Is Uganda the only country in Africa that help South Sudan in term of skills?

By Ter Manyang Gatwech, Kamapala, Uganda.

UPDF sweeping Juba hospital in February (Photo: Kennedy Oryema)
UPDF sweeping Juba hospital in February (Photo: Kennedy Oryema)

September 19th, 2014 (Nyamilependia) —  According to Uganda’s Prime Minister Amama Mbabaza says many Ugandans nationals would be affected if the South Sudan Government goes ahead with plans to eject overseas workers.

Mbabaza said Ugandan workers had played a vital role in the re-enactment process after South Sudan got her independence from neighboring North Sudan in 2011.

‘’If Juba continue intimidate our citizens in South Sudan, will ask our forces  or UPDF to come back home’’, said the Prime Minister or we will ask Dr.Machar to come and take over power from dull government in Juba, South Sudan according to Uganda’s Prime Minister.

However, South Sudan’s labor Minister, Ngor Kolong Ngor, now claims the decision to exclude foreigners from certain positions was misunderstood’’.

Back to my observation as a concern citizens of South Sudan,  Uganda has no right to warns  South Sudan, if South Sudan is smart in minds therefore, I was working as a teacher from certain Primary School in Uganda but with little pay 150,000 Uganda Shillings which is evaluate to 50 US Dollars. On the other hand South Sudanese citizens, who are stayed here in Uganda, cannot work in public sector or private sector while Uganda is busy warns South Sudan for its citizens.

Another observation when South Sudan request Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni to sent troops to Mr. in order to back  Kiir and therefore, is the exchange of citizens of Uganda in order to follow their Army in South Sudan. I term President Yoweri Museveni as a’’ cunning and clever person’’ and therefore, President Kiir is also term as a project of other presidents in East African Community.

I went to Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA) looking for a place for internship then, the Director General say that  you cannot get a place from here unless you are the citizen of Uganda, if not you will pays 200 US Dollars for us in order to get place with us yet the Uganda Government is very busy warns Government of South Sudan (GoSS for its citizens in Juba, South Sudan. If your reasoning capacity is very low but, you cannot see thing very far.

Inclusion the Government of South Sudan should make a policy which cannot be managed by foreigners in the country. A policy like renting house, arise high taxes, restriction of movement, reserved some positions both in public sector and private sector for citizens of  South Sudan.

Ter Manyang Gatwech is a finalist student at Cavendish University Uganda, pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in Public Administration and Management. A chairman of Gawaar Community in Uganda. Get him through email address: termanyanggatwech@yahoo.com

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