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Gordon Koang Duoth: Animosities towards Nuer Must Stop

By Thiang Geka,



June 26, 2014(Nyamilepedia) — Gordon Koang is a South Sudanese revered national Artist. He composed numerous national cohesive tracks, one of them; is below. Gordon Koang, to me, is not just a revered national Artist who only predicts things but he is also believed to be a secretly sent divine Artist who has a convincing talent. Koang’s tracks are also there composed in English and Arabic. You would enjoy, should you spare a time to listen his rich songs. This track you will be reading just in a next second was translated into English by Thiang Geka, the author.

You can start. There is one thing, which has really strange me in our country, Sudan. Every one in every corner of that—this country stands up, always, saying Nuer, Nuer, Nuer, Nuer. Even those who supposed to live their own life are also saying Nuer, Nuer, Nuer, Nuer.

Avidly, we are the same Nuer (really people) and we are very much alive, however, ours has been just a charity. We don’t have any sort of slavery fear in us. We had been merely trying to save our country falling into unnecessary messes. In fact we have been doing charity at our own—Nuer people expense.  Not because we were interested in that proven exploitation without borders, South Sudan has been experiencing all along. Now you need to pursue not such stances that overthrow harmony among the nations or the stance which may painstakingly destroy you.

To this end, advisably, what you must do is to abandon all those kind of animosities towards Nuer and live together as one people one nation. This is peace itself we are now in, so you must stop animosities towards Nuer.


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pal reath (@palreath) June 27, 2014 at 10:22 am

this is our aim we do not have any sort of slavery fear in us


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