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Dinka Padang Calls On SPLM-IO and FDs To Stop Inciting Collo and Nuer To Claim Malakal

SPLM-IO and FDs incitement of Collo and Nuer against Padang,

By Panom Deng Ayuel,

Juba – South Sudan

Dinka Ngok Lual Yak Of Malakal Spla Abushok & Mathiang Anyoor Battalions In Malakal assuring the commissioner and his forces that Malakal and Baliet will be secured by Abuchok for the next 4 generations(Photo: youtube)
Commander of Spla Abushok, a new militia trained by Dinka Padang assuring the new commissioner and his forces that Malakal and Baliet will be secured by his men for the next 4 generations(Photo: youtube)

March 10, 2016(Nyamilepedia) —– The Padang Community is morbidly alarmed by the kind of negative rhetoric that is slowly beginning to heat up throughout South Sudan with respect to Malakal. At the time when the country as a whole is writhing under the crashing weight of the ongoing fratricidal war, it is disheartening to see people who are supposed to be the paragons and safeguards of our unity and coexistence dabbling in sadistic and divisive politics. Many misleading commentaries appear almost on daily basis in both social and print media over the ownership of Malakal, but the Padang Community has chosen to respond measuredly, with a hope that when the current euphoria has wound down, a time will surely come when the expansionists will be confronted with their own lies in a reputable court of law.

Although the Padang Community neither has the energy nor the inclination to debate any misinformed and self-deceived opinion slingers, exceptions ought to be made especially when the agitators are individuals with political weight. Therefore, Democratic Change (DC), the Former Detainees (FD’s) and SPLM-In Opposition (SPLM-IO’s) recent threats-laced utterance against Padang Community should be given the attention it deserves given the fact that DCs, FDs and SPLM-IO are currently engaged in a concerted effort to lynch Padang Community both physically and politically. The Padang Community has no axe to grind with anyone within the DCs, FDs and SPLM-IOs consortium other than the fact that Padang Community has to be respected, protected and left alone like any other tribal group in South Sudan.

Of late, political threats have been directed against Padang’s security by DC Opposition MPs, FDs and SPLM-IOs unnecessarily and it is a dangerous experiment in sadistic tribal politics. In his remarks during the JCE/FDs meeting, Dr.Majak d’Agoot had this to say of the Padang people, “The Padang Community has only three viable options: Either that (1) they migrate out of former Greater Upper Nile altogether, or (2) Submit to Nuer and Collo so as to survive, or (3) The Nuer and Collo will converge on them, and probably annihilate them.” As if that wasn’t enough, he erroneously concluded that Malakal belongs to Collo. Facts ought to be submitted to the candid world that Dr. Majak’s current position over this sensitive issue suffers irreparably from the same anomaly: They aren’t borne out by documented historical facts and should simply be shrugged off as nonsense.

Similar reckless statements were uttered by the Collo DC Opposition leader during a press conference at the Parliament in which he said,  “… if this illegal occupation of Malakal and other Collo areas is not revoked, it would be a recipe for non-stop deadly war,” Adigo said.

But whatever the excuse, the current outrageous instigation of violence against the Padang Community is an affront to every peace-loving South Sudanese, and should be condemned in terms that are unequivocal in clarity and as strong as the despicability of the behavior warrants. Dr. Majak and Onyoti’s utterances speak volumes insofar as the whole intention of opportunists is concerned and wholesomely betrays the FDs/ DC’s /SPLM-IO armed elements’ sinister motives against the Padang people. As evidenced by the atrocious exploits of these groups against women and children of Padang in Baliet, Melut, Renk, Akoka, Bentiu, Panrieng, Pigi and Malakal etc, the FDs/SPLM-IO camp is burning with genocidal furry against Padang people, but they will never succeed in their endeavors remains.

Apparently, this kind of rhetoric is not without precedence. Prior to the infamous Rwandan Genocide, members of the Hutu political elites were engaged in inflammatory threats against the Tutsi minority, and those threats later culminated in what has become an irremovable stain on the fabric of the world’s conscience. As long as such rhetoric’s are tolerated from those who are trying to impose themselves on the people of South Sudan through some murky international political machinations, this country may eventually slide towards similar dreadful abyss.

As a matter of fact, this is not the first time that the FDs and SPLM-IOs engage in such a dangerous tribal-inciting rhetoric. The people of South Sudan in general and the people of Padang in particular remember vividly how both factions of 2013 rebellion conducted themselves at the early days of the rebellion. Their BBC unsubstantiated rhetoric that the Nuer were being massacred in Juba served as a recruitment tool for the Nuer’s White Army. The entrance of the White Army into the conflict shifted the conflict from its political nature and made it a Jieng-Nuer affair. As a result, the White Army targeted Jieng women and children in Bor, Bentiu, Akobo, Malakal, Panrieng, Baliet, Pigi and other places.

This shows that when politicians are not careful with their words, thoughts, and phrases, they push the people to the edge in a dangerous way. Therefore, the Padang Community is rightly alarmed by such irresponsible utterance from Collo DC Opposition leaders, FDs- SPLM-IOs co-conspirators, for they are priming the country for a catastrophe that might be larger in scale than what recently happened in the UNMISS POC in Malakal. As such, the Padang Community hereby urges the parties to the recently signed peace agreement and the Opposition DC MP’s to tame their loose cannons otherwise the country will inadvertently blow itself asunder, a scenario that isn’t in anybody’s best interest.

