Either The Parasite Will Defeat The Host Or The Host Will Defeat The Parasite Or The Duo Will Be Defeated By Their Predators

By Majok Arol Dhieu,

Mr. Salva Kiir and Dr. Riek Machar in the past(Photo: file)
Mr. Salva Kiir and Dr. Riek Machar in the past(Photo: file)

March 09, 2016(Nyamilepedia) —- A variety of methods are employed in politics, which  include the promoting or forcing one’s own political views among people, negotiation with other political subjects, making laws, and exercising force, including warfare against adversaries. Historically speaking, all political communities of the modern type owe their existence to successful warfare which bring the beliefs that the origins of any state is to be found in the development of the art of warfare. That’s how South Sudan came into existence also. Let’s read the mind of South Sudan revolutionaries, what are they saying, what they want and what did they achieved.

Violence: Calculations in politics sometimes produce negative results or the same results as before. In the December revolution of 2013, some politicians claimed to have been press-ganged into taking decision. It is evidenced by the statements released by most of them when they contended that they have never been near the scene of the crime, proved by their returned to the same SPLM they were trying to reform. The conundrum created by the revolution seriously affected the laypersons who will never get compensations for their lives and properties destroyed during the conflict while the small group who responsible for the mess-up are returning into their original positions.

The forged-coup-or-real-coup was just a prelude that something bad will happen in South Sudan such as this situation South Sudanese are undergoing. I have a different idea when people whom I always talk to, put blames on the December 2013 violence. Believe me or not, there had never been development before the violence. It is seen as the rebellion by the government and their supporters that if people of my kind speak their opinions out but the reality is that if the government is of the people, by the people and for the people, then why do the government gagged its citizen?

Since 2005 before independence, the only development was medication, cars, purchase of big homes in foreign countries, fat accounts in foreign countries, land grabbing among others. Will that be recognized as development or a corruption? It is a corruption.

The growing disparity between rich and poor: Let’s revisit our history. In those days when Dr. John Garang call for help from the society, man power and logistics. It was only the poor who have tried enough to recruited their sons and daughters into army while those generals and other rich people corrupted the few resources, put their families outside South Sudan, brings their relatives in the army as close body guards, ranking them also, and made the pure poor people to continuing fights Khartoum regime to the last of their strengths.

Nowadays, it turned out that anything good for South Sudanese to benefit from, it has to be assess only by the sons and relatives of Generals and other stakeholders while when fighting erupts, the sons and daughters of the poor are the ones removed in their offices and transferred to frontline with immediate mandate of fighting back insurgents in order for rich people to use the corrupted resources in a leisure time.

Let us know that the Kalashnikovs and other machine guns don’t trigger themselves. The poor people mishandled by their government are the ones defending the state against dissidents. Even a dog must to be appreciated and given a food when its barks throughout the night protecting the house from being entered by thieves. Assume, if all lay down their tools, will the generals and their sons defend the country? They will surely run for their safety outside the country.

The martyrs: There is no proper system set forth by the government to take care of
the families who have lost their beloved one in the army. I am talking from 2005-2012, don’t give me a side. I am not against you and your uncle but I am just a narrator. The children you are seeing in the streets are the children whose their fathers bite the earth during civil war and are left as burden to the relatives who also suffering from flames of poverty. Are you happy with their situation? Of course you are happy I know because a person with ill-gotten wealth turns always malevolence since he/she feed him/her selves with unnecessary resources. Why are we ordering them to fight for our defense and cast them out when they are dead? Aren’t they our fellows?

Tears in cheek for our martyrs. Rest In Peace. You have died in vain and they said you have not died in vain. The country which cost your dearest lives is up to date still in turbulent. There are no roads, no hospitals, the few hospitals they claimed to have been constructed are only paracetamols centres, no schools and the existing ones bear no good teaching which again cost the populace to take their children outside the country with exclusion of your children because no-body is taking care of them. They said your blood had cemented our national foundation but they again devastate it. I always disagree with people on beliefs that dead hear public decry. What I know is that dead are dead. If not, they would have then supervising these current politicians and take their souls away in case they are not adhering to the principles of the movement and the expectations of the people.

The government: As I speak it out early, that “either the parasite will defeat the host or the host will defeat the parasite or the duo will be defeated by their predators”. The president doesn’t know that his clique is also hunting for his seat. They have some hidden agendas which they have hide secretly, failed to give services to the citizen and put blame on the president. The only interest of the government is to collect money and put it in their pockets. The evidence is that if money had never been pocketed, where is the development that the money had been used for? The years are numbering and the high way had never passed Bilpham military barrack.


Too many cars that the government officials have bought need too much amount for maintenance, fuel and lubricants. What a big mess-up? Their children outside the country need hard currencies for their schooling and feeding.

In conclusion, the current regime is there only to benefit themselves with country resources. I don’t know in particular why they are claiming to be good in the eyes of the citizen; perhaps those go-getters who have begged them and those whom they have employed but the large numbers are neither supporting the government nor the rebels. In really sense, the president is losing more and more supporters; the government officials are just hanging on by their fingernails. They’ve been banging their head against a brick wall trying to explain the circumstances surrounding their government to the populace.

The Rebels: Like the father, like the son. As soon as the civil war erupted, the rebel leader started running around like a headless chicken, eager to find facts in order to defend himself against the atrocities he had caused. It is said that something done in the darkness must come into light one day. Recently, the rebels leader instead of calling Ugandans law-makers to amend their constitution to only two or three terms, have made a contradictory message by appreciating Museveni on his victory which has confirmed to the citizen that this rebels were fighting for dictatorship in disguise of democracy. Apparently he lost his job because of a Himalayan blunder. He would have learned from his experiences rather than keeping on doing too much mistakes in his life.

I happened also to appreciate Museveni on his victory for only one reason. I don’t want Uganda to go into civil war but Riek Machar in his capacity as rebel leader cannot join me because he is there struggling for change. I am also for change through ballot not to behead the incumbent president. On his congratulatory message to Uganda president, it’s clears that the rebellion was to get a permanent employment. The rebel leader who claimed to be fighting for democracy blanketed in dictatorship was a vice president from 2005-2013. If he was having an attitude of being a fond of development, he would have done little a bit while a vice president in order to sell his importance to the citizen.

One man’s meat is another man’s poison. I understand that people like different things. The few of readers will not like it because their godfathers are being provoke. This is however not the case. Let’s practice being independent in order to analysis things scrutiny before getting into conclusion. It is clear that there is more than one rebellion in the country simply because it’s rewarding. The rebels are going at it hammer and tongs again. They are arguing fiercely, with a lot of energy and noise to reform their rebellion and to do other things before they could come to Juba.

Finally, both government and rebels have done nothing in order to retain their seats. We will try another regime because “We are being presented with a fait accompli. In other words, all have failed”. Please join me. I am here for peaceful demonstration that lets the government at least renovated the roads linking Juba with Northern Bar El Ghazal for citizen to get commodities easily. I know threats to and attacks on freedom of expression, intimidations risk reducing the credibility of the columnist and commentators. Already people are voicing concerns not me alone or the reader. Let’s keep on.

 Majok Arol Dhieu can be reached through majongaroldit@gmail.com

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