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The Harvest is Knocking at the Door:

By Dr. Henry Jembi,

Ugandan Traders in Konyo-konyo Market, Juba  South Sudan
Ugandan Traders in Konyo-konyo Market, Juba South Sudan

August 07, 2015(Nyamilepedia) — We are now reaping the fruits of our independence just after two years of it war broke out again and it will continue to ruin and devastate the human and resources of the newborn State. As you might have known very well that the interests are immense both internally and externally and the stockholders are scheming vigorously and fervently to get their portions and place everywhere in south Sudan, while the indigenous people are fighting and killing one another for no good reason at all, the only reason for this war is self-interest, self greedy and power so as to control and dominate others.

So I can put it categorically that independence doesn’t mean that we are free and liberated, we still need to seek, search and undergo a long distance. War is a clear sign that we are not yet freed and liberated apart from the following aspects, when at home we are scared, on the street we are targeted, in schools no proper learning and instruction, in the offices we are not happy because of the characterization, everywhere we go, we have to be careful and conscious as if we were foreigners and indeed we are.

Living in fear has become our habit and custom, fear of no one but our brothers who are war mongers who were ordered just to shoot and kill in order to intimidate new voices of the innocence sons and daughters south Sudanese, which are calling out for true changes and rights so as to build the nation in the right way instead.

War will gain you nothing my countrymen except reaping what you have sown in your mind and heart. If you sow love, definitely you harvest love; if you have sown militancy, you’ll certainly harvest death and doom; if you have sown harmony, understanding and unity, absolutely you we’ll reap peace, stability and security. Whereby the three are vital and peace is the most needed at the moment due to the devastated situation which our people are in right now. Stability and security are inevitably all the time.

Yet, we aren’t blind, we aren’t daft, we aren’t fool, we aren’t subconscious, we aren’t greedy, we aren’t war mongers, we aren’t in hurry, we aren’t useless, we aren’t outrageous in our blueprint, we aren’t to be compare with others, we aren’t thinking inside the box, we aren’t bias, we aren’t betrayers, we aren’t selfish, we aren’t dirty in minds and hearts like you, we aren’t corrupt, we aren’t favorites, we aren’t dual focus people, we aren’t dual perspectives people, we aren’t hopeless, we aren’t looters, we aren’t killers, we aren’t evil in doing our deeds, we aren’t running after our personal and individual interests, but common ones. This is how we look and how we would like to do things and this why, we were born gift from our beloved GOD and Lord JESUS CHRIST and supported and guided by the HOLY SPIRIT. So what can you say about yourselves as non-Equatorians? We’re waiting to read and hear from you, please soon and very soon.

Conscious and subconscious leadership and politicians in South Sudan.

The only conscious leadership and politicians in the South Sudan are those who are deeply concerned with the welfare of the people of South Sudan and to see an injustice being practiced widely by the very people who had expended decades in the jungle striving to be freed and liberated. Whereas the subconscious leadership and politicians in South Sudan are less concerned about the pain and suffering of their people, instead they have been practicing unjust, unfair and oppression themselves on the people so as to maintain their positions and places.

Falling apart for no good reason.

It’s just a lack of vision, mission and objectives to take a lead and gear the ship toward the seashore where we can sell the seashells at the seashore. Geographically, politics in South Sudan have no direction to head. Historically, politics in south Sudan have fallen apart from footsteps. Socially, politics in south Sudan had created barriers among the different ethnicity. Economically, the South Sudan pond is drastically falling down without return in the near future. Spiritually, Satan is in full control of the so called south Sudan leaderships and politicians. Oh, no! What shall we do? People are dying for no good reason and are being killing for no good reason.

O’ Lord! Come to our help!

The author, Dr. Henry Jembi, can be reached at jembijembi@hotmail.com

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