Eastern Jikany Nuer Supported Renk County –Dinka Abilang community’s Calls To Remove Upper Nile Governor!

Jock Nhail Both Kerjiok

South Sudan's Upper Nile State Governor, Simon Kun Puoch(photo: via ST)
South Sudan’s Upper Nile State Governor, Simon Kun Puoch(photo: via ST)

Sept 02, 2014(Nyamilepedia) — A delegation of the Dinka Abilang community in Upper Nile state’s Renk County has called for the removal of Upper Nile State Governor Simon Kun Puoch by President Salva Kiir.

We youth of Eastern Jikany Nuer supported Renk County –Dinka Abilang community in Upper Nile State called for remove of Governor Simon Kun Puoch from upper Nile State, so that our communities go for healing process

Working together with a collective vision, a collective message and united action. The Government can only do a good job if it hears from the people it serves

Check out these great reasons for why you should get your voice heard by politicians and President.
1. It is really important for politicians to understand issues from many different perspectives, including youth’s points of view.
2. It is really important for president to listen to Paramount chief and Elders of Dinka Abilang “Fuel comes in through smuggling corridors along the Renk-White Nile-Sennar border. If not for this smuggling there would have not been a successful planting season this year in Upper Nile,” the chief said.

If a simple majority of the Upper Nile votes to accuse Governor Simon Kun  of divided our communities of Upper Nile State,  We the Youth of Eastern Jikany Nuer asked the South Sudan’s council of  states Joseph Bol Chan to listen to Dinka Abilang aggrieve “. This practice began in 1986 when the Senate amended its rules and procedures for impeachment trials. Conviction requires a two-thirds super-majority vote. If the President is convicted, he (or she) is removed from public office. Only two Presidents have been impeached by the House of Representatives in US History: President Andrew Johnson was impeached in 1868 for violating the Tenure of Office Act. We supported called for the removal of Upper Nile State Governor Simon Kun Puoch by President Salva Kiir, The president should appoint a caretaker governor to take the place of Simon Kun as he did to three states of South Sudan. .

The Author is Member of Eastern Jikany Nuer Youth in Australia, who can be reached at ock2005sd@yahoo.com

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