Kiir Manning the city of Gomorrah/Juba and it’s Sodomy 

By Governor Adhar Ajak Chol


President Kiir (front) with Minister Jemma Nunu Kumba (behind) (Photo file)
President Kiir (front) with Minister Jemma Nunu Kumba (behind) (Photo file)

May 11th 2018 (Nyamilepedia) – It has been a momentous month for South Sudan, after Dr. Mawien Akot, the former employee of Presidential Medical Unit, bravely spoke out about the genocide, revealing numbers of mass graves of December 2013 Genocide of Nuer people.

Dr. Mawien goes further to uncovered what has been a residential thought in every South Sudanese citizen mind. Bloody oath, Dr. Mawien confirmed Kiir mental and physical inability to occupy the higher office in the country. However, of all the truth that have been accurately  exposed, surprise should not be one of them. What Dr. Mawien has done is to confirmed what many South Sudanese who know Kiir personally have known for so long.

Less surprising, was the narrowed and supper-thin response of  a near-lunatic character of the old intellectuall professor, Dr. Andrew Akon, Head of Presidential Medical Unit in his severely constructed English, thank to Dr. Jok Madut Jok for paying an intellectual eye  at how the Head of Presidential Medical Unit has murdered  English language and perhaps it may be a matter of time before Robert Mugabe could place his verdict on Professor Andrew Akon crime against English  language.

Central to Professor Andrew Akon response, was to refute the exposed medical condition of Kiir with intoxicated, corrupted and blood sacking pen of J1 which  was widely predicted, causing severe harm to English language blindly and unmercifully.  So there, goes English language, you are also a victim of South Sudan conflict. Dr. Andrew Akon was so focused to defend his mentally and physically disabled patient leaving no room in his mind to provide an account of December 2013 Genocide and what had happened to the uncounted bodies which his department was tasked with. Bloody shocking, is it.

As quick as government response, Dr. Mawien Akot was ready to match their speed by publishing another damning sexual  report letter addressed to old intellectual of grade four professor Andrew Akon.

“You as a trained physician and with the advances in the medical technology, I want to challenge you to take blood samples from President Kiir and blood samples from few children of his personal guards and
expose it to genetic test.  Do you think the test results will not reveal that President Kiir is the biological father of more than 50% of these children?  Do you think it is still a secret that President Kiir in many occasions sexually abused the wives of his personal guards?
Do you think it is still a secret that President Kiir have  turned J1 to cross-sexual centre?”  Read part of the letter. It is worth noting that Dr. Mawien Akot under blurred circumstances denied being an author of this damming sexual report  about kiir. However, the truism of this report is too heavy to be dismissed by his denial. Whoever the author may be, Kiir’s sexual violent has been a persistence and precisely public information.
These findings of Kiir sexual violent provide a frightening insight into the numbers and types of sexual  assaults Kiir have inflicting on his ministers, wives of his bodyguards and other vulnerable South Sudanese  young women.

Justice begins when we all stand together, it begins when we stop burying our heads in the sand. When we call out inhumane injustices. When we each draw our own line in the sand and say, “enough is enough”. Our complacency to Kiir abuses of all kinds, is the only thing killing us now. Southerns, one, begins to question when enough is enough for you? Perhaps, you may not have at it all, pretty dangerous, fair dinkum.

South Sudan  is our country and we all have to live in it. Together, if we want our children to grow up safe, accepting each other as South Sudanese, we need to start creating that future now. Salva Kiir must go to allow a better South Sudan to be created by those who are much concern about the future of this awesomely beautiful nation.

The author is the SPLM-IO governor of Lol State.

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