one.


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