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Every Dog Has His Day: Gordon Buay Malek has climbed up to top through the hell path. He should now try and become a politician with vision and direction

By Chuol C. Puoch


Buay Malek, a member of SSLA and a South Sudan government supporter(Photo: Buay's profiles)
Buay Malek, a member of SSLA and a South Sudan government supporter(Photo: Buay’s profiles)

Oct 10, 2014(Nyamilepedia) — Buay Malek has successfully climbed up to Ambassadorial position from nowhere, even though he has no portfolio yet. You may not say that Buay has ever been in politics before 2011 when he started criticizing the government and everyone in South Sudan. According to him, He has got a master degree in propaganda from unknown university.

Buay was a normal media commentator against the government of South Sudan favoring the rebels of Bapiny Minytuel of Unity State until he finally made a contact with Bapiny and asked him to speaking on their behalf on media. Bapiny thought that the little boy was merely joking, but with time, Bapiny finally accepted Buay to speak on their behalf, but not the official rebel spokesman.

Gradually, Buay became more and more critics to the government and more supportive to the rebels of Bapiny Minytuel, and as a result, he was finally recognize by Bapiny and appointed him the spokesman. Before the onset of the fighting and after the fighting, Buay managed to get in contact with President Kirr in which he assured him of comprehensive media war against all the opposition forces and opposition groups.

Salva Kirr responded by telling him that, it’s his duty to do everything he can, including propaganda and lying, to protect this government. He further appreciated them for their decision to join the government and especially at this time of political turmoil in the Country.

Buay gradually tighten his relationship with President, more than even the relationship between Kirr and Bapiny. He had been writing lots of letters of appreciation, assurance and support for nothing. He claimed that there was no single Nuer in support of Riek Machar and he is working harder to make sure that the entire Nuer community is in support of Salva Kirr.

Buay Malek could do a lot of things at once when he is going to the office of the president. First, he starts with appreciation (for nothing) and empty assurance of support from no one, progress of nothing. And finally, he starts begging for tenth of thousand of South Sudanese Pound from the President.

All these and many more, combined together, finally uplifted Buay Malek from nowhere to no portfolio ambassadorial position in the government of Salva Kirr. It’s only in Salva Kirr’s government for this to have happened.

As someone who has no political career, no political foundation, objectives and directions,  Buay has not yet realized that he’s successfully made it to a position where he should start building his foundation, defining his future political objectives and vision. Buay remains a puppet, a useless and a lair that cannot and will never be reasonable in his life.

Buay is continuing begging, and fabricating leis on media against the SPLM/A-IO and its leaders. He moves from office to office taking photos with people (wasting time of other people) as he has no office and sitting place in Juba.

There is no other time Mr. Buay will call himself a politician if not this time. He should now realize that he has shockingly made it to the top and cease lying to the public. In that position, he should now try and be honest, respectful and drop the culture of being a puppet and a speaking-mouth of other people.

He himself and his words is a drop in ocean to make an effect in social and political industry of the Nuer community. He has got this chance where he can move from being a useless lair – a puppet – to a politician with vision and direction.

Politics is like a gear, if the engine move, part of the engine will go upward/forward and other part will go downward/backward. Therefore, the same gear can take you upward/forward and bring you downward/backward. The only little different between them (Politics and gear movement) is that, in politics, when you are taken forward, you don’t have to be taken backward, only if you are stupid. You have to try and stand steady until you jump on to another gear that goes forward.

If you continue lying, you will be of no future political ground. I am telling you all these because the gear that took you forward will soon be moving backward and will never come up again – Salva Kirr and the company are going!

You are still young, strong and energetic to do something to the Republic of South Sudan, now or in time to come. It’s all up to your little brain to try and determine your future political status. It was by chance that you’ve got recognition and appointed as “An Ambassador” (though is fake) by that already-going government of Salva Kirr. No matter what, this is an opportunity, and it comes once! Remember that and cease lying to get money on our name.

Chuol C. Puoch is a South Sudanese living in South Sudan; (But currently in Kampala in time of writing this piece) he can be added/follow on Facebook with his name mentioned above, on twitter @ChuolChot and via email: chuolchotson@gmail.com . You can also access and follow his words on www.chuolchotson.wordpress.com

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