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Governor of Eastern Nile State Chol Thon is responsible for slaughter of Mabaan people on December 24-26 2016 by Juba allies.

By Philemon Daud,


El-Bounj village, the capital of Maban County(Photo: File)
El-Bounj village, the capital of Maban County(Photo: File)

Dec 28, 2016(Nyamilepedia) —— Peace in Mabaan land has been stolen by invaders that allowed by the government of South Sudan to destroy, murder and displace innocent citizens that want to live in a simple life. Where on earth the government intended to be a people’s government sit and watch citizens are being slaughter by invaders? Mabaan county is a land of peace where all tribes and refugees are accepted to settled without objection from host community. Three days war in Mabaan county between civilians and Juba regime allies left many lost of lives and regime in Juba denied the report that there is no fighting in Mabaan county.

The government of South Sudan completely out of control and never bring peace that many of us longing to happen. We are tired of Juba allies hovering around Mabaan county looting properties and killing innocents civilians that has not affiliated to any arm group. The worst part scenario is that when the invaders slaughtered civilians in Mabaan county the so called SPLA IG is present and they do not intervene to protect vulnerable civilians exposed to killings and murders.

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SPLA IG blocked civilians that were seeking protection in their barracks that they were not given order from above to intervene, protect and have no right to fight allies which is the right minded person can think South Sudan government is not a people governments but gang’s system established to finished South Sudanese by all means. I never heard in my life the national army watch citizens being slaughter by invaders and they do nothing to rescue them. What is the responsibility and duty of national army when citizens subjected to death by invaders? There is no reason for us to sing the national anthem song that “we vow to protect our nation”; no doubt the army and the government of South sudan fail to protect citizens miserably.

We strongly condemn so called eastern Nile governor Chol Thon for arming invaders Juba allies with heavy ammunitions to destroy Mabaan county same way they used them to destroyed Malakal and Nasir. Governor Chol Thon is responsible for slaughtered of Mabaan people on December 24-26 2016 by Juba allies. He taught Mabaan a direction to join SPLM IO to fight for their own survival and existence in South Sudan since national army failed to fulfill their duty . If the national army not ready to protect Mabaan people, Mabaan are ready to protect themselves by all means. Peace in Mabaan county reflect peace for all South Sudanese because all tribes that was displaced from Malakal and other areas in Upper Nile State by tribal regime is hosted in Mabaan county and our people were accepted them to share that peaceful small land with all South Sudanese and refugees but turned out they share land with wrong people.

UN protection force Unite in Mabaan county failed to disarm refugees and protect innocent civilians from governor Chol Thon allied militia. International refugees law can not allow refugees carry ammunition when they are granted refugees status but the current crisis in Mabaan county between host and militia allies refugees is a failures of UN to disarm refugees. We urge UN protection forces to disarm refugees before they are granted refugee status and warn the government of South Sudan to stop providing ammunition to militias allied to Juba to ruin peaceful life of Mabaan people. We are outraged about the silent of UN to react on the crisis caused by refugees in Mabaan county and we urge UN to take immediate action against enemy of peace and bring them into justice for their act of terror.

SPLA forces spokesman Santo Domic was wrong for the statement that he made on Radio Tamazuj denied “knowledge of of any clashes in Mabaan county on christmas day”. Santo Domic spokesman of SPLA had full knowledge for the attack by their allies and it was a well planned and coordinated attack by SPLa IG and allied to invade Mabaan county and displace our people. SPLA IG with order of governor Chol Thon gave heavy ammunition to their allied to terrorize Mabaan people. Santo Domic is delusional person who doesn’t understand the reason why he became national army. National army failed to protect the civilians from invaders which means they were informed for coordinated attack against innocents citizens.

Governor of Eastern Nile State Chol Thon and devil pastor Dr. Haruun Run Laul grabbed Malakal from Cholo tribe and now planning to invade Mabaan land through their allies but that would not happen as Mabaan got alert about terror action in Mabaan county on christmas day. We feel pain for the innocent blood of our people which planned by Juba regime to finish innocent civilians and illegally occupy their land but Mabaan will resist and overcome the suffering brought on them by regime pretended to be people government.

The author can be reached at philemondaud84@gmail.com for further comments.

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