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By TT Shaka,

South Sudan regime spokesman and Minister of Information and Broadcasting Michael Makuei Lueth captured on camera threatening to expel Joint Monitoring and Evaluation Commission from South Sudan(Photo: file)
South Sudan regime spokesman and Minister of Information and Broadcasting Michael Makuei Lueth captured on camera threatening to expel Joint Monitoring and Evaluation Commission from South Sudan(Photo: file)

October, 72019(Nyamilepedia) I am sure I wasn’t alone shocked to hear Makuei saying that constitution is not important in forming their fake government.

Makuei’s statement justifies why his government for years has not direction and therefore no achievements. One doesn’t need to go to school to understand step-by-step planed statements to guide an individual to implement thoughts in order to achieve a goal. Everyone uses this every day to get to build their hopes. We assume we have a bias constitution but both he and Kiir have read them between the lines or upside down all these years.

How do we expect to achieve peace if our talks are about how to fight, take land, and silence those who talk about their rights? How many people disappear untraced every day every night? Where on earth the organized forces don’t know why they hold a guns and who they fight for and why? To whom are they answerable? Any organized force answering to individual certainly doesn’t understand why they are there. Leaders come and go but the people will ever be there. We don’t teach our organized forces to get handouts or how to loot and rape as the order of the day?

Discipline is not only taught in school but from generations-to-generation we are taught accepted behaviors. Therefore it is not because some members in our organized forces are enemy of the society because they have not gone to school. They won’t be there without the people who pay for their living.

Why should you Makuei and Kiir day in and day out bag for money to implement the fake agreement which was only between two individuals? Does the world understand that any money to the government ends up in hollow pockets? Every one of us has just witnessed money in the name of paying the unfortunate citizens who haven’t been paid for months has disappeared. Why can’t Kiir harvest millions or billions they have stolen over the years?

I understand the strings attached to aids and are paid for by the common man when more than ¾ go for commission to individuals where the aids come from and go to. I know there is always someone to blame when something has gone wrong. However, ever since, the world has directed its blames on Machar other than Kiir or both. Incidentally to some of us we have always said, there has been no agreement signed and therefore, nothing to implement. Does the world or anyone dream that there will be an implementation of Kiir and Machar agreement? We all need peace but I doubt there can be one with this agreement if we are realistic. Don’t consider one month peace and several years back to war is an agreement.

Dear countrymen, this is not Dinka and Nuer in spotlight but all the remaining tribes in the country too. If you are a Dinka, don’t think by sitting on others now, taking their land, destroying or looting whatever they  have and many other things done to no Dinka will give you peace in mind, think twice. Don’t think you can sit on someone’s grave yard infinitely There will be a time to reflect to the past.

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