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Opinion: The negative propaganda from Riak Maker Mading deserves no attention

By Dr. John Sebit Madit Johnson,

Sep 11, 2020(Nyamilepedia) — I have learned with much dismay the unfortunate propaganda made by Riak Maker Mading against Ambassador Telar on social media. Riak has falsely claimed that Ambassador Telar Ring Deng has joined the SPLM-IG. I would like to respond to this propaganda in my capacity as SPLM-IO focal person for Yirol West County where Ambassador Telar hails.

Telar Ring Deng, a controversial politician, who is now distanced as South Sudan ambassador to Russia by President Salva Kiir(Photo: file)
Telar Ring Deng, a controversial politician, who is now distanced as South Sudan ambassador to Russia by President Salva Kiir(Photo: file)

It must be noted by the readership that It’s not the first time for Riak Maker Mading to write false propaganda against Ambassador Telar. He has repeatedly done that and we as the SPLM-IO membership in the entire Lakes State chose to ignore his writings considering his State of mind. I’m sure the public have also known him and have at best ignored his writings. I have chosen to respond to this particular propaganda not because I have any doubt in my mind that the public, especially the SPLM-IO membership, has already thrown this wild propaganda into the dustbin where it belongs. I would like to respond to shed light on some of the motives of Riak Maker to pick on Ambassador Telar.

Apart from his borderline personality, Riak Maker is quite an unstable character. No one can deny the fact that he has written filthy things about almost every leader in Juba and abroad. Riak motives are simply those of a selfish person. He began his madness towards Ambassador Telar when he saw him join SPLM-IO. He suffered from the fear of the unknown. He feels so insecure in the presence of the others with political significance in the SPLM-IO. Riak Maker Mading went wild when he was told that he is not fit to be a member of the RTNLA. He took this grudge against Ambassador Telar who he thinks denied him the seat. Ambassador Telar gave his opinion in the best interest of the SPLM-IO. SPLM-IO needs quality cadres in the assembly for the better South Sudan. No party can send Riak Maker Mading to the County Council let alone the NLA.

Riak Maker Mading is a hired pen. He is being used by the enemies of Ambassador Telar who have sworn to ensure that Ambassador Telar doesn’t make it to any prominence in the SPLM-IO.He is hired to ensure that Ambassador Telar is discredited politically in the eyes of the leadership of the SPLM-IO. This will serve the interest of Riak Maker masters.

The public should know that Ambassador Telar has not just joined Politics today. He has done politics with all the current leaders be it in the Government or in Opposition. No one is better placed to describe Ambassador Telar apart from those he has done politics with. The Worth of Ambassador Telar is known politically by all those who would want to do successful politics in the Country. His political abilities can not be discredited by those who are paid to defame others for a meal.

Ambassador Telar has lived in both worlds. He knows his colleagues in SPLM-IG and those in SPLM-IO. When he chose to abandon the Former for the latter, it was an informed political decision that will last as long as he deems it necessary. Therefore, no amount of wishful thinking from Riak Maker Mading and his masters will make Ambassador Telar change his political decision. As far as I’m concerned and as the SPLM-IO Focal person/ Leader in Yirol West County where Ambassador Telar hails from, that wishful thinking of seeing Ambassador Telar back to SPLM-IG is so far from his thinking. Ambassador Telar is in the SPLM-IO to stay!

I would like Riak Maker Mading and his masters to try elsewhere to write for a living. We are a solid team and Ambassador Telar is the core of that strong team. Let’s face the reality and accept that SPLM-IO is blessed to have a cadre of Ambassador Telar calibre.

I would like to conclude by calling on the entire SPLM-IO membership and the entire public to ignore the fake propaganda. Ambassador Telar and the team are there to stay!




Dr. John Sebit Madit Johnson,

SPLM-IO Focal Person,

Yirol West County.

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