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TT Shaka,

South Sudan President Salva Kiir Mayardit, left, and Uganda President Yoweri Kagutta Museveni, right (Photo: Nyamilepedia)

October 28, 2019(Nyamilepedia)I am talking about stopping arms getting into the hands of Kiir with the claims repeatedly sang by the west and America of sanctions in Africa and South Sudan in particular when they sent all the weapons requested by Kiir through the Lion King Museveni who works for them.

Everybody knows if Museveni didn’t come to pollute already rotten system of Kiir, by now we would have solved our problems. And develop the infrastructures he is milking us from. For Museveni stopping the war means he will no longer exploit the South. On the other hand, the rest of the Ugandans see it a chance to improve their individual economy. In fact, for the rest of the Ugandans, the Lion King can’t be shaken by any move against and as a result most of them have given up struggle to let him leave the government. Museveni thinks that he is there to stay and there is no leader like him in Uganda. Museveni after training Kagame, he wants to do the same with Kiir eventually with all East African Leaders In fact, I still believe that Garang was the only thread to him and that was why he had to get rid of him and fast before he set his foot on the ground.

Who can remove the head of this notorious snake poison? Of course only America and the west who keep him can. The rats all go into hidings when they smell the cat crossing. Museveni is not that powerful but the Americas and west made him to be. They don’t care how many people die before they pretend to intervene. When you give someone what you think is good for that person, you have made it worst. The South needs peace but not GM food for lives. South isn’t only suffocated by Kiir but all the weak and powerful on the globe.

Incidentally, I never thought South Sudan will be born with corruption making the whole country to bag for food. After over 23 years fighting for the so call freedom immediately stolen by Primitive Jieng who don’t understand the meaning of peace, love, a country or development. Who will ever think that we would go to bag for food from Museveni, Kenyatta and UN when our soils don’t need fertilizer but rich in plant nutrients? It is therefore shameful to see a country once referred to as the world’s grain basket to become the world’s biggest and best bagger. To support this statement I remember a white South African journalist once visited the south and wrote, “If you burry one bicycle in the ground in South Sudan, you will find two of them in the next morning” This earlier sentiment was by a Northerner, in which he said, “If you sleep outside, on the ground, they will find leaves growing on you Why then have we allowed Museveni to loot us this long?

Why have we allowed Kenya and Uganda to robe us from producing our own cement to build our cities and towns (country)? Do you think you can call someone who sits on you a friend? We know Kiir has sold us to them so that he can have the weapons to kill us, Can we still allow this to continue? Can a Gazal attempt to brush lion’s teeth? Kiir is like a Gazal with no education and poor reasoning and can’t think for his people with Museveni and Kenyatta They taught him corruption and he has dipped his head like a fly in a bucket of waste matters in it. In this view, as for the rest of the world or other organizations such as USA, UK, AU, IGD, UN and many more will not go against Museveni the Lion King who is implementing their programs.

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