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How Do We Qualify The Stance of IGAD, AU, UN, TROIKA and UNSC on the Nuer genocide?

By John Juan Dong,

Two masses graves found by the Human rights group to contain the bodies of the Nuer Ethnic massacred in the capital city by the presidential guards (photo: file)
Two masses graves found by the Human rights group to contain the bodies of the Nuer Ethnic massacred in the capital city by the presidential guards (photo: file)

July 5, 2015(Nyamilepedia) — No doubt the 15th December 2013 of Juba the capital city massacre on specific tribe was a total government disaster that rebelled in greed against strong rich tribe, the Nuer just because of wealth that it administered from A to Z as tribalism is concerned. Governments are being rebelled, now a government has rebelled against innocent citizens in South Sudan because of greed in wealth. It is a shameless agony done by a president of a country in the history of mankind and in the eye of United Nations in particular. The South Sudan being No 193 in United Nations General Assembly, and the world is keeping mum about all that happens. Kiir cannot dispute or deny it if proof is exposed. The butchers are all his soldiers of presidential guards as AU Commission of Inquiry report has a brief fleeting look. Worst of that, 98% of those slaughtered, and some were burnt alive to ashes as some were made to drink their age mate blood all were young Nuers and mostly students and public officials. Many came to Juba seeking for job opportunities as Oil revenue is centralized. The following questions are:-

  • Why did president Kiir from Dinka tribe of Warrap State cause undeclared killing against innocent residences on a particular tribe- the Nuer, especially Unity State citizens? His intension, after having finished with the genocide, the castration of young Nuer Boys, the tying of the old aged and locking them in houses then setting the houses on fire between April and June 2015 in Unity State, is verified by the following:-

Kiir, on the 29th of June 2015, according to Radio Tamazuj declared to build an Oil refinery in his home land in Warrap State, a distance of 400 miles from the Oil fields in Bentiu. He arranged for Sudanese Company to build refinery in his hometown. It is the same refinery supposed to start operation since the Oil discovery in 1977 in Unity State.  In this particular case shall we go back again to a centralized system of anarchy being supported by West African countries under the theme of “Kiir’s legitimacy?”

