Garhoth Gatkuoth, a True Son of Latjor and Symbol of Greater Nasir, Congratulation General!

Gariay Yual,


wangcommunityJan 8, 2015(Nyamilepedia) — In conventionality to the people’s interest, Wang community of Nasir county would like to applauds the introduction of Federalism and creation of twenty one [21] States in South Sudan under the leadership of Dr. Riek Machar. We entrust to echo an essential time-honored programme for transformation and modernization of our society.

It is a moment to listen the demand of people. It’s a time for people to know their leadership that care and heard local voices. On behave of this lovely community; I would like to boom congratulation significance to General Garhoth Gatkuoth, Deputy Chief of general Staffs for Logistics. Congratulation! Gen.Ci Puar Hothnyang for the new post.

General Garhoth, a true son of Latjor and Symbol of Greater Nasir. He brushed off our tears and bewail when our Innocents murdered in December 15th 2013 in Juba. He is a charismatic Son who never and will never betray his community. We know his commitment to risk everything for the cause of justice and freedom. He made the whole Eastern Jikany’ proud. He did not disown Latjor community at this difficult time, as did by Simon Kun Pouch Mar Weng.

The community disowns MPs and calls for their replacement.

In other hands, Wang community in Diaspora and at home disowned the following Members of Parliament at State and National Level, as well as representatives. These people got to high position through the votes of people in constituencies of this particular community. Now they betrayed us. And from now onward, they are also banned from coming home or be in touch with grassroots people.

  1. Simon Kun Pouch Mar –current Juba governor for Upper Nile.
  2. James Kueth Chuol Both –MP, National Assemble, Juba, Representing Payams of Kierwan, Jikmir and Kuetrengke.
  3. Cisco LamJiech –MP, State Assemble, Malakal. Representing Kuetrenke Payam.

With much respect to the civil liberties and assemblage of our beloved diverse society setting in our country .The community organization is also appeal to SPLA/M –IO leadership, to introduce a fair redistribution of administrative units based on traditional group setting in the area. In the past, during the dark days of Juba regime, there were some individuals who acted and may still act as community decision makers on behave of others.Now, let distance themselves from other community affairs. Its a time of people to decide their fat.

Geographically and traditionally; Wang community paremenant three Payams are Jikmir, Kierwan and Kuetrengke (Kotkea & Mandeng) located at the central Land of Nasir County of today, upper Nile State. It occupied both sides of Sobat River till Ethiopia territory. Neighboring to six sub-sections of Jikany community.

As sympathetic to the cause of people of South Sudan and loyalists SPLA/M –IO under the charismatic Leader Dr Machar Teny Dhurgon. The country needs progress and peaceful co-existence.the people need federal system of governance. People need transparence in making and implementation of their demand.

By WCDO-East Africa Representatives.

Gariay Yual, President–Nairobi Kenya

Bol Git – Member, Kampala, Uganda.

Gatwech Kuach – Member, Addis Ababa,Ethiopia

Contact: ggyual@gmail.com

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Wanow Kailech Nyuon January 9, 2015 at 8:51 am

I would like to extend my appreciation to Wang Community for congratulation General Garhoth Gatkuoth Hoth Nyang as a true son of Latjor and Symbol of Greater Nasir.You really mean it,he is man having strategic thinking from his boy hood up to his adult hood Compared to other money lovers who have put their mouths where their hand are and by focused on narrow thinking.

Thank you very much for your congratulation.


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