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Greater Dok Nuer Community is Under ATTACK: A response to Gordon Buay’s Unfounded Truth Against the Well –behaved Community

By James Nguen,

Calgary, Canada.

Members of Leer County, Unity State, Dr. Riek Machar's home town, starved in swarms during the three months occupation by the government. SPLA-Juba prevented humanitarian access to Leer until in April, 2014(Photo: UN)
Members of Leer County, Unity State, Dr. Riek Machar’s home town, starved in swarms during the three months occupation by the government. SPLA-Juba prevented humanitarian access to Leer until in April, 2014(Photo: UN)

June 23, 2016(Nyamilepedia) —– In normal circumstances, the Greater Dok Community would normally ignore drummed up truths and false political rants from a mad ambassador without assigned title of ambassadorship.

On June 22, Gordon Buay Malek has written a false allegation accusing members of Greater Dok Community’s lack of participations in the SPLM –IO during the war and occupants of security sector in the same institution.

In earnest, the Greater Dok Community chose to response to Buay’s article titled, Riek Machar’s discrimination of the Nuer.” Gordon Buay’s ambassadorial title and the fact that he is stationed at the South Sudan’s Washington D. C. mission where a wrong person can be taken seriously are the main reasons we decided to deal with Buay’s madness.

Buay’s title and station of work may fool some quarters particularly those who may not know Mr. Buay’s mental status. People might be under false assumptions that he is ambassador and credible.

In a real world, in a legitimate government, it’s expected that ambassadors behave right and to conformed to international affairs’ rule and regulations and strictly must not lie. Ambassadors by definition supposedly are the eyes of credible government in foreign lands. They often write or state credible information with reliable source to avoid nation’s embarrassments and false assumptions.

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However in South Sudan government, President Salva Kiir has decreed in ill –educated individuals including madmen into South Sudan’s foreign missions, representing the people of South Sudan. Unmistakably, Gordon Buay Malek is one of the mental ambassadors appointed by President Kiir to represent people of South Sudan in Washington D. C.

The Greater Dok Community’s response will specifically tackle points raised against members of Dok community and community’s good name. We will sparely address matters pertained to the SPLM –IO and its military hierarchy. We will touch instances to make our points clearer and add empathies.

To start with, Gordon Buay alleged that “Dok Nuer fighters in IO are not more than 150.” This is a downright lie and ingenuous statement which could only be stated by a madman. For example, in Renk County, Upper Nile State, in one battle alone, Greater Dok Community was affected heavily. In that one confrontation our community lost more than 20 braved men and more than 200 strong officers sustained injuries including Major Gen. C. Gatwech.

Therefore, if the Greater Dok community has lost 20 men besides other Nuer Nations and more than 200 braved officers were wounded in one battle alone, one would come to his/her true sense that Gordon Buay is lying about his numbers that less than 150 Dok Nuer fighters are in SPLM -IO.

Similarly there were also other battles that members of Greater Dok Community fought including the battles in Northern, Western Bhar El gazal and Mundari, Easter Equatoria where Major Gen. Tito Biel was killed with other 24 strong men from our community. We are only mentioning these few examples to prove that Buay was lying.

We must also stress that all Nuer participated and contributed immensely in these battles while defending their loved ones from Gordon Buay Malek and his illegitimate government’s war of bellies.

Regarding communal representations in the SPLM –IO and the government of South Sudan before the war and present, the Greater Dok Community was and still marginalized. In the SPLM –IO for example, no one person from the Greater Dok Community assigned by SPLM-IO leadership as a chairperson of any commission. But, our community did not complain because we know downright that the war was not about positions.

When the peace agreement was signed and ministerial portfolios were assigned, the Greater Dok Community was again left out. No one person from the Greater Dok Community was appointed as a minister, deputy minister and undersecretary, deputy of undersecretary, deputy or head of a commission, for that matter. Again, we didn’t complain.

In the government of South Sudan, before and present, our community is grossly marginalized. In the diplomatic core for instant, no one person from the Greater Dok Community was appointed as an ambassador, deputy ambassador, first, second and even third secretary in the diplomatic core. Our community didn’t complain also.

In these instants, common sense would dictates that if it happened that there is one person appointed from this marginalized community to lead a lower position like Director General of Internal Security, as a partial part of unity government, what a sane human being would do is to be appreciative for the fact that a marginalized community is finally represented than drumming up a false accusations of “Dokanization of SPLM –IO,” which doesn’t exists.

This false perception that the office FVP, Dr. Riek is occupied by members of Greater Dok Community is ludicrous and baseless. As a matter of fact, we can attest that there is no single person from the Greater Dok Community who is holding a leading position in the office FVP.

To our knowledge, members of Nuer were even scarce in the previous FVP office. For example, two main leading portfolios such as chief protocol and executive director in the office of FVP were held by none Nuer. Dr. Riek Machar’s office was run by none Nuer from kitchen table to the executive Director and there was no member of Greater Dok Nuer Community in the office.

To think that comrades like Ding Yual were jettisoned and replaced by Dok’s boys coming from Khartoum is nothing than misrepresentation of facts. However, we leave this to comrade Ding Yual to straighten the facts because Mr. Yual is on the ground and well versed with these developments.

Regarding Lt. Gen. Thoi Chany, it’s true that hierarchy matters in the military, and therefore, Lt. Gen. Thoi Chany can never be demoted to the rank of Major Gen. Mr. Chany is a qualified and credited general of the SPLM –IO. Considering his ranks he is over qualified to work with or under Maj. Gen. Akol Kor, Director General of Internal Security from the government’s side. Gen. Akol Kor needs an SPLM-IO’ cadre who has the same ranks like him to avoid power imbalance.

Because Gordon Buay was not trained militarily and has no idea how these institution’s hierarchies works, coupled with his mental status, he rushed to judgements without sufficient analyses to chain of commands in the SPLM-IO’s military hierarchy.

Lastly, the Greater Dok Community is a well –behaved and disciplined community run by able men and women. We must attest that members of community are independent minded, hard working and often cherish or harvest what they have had work for. In short, there is no free ride in our community.

Furthermore, we must underscore that there is nothing wrong for members of our community or others community to fish in order to support themselves and their families. This is what it means to be a hard worker and able individual, if indeed the “fish men” saga is blindly considered to be true.

At this point, the Greater Dok Nuer Community focuses and its priorities are to bring account criminal penetrators for crimes they have committed for the past 2 years of conflict in South Sudan.

In closing, the Greater Dok Community reserved the right to protect its members and itself from ill slanders and we urges members of our community to deal with Gordon Buay Malek accordingly should he continued to tarnish the good name of our community.

We also urged members of Nuer Community, South Sudan community, regional and international bodies to disregard South Sudan’s mad ambassador. All he has alleged against the Greater Dok Community are nothing but white lies.

Nguen is a Chairman of Greater Dok Nuer Community Crisis Management Council and President of Nuer Supreme Council. He can be reached at jamesnguen@gmail.com

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