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IGAD’s Chicanery cycles in South Sudan: Head out of ARCISS

By Reath Maluth Deng,

IGAD leaders during their last meeting in Nairobi, Kenya, March 2017(Photo: file)
IGAD leaders during their last meeting in Nairobi, Kenya, March 2017(Photo: file)

April 7, 2017(Nyamilepedia) ——– The Resolution of Conflict in South Sudan (ARCISS) was a peaceful mechanism of ending the war that had engulfed the world’s youngest nation on 15th December 2013. But this initiative elevated by way of a venture to benefit Salva Kiir and his allies in the region amidst continuous suffering of the people of South Sudan. Had it not that intent; 8th, July 2016 event would have not transpired.

It is imperative that one has to be duty-bound to recall in mind the concrete reality behind palpable motive of the mediators – “which is injudicious to mediate what one cannot guarantee.” It befitted with clarity that the IGAD leaders became part and parcel of the regime in Juba against the people of South Sudan for realization of long-lasting peace prevalence.

In August 2015, somewhat like a peace agreement in the style of ARCISS was concluded in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. This peace accord would have resolved the dubious conflict if decency was the basis rather than tricks employed as the ingredients to guide the realism if there was no intention to suck and loot the country’s resources on part of the regional bloc.

Initially, the ARCISS was born dead for it lacks authentic mediators and guarantors. The signature of Salva Kiir at different venue and date accompanied with attached reservations was a true caller of the J1 ploy. How was that possible if IGAD plus were not aware of the scenario by dint of letting signatures at different venues, date and one sided reservations?

In this chronicle, ARCISS was born premature and could not live longer as many anticipated. It was merely a project of luring the Leader of the SPLM-IO to Juba with the motive to assassinate him. Nonetheless, that has miserably failed in a broad day light simply because of his witting patriotism to this great nation and its people.

The solitary achievements from the ARCISS awarded to Juba regime by IGAD leaders is situated at how the ranks and files of other peace partners being SPLM -IO, SPLM – FDs or SPLM – DC were adversely affected. By this divide and rule bid, the regime has also managed to stay in power for much longer time, which in turn has amplified the sufferings of majority masses. Scraping of the ARCISS has only cursed the nation with Salva-Taban made endemic famine. This famine was recently announced by the humanitarian actors on 20th, Feb 2017.

After the failed assassination manoeuvre in J1 (South Sudan State House) on 8th, July last year, a very bellicose hare coursing of the SPLM IO Chairman on his very dear life took a frantic silhouette with the help of foreign military experts on the way to Democratic Republic of Congo. This did not thrive after 40 days and nights. Later on, the SPLM-IO Chairman was airlifted to Sudan for further medication.

Right after his discharge from the hospital in Khartoum, as the attempt on his life failed, then, comes the idea of regional isolation so that the undistinguishable friends in crimes: Salva Kiir Mayardiit and Taban Deng Gai are intelligently able to implement the reservations premeditated by the infamous Jieng Council of Elders (Shadow Cabinet of South Sudan).

Conversely, the medical trip to South Africa has netted Juba regime an opportunity to play their typical deceits behaviour by means of bribes so that the Chairman of SPLM-IO is kept away from the affairs of South Sudan. This was centred on the statement he, Taban Deng Gai had opportunistically manifests that “if Riek Machar is set aside, all the IO fighters would join me in implementing peace, he says.”

This has been temporarily efficacious through the regional actors aided by individuals in the Obama Administration. To counter the virtue of a lawful opposition, a forcefully orchestrated effort has been underway in deceit guise to keep Salva Kiir’s regime in power.

However, it is now five months since Machar got isolated in South Africa and the people’s Movement under his well-founded control are on unshakable defensive. Virtually, the regional isolation has only earned Juba with defection of self-regarding politicians from SPLM – IO. The scheme has botched to dismantle the opposition as cheaply wished-for.

As the plan sub-standardizes to yield progressive results, the third strategy in the designation of national dialogue rocked the stage, framed to slim fit JCE in design. The person in the appellation of Festus Mogae, the archaic JMEC Chairman was used to entice the SPLM IO Chairman Dr. Machar to Juba for the second time in the moniker of the bogus national dialogue. The deceit plan is clear as the recent IGAD Communiqué on conflict in South Sudan citing phoney steps through Articles 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7 which respectively read: “renounce violence, grant amnesty to those that renounced violence, call all factions to immediately stop fighting,” “called upon all actors to join the national dialogue,” “security sector reforms in order to build a republican army” and “encouraged the regime to work towards building an encompassing political process determined through a credible elections.”

Adding to the pain of IGAD communique is that, Mogae requested the SPLM-IO Chairman to denounce violence, declare unilateral ceasefire and cessation of hostilities, and join the national dialogue in Juba. One would contemplate and conclude with the sum of a pre-set contrived by tribal bigoted JCE similar to that of July 2016. That is to say- another J1 gambit is in the making. The first one was brought about by the use of ARCISS in the name of peace and the second trickery move may come through counterfeit national dialogue.

Applauded by the responses of Dr. Riek Machar to IGAD-Mogae plans on 25 & 26, March 2017, funded directly by the failed regime in Juba; is not only going up in price but also a clear message at the right trajectory in searching for a durable peace with rectitude as the driving force. Accordingly, the sound stand of Dr. Machar on the revival of ARCISS is the substantial vibrant way forward for a meaningful and lasting peace to return to South Sudan.

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