  • Why such a brutal act is done by a president of a new born nation without public demonstration or any civil disorder that could make him annoyed to retaliate?
  • Why government troops of Salva Kiir committed massacre and still continuing mass killing to Unity state citizens until today the 3rd of July 2015 and the world is watching? Just to condemn like when a public servant is rebuked for a slight administrative act.
  • It would seem that IGAAD, AU, UN and the UNSC are accomplices with president Kiir to wipe out Nuer tribe from existence. Their silence over the Juba massacre that vainly drew the world attention between the 16th and 18th of December 2013 is a strong ground for suspicion. Mass killing is continuing until today- the 3rd of July 2015, in Unity State being exercised vigorously by government troops loyal to Kiir. In the Sudan Tribune of 1st of May 2015 regarding Bentiu, the Doctors without Borders (MSF) Head of Mission in South Sudan, Paul Critchley, told AFP News Agency that “I managed to make contact yesterday with one of our South Sudanese in the Leer surrounding who told me “He recovered the bodies of two dead children from the swamp and reported that a woman from the group had been abducted. Someone else was looking after her baby” An eye witness citizen called Gatkuoth Thaak, a resident from Rubkona County said that “Over 30 civilians were killed when Dinka armed citizens and government forces from Warab, Mayom and Abiemnom attack Thaknyaly, Waak, Tongdool, Turkel and Kotchangdoot areas were destroyed on Thursday and at Friday. All villages were set on fire, with already 350 cattle raided by pro government forces”   No doubt every Southern Sudanese citizen is keenly observing when Salva Kiir will disclose to IGAAD, AU, TROIKA, UN and the entire world the secret behind massacre. To me Kiir Mayardit is historically the first president who turned his back to massacre his people who elected him. The question is why specifically Kiir targeted only Nuer citizens among all the tribes of South Sudan? Was it because the allocation of Oil refinery was not transferred from Bentiu to Warab State- his home, as he directed? I recollect that Governor Taban Deng Gai stood firm that the refinery should remain where hundreds of Oil Wells were discovered in accordance to the demand of the people of Unity state and the then Regional Government since 1977. This issue was before the SPLA rebellion in 1983, six years from Oil discovery. Kiir refuses to understand the reasons that caused the Wangkai mutiny in Unity State. It was that in May 1983 the Khartoum central Minister Dr. El Sherif El Tuhami decided to transfer the Oil refinery location from Bentiu to Kosti. This technical and purely administrative advice given to Kiir by the then Unity state Governor resulted to the unconstitutional removable of an elected governor 1stGen. Taban Deng Gai from his position in April 2013. The massacre then followed. Supposedly, if such a massacre was done by one of Nuer SPLA generals in government against thousands of Dinka citizens, would it not be called a coup? In comparison, if Kiir, being the chief in command of SPLA forces, had rebelled against his legitimacy by causing fighting of forces until today what would that promote? IGAAD, AU, UN, TROIKA and the United Nation Security Council should at least ask Kiir why killing innocent lives when South Sudan is a member of United Nation General Assembly? If he does not give respect to his people, and indeed the world is much in need of them. Trees in a jungle forest are given special protection by the government. Birds flying in the sky give beautiful scenery for human being to love and protect. Why not human being? Kiir is given high respect by Kator Catholic Church in every Sunday Mass Prayers, sitting facing the ALTAR with great expectation from Christian believers to repent. But who else could advice him among his group or among civilized elders? A lot of questions can be placed on the table why Kiir did that to Nuer? Could it be that Kiir is revenging on the Nuer for the traditional fights he saw between Nuer and Dinka tribes in grazing pastures during those days? If because he was seeking for power of leadership, it is the power he is misusing which was honored to him in 2010 general elections by the victims he massacred. Oh Lord! Only the young Nuer generations were targeted and castrated for no other reason than targeting the Nuer culture and the unquestionable mismanagement of Oil states’ revenues. Shamelessly, and ill- advised by his tribe, Kiir established what is called Dinka Council of Elders constituted from highly educated politicians of Dinka tribe to cover his crimes of murder and bad governance. Should this be the character of a president of a nation ruling 64 tribes +1, then South Sudan is foredoomed from the start as a new nation in the universe. The question is, how would the Dinka Council of Elders look if Kiir were to relinquish power by all means? Instead it should have been the aggrieved Nuer to form such a council to agitate their remaining youths to retaliate and reflect on how to fight a rebellious government that shielded itself with the power of all people and using all resources of the country. Can they fight a blotted blood president still being assisted by world policies that has made him to be still in power using foreign troops in the eye of United Nations Security Council allowed him to purchase modern sophisticated tanks in thousands to defeat Dr. Riek who is defending humanity? Being an elder from Nuer tribe whose two young valuable sons were murdered by Kiir authoritative power still blame the United Nations why it gazes at such an intended massacre with clear picture as if the world is still in stone age. There is an important aspect that the world must understand about a Nuer elder. According to Nuer culture an elder does not change his image and norms whether he is educated or civilized. He is human and always patient in matters that have connection with government that they consider is a trustee, whether regional or international power. The following are some of the characteristics of a Nuer elder:-
  • He looks semi-prophet and respectful.
  • Nothing he tells but the truth.
  • In any explanation, his answer is either, Yes or No, and no more.
  • He advocates peace throughout his life as he is the first and the last the Nuer communities resort to in time of peace and in time of war. In this case, he preaches peace rather than war.
  • In culture, as Nuer tribe always stands on the side of the weak, Nuer elder does not sympathize with who mistreats a powerless human being.
  • He is not greedy or selfish. He is conceited with what he has and with what God has given him. His main problem that always disturbs his mind is the position of poor people, not only in South Sudan but in the world.
  • In system of government, he protects the rights of all people as witnessed by 1962 first movement that ended with Addis Ababa Accord and the 1983 rebellion that started by Wangkai mutiny in May 1983. Kiir being the captain in charge of security intelligentsia by then sent by Khartoum knows very well about Wangkai Mutiny that let him join the movement. The 1964 demonstration at Khartoum International Airport that covered the entire capital city was a show down to Khartoum government in support of a southern leader who was not a Nuer, but an Bahr El Ghazal Minister of Interior late Clement Mboro who was wrongly reported to have been killed by government security during his official visit to Malakal in those black days. The demonstration was purely Nuer minded with courage that caused destruction of valuable public infrastructures around the national capital city of Khartoum. A Nuer elder does not stand behind to please a government, but always stands on the side of the oppressed or aggrieved people.