If Padang Community is being targeted for extermination due to the ownership of Malakal and the oilfields around it, then let any verifiable historical facts be submitted to an impartial arbitration and the people of South Sudan. As far as Padang is concerned the following historical facts may be verified: Malakal is found at the east bank of the Nile – outside the territory of the Collo kingdom and jurisdiction of the Collo King, and also predominantly inhabited by the Padang people, while the Collo inhabit the west bank of the Nile – where the Reth (King) rules the Collo Kingdom. Evidently, Malakal is not part of the Collo kingdom and the Reth’s authority does not apply to subjects residing east of the Nile, as such Malakal will always remain the land of Padang, come what may!!

If anybody has any credible legal claims contrary to the current verifiable evidences, then they are challenged to present it before a reputable court of law. Ownership of Malakal doesn’t warrant threats of war, extermination and expulsion as this will never resolve the dispute amicably.

In conclusion, the people of Padang call upon SPLM-IO, FDs and the DC’s to retract their unfounded threats, assumptions and comments before their already shredded reputation suffers another debilitating political blow. The Padang people call upon the people of South Sudan to categorically condemn such inflammatory and inter-tribal incitement of violence and fratricide among our people.

In conclusion, the people of Padang want the people of South Sudan and the whole world, to know that they are a peace-loving community, but if they are unwarrantedly provoked and attacked, would be in a position to defend themselves as this is an inalienable right for any person anywhere. The people of Padang are appealing to peace loving people of South Sudan and Africa to hold the  FDs, DC’s and SPLM-IO responsible for their incitements of Collo and Nuer against Padang Jieng.

The author, Panom Deng Ayuel, can be reached at 3rdspear@gmail.co


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James March 9, 2016 at 10:52 pm

I strongly recommend, that whoeve have ears please use them for a proper purpose.We have silent for these years,not because we do not know how to respond any message the so call Cholla or Shilluk whatever name you call yourself write always.

We thought we were good neighbor but from now onward, the border is River Nile.Make no mistake about it. We are tired of your violence and assassination of our people in Malakal.

How many people you had assassinated. It was not because we were cowardice people but mutual respect that we have between us,which you took as our padang communities weakness. You have awaken us for real and I hope there will be no regrets in the future.

Bol Gatjang March 10, 2016 at 7:02 am

This must be considered as the intimidation message Mr.James or whoever identity is. Let’s me remind you that the rests of 63 tribes have learned so much useless lessons from Dinka. My initial point is there is no”ears” left to heed from you Dinka but this time you can run but you can’t hide friends in hands of Nuer and Shulluk.

GatNor March 9, 2016 at 11:17 pm


The door to door search and destroy 2013 incident in Juba against Nuer ethnics is exactly what made the war tribal. You are such a lousy hypocrite. You deny Juba crimes against ethnic Nuers but condenm the retaliatory measures by Nuer elements. You call warning against unnecessary land claims incitements. If what had happended in Rwanda genocide has not yet happened in South Sudan per Dec/2013 upto now, what else will be more worst and to which ethnic group if crimes against unarmed South Sudanes and Nuers of Juba incident of mass murder are not crimes against humanity. Peaceful coexistent has its prerequisites that all communities must heed to regardless of how one try using state powers to impose on others. The 28 states does more than incitement against communities unless you have cieth in your head for a brain.

Peacemaker March 10, 2016 at 3:45 am

Let the author be reminded that taking the rightful ownership from the owner and transferring it illegally by a decree to someone who has no right is not the end of transaction. The real settlement lies with the practical taking-over by the would be owner from the original owner. Mr Kiir has already done his part. You just proceed and settle down and no more barking, go straight and confront the owners, destroy their villages and dislodge them!

chieng kong March 10, 2016 at 7:41 am

I am sure 100% that Apandang will leave Upper nile for Bharelghazel.

Naath United March 10, 2016 at 4:32 pm

Chieng Kong, 100% agreeable to what you have mentioned above. They just killed childrens,elderly,womans in Malakal town recentlly. And james came out to talking silly.Your Salvage killer started this war against other tribes in south sudan,then we (other 63)must finished for you.

Deng II March 10, 2016 at 9:44 pm

Chieng Kong, are you drunk? If you are a really man, go a head chase padang away, what are you waiting for? Nuer will never rule south sudan in our present lifetime, believe it or not, none of my business. Apadang will rule them selves and protect themselves from devils people who try to exterminate them. Nuer will NEVER chase nobody from their land this time around.

Rol Nyang March 16, 2016 at 3:16 am


what is the meaning of Makal/malakal in Dinka or what is the initial name given to makal by Dinka but changed by Shilluk or Nuer?

People it is good always to tell the truth.

Mading March 10, 2016 at 4:17 pm

Stupid militia commander……………..stop lying, Dr. Majak Agoot never said that and will not be against Pandang community.

