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Kiir and Jieng Generals Furious Upon Learning of Cattle Raids That Took Place at Atapi River, near Nimule, Magwi County of Eastern Equatoria State



Nov 23, 2015 (Nyamilepedia) — A highly placed individual within the presidential office informed SSLN that Kiir and the Jieng generals are furious upon learning of a Cattle raids that took place at Atapi River, near Nimule, Magwi County, Eastern Equatoria State. They have now dispatched elite units within the presidential guards in 5 military, Russian made lorries, (Worols) trucks to Nimule.

By a confirmed report 11 heavily armed cattlemen guarding the cows were overpowered by their attackers and the keepers were left dead and the cows gone to unknown directions.

Some report believes the Ma’di corridor holds more than 100,000 heads of cows driven from the north most part of South Sudan to the South most part of the country. Who are the true owners of these cows is left for speculations, as one cannot approach them since the keepers are armed to the teeth.

A very plausible speculations is that, these cows belongs to some very highly ranked Military officers in the government, others say, these are stolen properties from the Murle and Nuer as the tribal SPLA-Kiir wages war against this two regions and they are brought for safe havens in the Ma’di corridor, because they anticipated the Ma’di were none violent and farmers and the cows faced no risks in the corridor.

However what they did not factor into considerations is that, until there is rule of laws and infrastructures of modernizations of animal husbandries, where there are cows in large quantities, there also will be cow thieves, as long as they are situated with this lawless cowboy state, AKA, failed state.

Cattle raiding is a disease South Sudan has not eradicated, you cannot run away from a disease, it shall catch you wherever you may run, unless you have eliminated the disease or developed an effective method of preventions. In fact if you run to a new place, you end up be the very person that introduce this new disease to this new place you have ran to because your behavior has not changed although the place is heaven.

Now Kiir and his tribal Generals have learned the hard ways but have instead as usual responded militarily sending the very presidential guards, its very existence is tribal and composed of all tribal unit, the very same one that carried ethnic cleansing and genocide in the nations Capital. The Ma’diland is now awash with this particular unit with tribal instincts making this a tribal deployment and not a national one. Kiir miscalculated with this same unit in Juba resulting into the ethnic cleansing of the Nuer from Juba or was it by design?

Enraged by the loss of their cows, now Kiir has dispatched 4 truckloads of these same presidential guards to the Ma’di corridor

It then is a matter of time before the nation witness civilian massacre in the name of hunting down for their cows or forces of SPLA-IO with whom Kiir retuned to full fledge wars 4days ago.

Kiir had blamed the SPLA-IO for the bus attack something the resistant forces categorically denied, distancing themselves from it and instead pointed finger back at him. Most south Sudanese we talked talk agree with the Opposition forces that, the bus attack with killings of Civilian is more Kiir’s signature than anyone else.

Given the only responds Kiir and his generals seem to know is might and military, unfortunately the stage is set for the nation to witness yet another massacre, this time in the Ma’di corridor as we approach the anniversary of the Black December 2013. A lesson not learned is a lesson repeated.

The author is Justin Kwaje and can be reached at j.kwaje@aol.com

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Editorial Team.


Loberito November 23, 2015 at 3:15 pm

Cattle rustling in Ma’diland

This is absolutely new game in the area. Well, what does one expect when the cattle keepers destroy the crops in Ma’di land? A fool can only expect nothing can happen to hunt him or her. This is a great lesson that can teach the fools to understand the nature of a human being. A human being can be kind to those who are kind to him or her, but he or she cannot stand heartlessness. As Bob Marley eloquently lamented “You can fool some people sometimes but you cannot fool all the people all the time.” Jieng heartless cattle keepers must learn the hard way. It is not a new theory that a fool always learns the hard way. It does not really matter if one is armed to the teeth, but it only matter how clever one is to overcome the one who is armed to the teeth.

The government of South Sudan under estimated the power of peaceful Ma’di people. The government of South Sudan once advised the cattle keepers that do not take your cattle to eastern Equatoria. Especially where the Toposa, Lotuho, Didinga,and Buya because these are where the brave warriors of cattle keepers live. The Toposa once asked Louise Lobong to allow Jieng cattle keepers to bring their cattle to Kapoeta, but the Jieng’s cattle keepers refused to go to Kapoeta because they knew the danger.