The seventeen months and twenty days, since the massacre began, is an ample time that Nuer elders have given to IGAAD and the world community to judge what caused the massacre of civilians by government troops in the national capital city of Juba and the pretext of an attempted coup.


Therefore for the respect of IGAAD, AU, TROIKA, UN and any other honest mediator that have been chosen by the world, we Nuer elders and on behalf of our young generations massacred, castrated, burnt inside their houses by Kiir paramilitary and government troops appeal in the name of human rights to you all to make the following key issues to be addressed in order to sustain peace and order to prevail in our country and make it stands upright.

  • President Kiir still claims what is called “attempted coup” as his shield in public and during mediating process. President Kiir is using foreign troops in high number with advanced technology against civilians under the protest of a military coup. Let this coup be justified and given special treatment in your peaceful talk to make him convinced whether there was a coup or he was deceiving the world to achieve his bloody game.
  • Why President Kiir killed our young generations by his presidential guards? Is he the only power in the world, the world without accountability? We want him to testify why killing unarmed civilians, is it because he is a president?
  • Where on earth or in any country a president directs National Assembly to renew his term? It is the Assembly membership that gets its vote through general elections by the same vote qthat Kiir has. Kiir has already lost legitimacy since the time of massacre. Secondly, Kiir to proceed now with power is also illegitimacy because he has lost the duration of presidency which is going to expire next week on the 9th of July 2015.
  • For the overall success, and for the IGAAD, AU, UN, UNSC and TROIKA to be successful in your peaceful mission,, a federal system of government has to be established now during the transitional period that prevents further genocide. This is not to be ignored and has to be considered to the word of GOD which says “Do this so that innocent blood will not be shed in your land, which the Lord your GOD is giving you as your inheritance, and so that you will not be guilty of bloodshed”

(Deuteronomy):- 19:10


“You must not shed innocent blood on your land that the Lord your God is giving you as an inheritance, for that would make you guilty”

(God’s Word) (R) Translated:-

“That way, innocent people won’t be killed in the land the Lord your God is giving you, and you won’t be guilty of murder”

(English Revised Version):

“That innocent blood be not shed in the midst of thy land which the Lord thy God gieth them for an inheritance, and so blood be upon them”

  • We demand the AU Commission of Inquiry Report to be published to stop wrongful allegation and unnecessary too much of talk around the table. This is to confirm why a commission of inquiry was established.
  • Innocent lives that have been lost by government power or during the course of self defense between the SPLA/SPLM in opposition and government troops have to be compensated during the period of Federal Transitional Government (FTG).
  • Where in world history government army destroy development infrastructures of the nation? Unfortunately enough, Salva Kiir government forces have utterly destroyed every concrete infrastructure- schools, hospitals, bore-wells and private houses, all in Unity state, Upper Nile and Jonglei States. These infrastructures are the fruits of the Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA) which were built afterwards within five years plan. Of course who destroys the fruits and image of somebody’s initiative envies him. These infrastructures of individuals and private companies are to be compensated for during the period of Federal Transitional Government (FTG).
  • It was not natural disaster but the SPLA forces, lacking the spirit of a national army, that caused such enormous destruction. The two forces that have been fighting in parallel should remain cantoned in their camps during the transitional period. Meanwhile the 18 months suggested by IGAD is not enough to build confidence between the two forces for smooth amalgamation. Training alone by UNIMISS shall exhaust half of the period earmarked. Confidence building between the two forces needs a bargaining time of three years because the amalgamation of their hierarchical commands shall make them all the South Sudan National Army (SSNA). This period is enough to build the pyramid of a national army(Make the pyramid )

