FDP/SSAF: A factional leader’s inside view

By Peter Thomas Okach


South Sudan President Salva Kiir (R) greets Changson, leader of the SSOAP, (L) at South Sudan Presidency (File/Supplied/Nyamilepedia)

February 14th 2019 (Nyamilepedia) – Those trooping everyday into FDP/SSAF, especially wandering, clueless Equatorians and Fertits, are blindly heading into the bottomless fit. The fit exemplifies an ever sinking FDP/SSAF out of which every sensible soul is desperately looking for any safer exit to flee.

The moment those duped characters realize the greater deception, they will live to regret having crossed over into despair. That has now become FDP/SSAF under Gabriel Changson Chang than the organizations they previously left without thinking of looking back.

What is ailing FDP/SSAF and capable of baring scores of people from joining is the combination of several terminal political ailments. To be precise, from the beginning the presently ailing FDP/SSAF was a movement of faceless individuals brought together by enduring family ties that bind and expected personal self-enrichment.

What has been its currently witnessed stunted growth, albeit the parading Facebook’s army Generals without soldiers and cantonment site, is grossly attributed to the same family bonds and get rich quick syndrome.

Such an evil mindset sounds familiar as most parties in South Sudan of which FDP/SSAF under Changson is part, have become nothing, but families’ mega business enterprises.
It is on this basis FDP/SSAF’s so called Chairman and his cohorts have been running the party as personal property on the rocking lap of moneyed President Kiir, while mindless about the dead and maimed victims of five-year old conflict.

The rest driven onto the party’s margins are so far reduced to merely looking spectators in the party they erroneously call theirs. These rogue sidekicks are none other than Chairman’s sister-in-law son, David Nyang and son-in-law, Changkuoth Reth Bichiok.

To many who know him in and out, Changson is mired in dishonest social background that always trials him wherever he sets foot like the night follows day and smoke follows wind. This dishonesty is jealously guarded under his quiet demeanor to conceal his dubious self much longer from the carefully marked victims.

That is his powerful weapon he uses with much ease to silently kill unsuspecting individuals who wrongly believe he is the most innocent dove descending on peace mission from heaven to earth. It is due to this dishonest trait that made him one of the internationally indicted 75 South Sudanese most corrupt officials who mercilessly plunged the country into its current politico-economic ruins and statelessness.

Thanks to 4 billion United States Dollars they individually misappropriated that is worth two years’ budget of the technically poorest country on earth. He was later faulted as SPLM/A-IO’s Chairman of Economic and Finance Committee for carrying away in defection hundreds of thousand United States Dollars.

The amount South Sudanese Diaspora communities pooled for war efforts against repressive Kiir’s dysfunctional regime back in 2015. His ill motive was to puncture the accelerating wheels of once speedy moving SPLM/A-IO in favor of Kiir’s genocidal warlord state.

His present dalliance with Kiir has proven beyond reasonable doubt what his critics have been saying all along. King David scampering under weighing tag of a fake army General without courtesy of a single bodyguard, Let alone a platoon, King David has ever since vacated the public scene rather unceremoniously.

Before he exited, he made sure he sliced off his share of Kiir, the Judas Iscariot’s blood money as he fled for an asylum in the US under the guise of Christmas and New Year, 2019’s holidays.

Being a spendthrift and life-ist, he brought down once thriving local NGO called Nasir Community Development Association, NCDA in 2012 courtesy of his merry-go-round escapades.

That was his first job as a primary school dropout whose only profession was being the mimicking fan of the already retarded Congolese music maestro, Kofi Olomide.In fact, Kofi has been his enduring nickname to many of his idiotic fellows.

He recently survived a do or die competition for CTSSAM’s moneyed military officer representative slot SSOA gave to FDP/SSAF as a constituent component. He did it so meticulously by luring his competitors into establishing H-quarters for non-existing military wing inside SPLM/A-IO’s heartland at Kotkea located in rebel Sobat State.