Well, if the ruthless military soldiers of Salva Kiir looted Nuer and Murle resources from their communities to enrich themselves with the cattle then it is equally important that South Sudanese community members from equatorial have equal rights to raid stolen property. The community members of Ma’di should invite the other warriors in east to defend the stolen cattle. Eastern warriors will love to get misused ammunitions from heartless military soldiers that Salva Kiir sent to behold for the cattle. The government should not use such missile to kill or protect cattle.

Whoever raided these stolen cattle should keep them far away from Salva kiir governemt because these are stolen property in the first place so nobody owns them now. Great for those who make bold decision to filch the cattle? Lesson is learned the hard way from Jieng’s ruthless military soldiers that Equatoria is not a land for stolen property. This is a land where human beings are treating each other with respect and dignity. Equatoria has been peaceful place on earth in South Sudan because the tribes are getting along well with one another. Other tribes have been treating Equatoria as haven, but these tribes do not learn how people get along in such haven. It is a great lesson that can be learned so that we all get along well. Despite the differences we all have as a people of South Sudan. May God bless South Sudan!

GatNor November 23, 2015 at 4:45 pm

The cows were looted from Nuer areas. Great news indeed.

Beek November 23, 2015 at 10:44 pm

Anyway what can Dinka loot from Nuer when Nuers are cattle Raiders.Dinka never steal no cow from Murle and Nuer which is good.

Gatdar.wich November 24, 2015 at 5:03 pm

Dinka looted those cattle belongs to Murle, Mundari, and Nuer, and we will, and shall eventually get them back period

Beek November 25, 2015 at 1:24 am

Our cows are multi colours and good. Our parents talk of leave it settle no matter what,not like Nuer parents who never taught their children about respect and now totally declines and chaos.

Sambala Kutekimang November 24, 2015 at 5:01 am

The only solution to the problem of this Country is to Separate the three greater regions into countries. After all some of these tribes are more less like cancerous wound in south sudan. There is completely no solution to thier spirit and mentality of arrrogance. They can only fit to leave with animals. There is no way what so ever the case even though you take them all to school and attain PHDs , They will just remain thesame.

Khot Malieth November 24, 2015 at 7:50 pm

Mr.Sambala , who are you to call the people of South Sudan animals and if your are not one of us ; don’t even if bother to comment on our problems because it is not your business and we don’t want you, fucking Ugandan selfish people who came to destroy our country.

Kenyi Wani November 24, 2015 at 8:26 pm

Sambala, your comments and observation bear truth and substantial facts. It will take a very long time before a good number of the Dinka people can think logically or at least act like human beings. Civilisation is like growth of a child, it cannot be rushed. It is a gradual process. Being able to drive a vehicle, wear cloth, live in a town/city, read, eat in restaurant, drink soft/beer drink or live in air contortioned accommodation does not mean civilisation as most Dinka ‘elites’ think. Cognitive civilisation is critical and is the only civilisation the majority of Dinka people need.

For any meaningful progress to be made in the country, the Dinka people need to acknowledge they are the problem and will continue to remain a problem anywhere unless they humble and reconsider the unrealistic and unpopular ideology of superiority amongst other country members.

It is very unfortunate, we are sharing a country with this people, it is a big setback. Read more about them in the link below.

Khot Malieth November 25, 2015 at 11:21 am

Mr. Sambala and Kenyi Wani, it is not nice to categorically call the entirely tribe the way you described the Dinka people of South Sudan and I think you forgot that Dr John Garang is a Dinka man and his son Mabior Garang is with SPLA-IO, and in really, they are the Dinka and the Nuer people of South Sudan have the gut and ball to say no to internal and external enemy of this country and we are the ones who have lost many of brothers during the liberation struggle of this nation. Don’t forget that you the people of Equatoria region of South Sudan have played part in this civil war because it was your son Mamuor who has helped Kiir and his Dinka Councils of Evils brought Ugandan troops in to our country and now your squarely put the whole mess into Dinka ‘s hands .What a hypocrite you are !


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