We have nothing to claim much than the lives lost and how federal system be applied forthwith during the beginning of transitional period. We wish you a successful mission that gives the first example and the last in Africa. We also ask the Almighty God to lead your distinguished universal personalities with wide experience in putting disputes correct in a fair justification of its kind. Its fruits shall be for the memory of the people of South Sudan in particular and Africa in general as well to be a signal to the rest of African governments.

John Juan Dong, a nuer elder and a retired government officer, can be reached at Juandong92@yahoo.come

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AGUMUT July 5, 2015 at 11:19 pm

That is what they have signed.Nobody want to get kill and die,but those were soldiers. They had signed documents since they joined the military and sworn in that they will Obey the Constitution of Laws,but they have forgot that,but decided to joined the wrong’s failed Coup.RIP with your hatred.

Ayuen Mading July 6, 2015 at 12:23 am

Do not just cover up the sand said it is musk grave, when did Nuer get change in Juba to attend that grave yard, grave can be seen public like one did in Bor Church and that is witness by one of ECS priest from England
therefore, the war was start as tribal that why most of Nuer people run to Bilpam Barrack to get gun but it was hard, as you knew that kill somebody in action is not problem, because those people where having tribal hindered agenda of Nuerism

John G R Malual July 6, 2015 at 8:43 am

Ayuen Mading:
Your damned English language is contradicting what you wanted to say about the mass grave. Ask someone to help you write your expression which is blurred with hate emotions or else your mind is narrowed to that of elementary kid.

Ayuen Mading July 7, 2015 at 12:53 am

Mr John G R, i hope what we are expressing here is not personal bitch thought, it is something related to the fact on ground, when did your Nuer people come out from UNIMISS which save heaven for Nuer to attend that mass grave, please do not just sit on the desktop and post something that you had no ideas on it, the best thing i did not have chance to attend class with you of which your myopia mind can defeat me, you to respect your self before hijack somebody that you did not know, one thing is that for clever guys knows what i wrote, but a fool guy like you doubt about spelling, tried to analyse well son of bitch, who did not understand writing, what you known is only eating and it take me back to the book of Wive of Stupid Leader Riek (Emma War) she wrote a book that according to my family culture ” eating is warring” so my friend you did not know anything, to compare yourself with me, i had attend Government University not Private that do admit fool student because of money influence, as you are writing to me as we had personal problem before but your narrow mind made you to do it

AGUMUT July 6, 2015 at 12:05 am

Same failed coup has happened in Burundi,but nobody will indict president unless he has commited many atrocities,but those coup attempted soldiers had already left this world.

John G R Malual July 6, 2015 at 9:24 am

You are behind the news bro. The purported coup is already outdated. Nobody can plan a coup and yet remain in his/her residence. Let me ask you; Who were the army generals behind the politicians whom you thought had plotted a coup? Ok, then, if the implicated politicians( who were arrested) were the plotters of the allegations, why would the elected president target, in cold blood, and with his illegally trained men, plan to massacre unarmed and helpless vulnerable groups of women and children from one ethnic community, given that the ten(10)-plus plotters-if at all- were from different ethnic groups or tribes in the country, with only two of them from Nuer ethnicity? I don’t like to put many questions of reasoning in this particular time, until we southerners come back to our senses in the aftermath of these crisis, perpetrated by our greedy leaders. I just want to advise all youths, especially youth from Nuer and Dinka to distance themselves from these bloody -thirst and arrogant politicians, whose days in politics are numbered!


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