Where they were arrested and detained for nearly three months of anguish and suffering.
They were later released at the mercy of their IO’s captors to the ICRC as he fled head over heels. Changko is an equally ruthless go-getter personality who has over the years perfected the art of conman ship that knows no bounds.
The vice includes conning innocent girls of virginity whose hearts remain broken and far from healing till this day.

Such mental disorder took him as far as engaging in an illegal crypto-currency trade into which he mindlessly pours the blood money government regularly gives him and his father-in-law, the Chairman. With the sole aim to cripple and destroy what is now left off the emerging Kiir’s threat, SSOA before they cozily curdle in homosexual relationship with him.

This culture of betrayal Changson has adopted over the years as a means of livelihood is not new.  He first made his treacherous debut by splitting former South Sudan Defense Forces, SSDF whose political wing was UDSF under him between General Paulino Matip Nhial and General Gordon Koang Chol.

Ostensibly, due to maddening rush to seize cabinet post in semi-autonomous government of Southern Sudan in January, 2006. In 2009 he again split up his UDSF party into two rival wings between him and Joseph Malual Doung.
In 2015 he was ejected from SPLM/A-IO on account of conspiracy to cripple a cruising peoples’ movement. Soon after leaving SPLM/A-IO, he formed FDP/SSAF in 2016, but immediately due to his self-centeredness, he split it up into three camps.

With one falling under him, while the other two with different names fell under late Gabriel Tanginye and Peter Gadet Yak. He is now at it once more in SSOA where he recently participated in its leadership election and lost, but objected its outcome ever since late October, 2018.

So far no sign in him that he is ready for dialogue and re-unification with Peter Gadet’s led SSOA faction. In the scheme of things, Changko as an ex-ticketing agent of the Ethiopian airline in Juba, is both alpha and omega in FDP/SSAF turned briefcase and profit-making quick start project.

He is Chairman and Commander-in-Chief’s most trusted confidant, private secretary and office manager. Other grabbed executive accomplishments tied to his unflinching greed for officialdom are party’s official Spokesman, Secretary for finance as well as an imposed Secretary-General of the infant FDP/SSAF.

He shamelessly attempted to ascend to the post of Secretary-General of SSOA’s wing under Changson, but was eventually pulled down by an alliance’s power sharing formula he desperately tried to undermine and his ever crafty behavior.

He was ever since replaced with PDM splinter faction’s Josephine Lagu. He improperly amassed all the above mentioned fancy titles despite having no political training and neither required experience. For the trio – Changson, Changko and David – to rule minus any sort of an internal resistance, they have to resort to backroom decision-making and underhand methods of marginalizing the rest.

One of which is Chairman having resisted calls ever since party’s founding to establish any rudimentary democratic checks and balances.
He further went on to block formation of decision-making organs like political leadership Bureau and National Liberation Council.

Whose absence effectively rendered the FDP/SSAF as nothing short of a stark contrast to its noble name and federalist democratic objectives. He adamantly refused to establish these crucial party’s organs fearing they would deny his close relatives he wants to bring in illegally the chance to ascend to an impending transitional government’s power sharing quota.

In the void, It is only Chairman and his two spoiled kids who have unilaterally and effectively arrogated themselves those roles, while air-bond and in comfort of their spacious hotel rooms in Addis Ababa, Khartoum and Juba.

Now they are secretly and laboriously recruiting their relatives and girl friends into the party to shove aside those who have successfully built it to the best of their abilities. That is apart from the block headed Chairman who is illegally bringing on board his clan’s political orphans.

Who are none other than the used and ditched white army’s Major General Gathoth Gatkuoth and party hoper Dei Tut Weang among several others. All with the view of taking over the party as an alternative spring boat to an ever elusive power for their clan.

Only one sensible voice in that devil possessed company stands out in the name of Mr. Changson’s humble wife, Madam Nyadeng kueth and who in her common sense has already given up trying to bring the greedy, stiff-necked cartel back to their senses.

The author, Peter Thomas Okach, can be reached via: pthomasokach@gmail.com

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