IGAD Will Face Resistance Should It Attempt To Impose A Victim Of Illiteracy To Run This Beautifull Nation And Determine The People’s Own Destiny.

By Tor Madira Machier,


Salva Kiir delivering respect to Ugandan army in the past. Today, South Sudan army has defected Salva Kiir's leadership and mostly Ugandans and new recruits, rebels and Ugandans fighting in defense of Salva Kiir's government(Photo: supplied)
Salva Kiir delivering respect to Ugandan army in the past. Today, South Sudan army has defected Salva Kiir’s leadership and mostly Ugandans and new recruits, rebels and Ugandans fighting in defense of Salva Kiir’s government(Photo: supplied)

Sept 20, 2014(Nyamilepedia) — Not Salva Kiir and nor IGAD will determine where our own destiny is, but we the people of South Sudan as one people will determine our destiny. We will not, and there is no compromise for some one to rule this beautifull country when he has already single-handedly turned the South Sudan’s fruitfull economy into ruin and plunged the country’s peacefull society into nightmare of chaos and terror.

A leader like Salva Kiir which has devastated the country and turned it in to a field of bloodshed as a respond to a within political opposition is and will not be ecceptable in any way to us, the people. Now we have realised that bringing someone who will treat us like cattle, telling us what to do , what to think ,what to feel and treating us like machine is a great and unforgetable mistake. But that will not be the last chance for us to say no to him but the South Sudanese the owners of this nation will always reverse their miatakes when ever they regret.

Dikocracy and autocracy are but ideologies which will not both find any peacefull ground to accomodate them in South Sudan. we are proud of our odyssey that God us given us. We the people of South Sudan and indisputably will prognosticate our own future, but no one man or group of men to do so. We will tell them that leave us alone.

Gigantic indoctrination of our society to stay politically and socially divided will not be tolerated and even if it mean death to us and any one found behind these fictitious teaching against our norms will face justice. I hope Salva Kiir is uninformed about the historiometric perspectives of all the South Sudanese cultures because if he would have learned any thing about all the cultures that exists today in the country, he would have not dragged him selve toward this current unrest which will one time have his interest retaken by the people who cannot any way accept despisement or any kind of dissemination of our principles which clearify and make it in light to be seen by the people that they are contemn.

We will not accept any usurper whose regime is worse than a toilet paper.

Salva Kiir’s regime is worse than that of Ida Amin, but acting with the superior mentallity of Ida Amin.

We will not accept and always say that the conflict in South Sudan is not going to be resolved by or through compromises and deals nor through or by distribution of constitutional posts and deals with individuals, but by addressing the root causes of the conflict.

There will be no peace in this country should the crimes committed by Salva Kiir against the Nuer people in Juba fails to be addressed. The odyssey of the Nuer people have now showed the world and taught many and government in particular a lesson that they come to know that Nuer people are and will not be dragged by someone to disappear in South Sudan.

IGAD Bias Not Likely To Affect South Sudan Conflict, But Will Fuel It.

South Sudan is a sovereign state with its sovereign people proud of their sovereignty. As I said before, no one will prognosticate our own destiny but we with God’s help. IGAD will not make it thoroughly as a regional entity to resolve this man-made conflict should he procceed to imposes its biased principles against the people of South Sudan known for their zero-tolerance towards a tyrant and will once exert any needed effort to make sure that this totalitarian is resisted so as to prevent him from ravaging the nation once more.

If Salva kiir continue seeking to drag this nation to an age of unquestioning dogma and unrelenting conflict our modernity will face his medievalism.

Tor Madira Machier is a South Sudanese student pursuing Law degree at the University of Ain Shams in Cairo, Egypt, He can be reached at: tormadira2013@gmail.com or +201024930577

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