Kier Nyiet March 11, 2016 at 8:40 pm

Majak is just a coward.Padang will never be chase away by none of Nuer or Shillukland .Padang can not be invading at all. Majak Agoot never being in frontline ;he used to be liberated areas.if he want challenge Padang then let him pick up the gun and come to Padang land with his two husbands Riek and Lam

Gat.darwich March 10, 2016 at 8:57 pm


Jenges Padang will and shall never be permitted to called Malakal their homeland. It solely belongs to Chollo and Nuer full stop. You’ve already committed a suicide by massacring innocent Chollo and Nuer civilians in UNMISS camp in Malakal.
You, the Padang Jenges, are destined to hell period.

Kieu March 11, 2016 at 10:02 am

The Eastern Nile communities have always been convey its condolences to the victims of Malakal UNMISS camp. The Governor Chol Thon Balok is man of peace and always call for unity among people of Upper Nile.

People must know guns in hand were smuggled into the UNMISS compound by the tribal Shilluk and Nuer rebel agents to achieve their goal of killing innocent Dinka. Onyoti Adigo Nyikwac had gave wrong statement to reporters in parliament on Friday, Onyoti, the leader of minority in parliament said government backed militia group from Dinka Padang carried out the attacks on civilians sheltering in the protection of civilians (POC) sites managed by the United Nations Mission in South Sudan (UNMISS) was a liars, Padang has no militia but Shilluk and Nuer militias in UNMISS camp. Hundreds of guns that were collected were from Shilluk and Nuer IDP in Malakal UNMISS camp but no guns were found in is Dinka camp.

But the issue of UNMISS fighting has been a propaganda from Shilluk and Nuer in Malakal UNMISS camp, but violence way very clear from shilluk politicians before incident happened in Malakal UNMISS camp, Onyoti Adigo and Dr. Lam Akol are the one behind the death of innocence people in Malakal UNMISS incident. They both been preaching about what will happen in Malakal at the same time both are representing shilluk in national parliament of South Sudan Juba. What would people thinks about politicians in parliament preaching for more violence to strike Malakal soon and it happened in a few day in same place that they talked about violence? We Eastern Nile people do not trust the children of enslave men Adigo and Akol all shilluk politicians, they are all liars, they were born by liars slave fathers who were workers of Arabs and Britain empire.

Also we are giving advice to the newly appointed governor of Latjor State Peter Lam Both should not separated liars and misleading Nuer people that their people were killed by Padang Militias, there is not Militias in Padang communities, we know Militias are always from Nuer and Shilluk. The above mention tribes were the one who shoot themselves in UNMISS CAMP because they are the one who had guns in UNMISS camp but no one were killed by Padang youths, there is no way to proved the deaths bodies on the ground were from Nuer and Shilluk alone , eleven(11) people from Dinkas were killed on Feb 17, 2016 in evening and five (5) more were on the follows morning that make total of sixteenth (16) people from Dinka alone out twenty one (21)people dead in Malakal UNMISS camp. Nuer must not claim bodies on ground were Nuer alone, while Dinka Padang share same mark on their for front head like Latjor governor marks on his for front head, but those who were found dead on the ground were from Jieng Padang with their names and counties where they born. Mr. Latjor governor must not accused Eastern Nile State governor for what was planned by Shilluk politicians. The worldwide should blame Onyoti Adigo and Dr. Lam Akol are the one behind the death of innocence people in Malakal UNMISS incident and UNMISS for allowing guns to enter UNMISS camp by day time. The prove were guns found from Shilluk and nuer people who are in living in UNMISS camp. Mr. newly Latjor governor should focuses on how is going to get to Nasir, not his own interest with Western Nile State governor.

To inform the government of South Sudan the two governors are not supporters of 28 States created in south Sudan. We have founded the accurate information from Nasir and Pachoda people, that their governor Peter Lam and William Othuo are buying their time in Juba to back up Dr. riek Machar movement, because they are not a supporters of creation of 28 States in South Sudan. It was brought to our attention by their sons and daughters that the two governors are supporting Dr.Riek Machar, Peter Gatdet and Johnson Olany. The government of South Sudan should pay more attention to above mention governors are on sheepskin, they are not telling the trust, why they do not want to go to their State. Peter Lam Both was a big fun supporter of Dr. Riek Machar rebel which will not be deny, this was communicated by truthly sons of Nuer from Nasir who are very close friends to him and truthly country men from shilluk who married from Dinkas and from people who are living in USA and Canada gave truth side to prove the two governors are working with Riek Machar and Johnson Olany, they communicated daily with the people on the ground to advice Youth from Shilluk and Nuer to cause insecurity so that it will be a legitimates reason to convince Government. Latjor governor was a Riek Machar supporter since he was living in Canada, but he was well-known for his mismanagement and make communities fight in Calgary, Canada. People in Canada used to call him Mr. trouble maker.

People of South Sudan must take this advice seriously because the two governor are working on interest of rebel. Knowing their side might not harm people of Eastern Nile people, but few people will learn latter on, they both must go to their own State to deliver service to their citizens than focus on Malakal conflict while dragging their feet in Juba without going to their States.

South Sudanese must know that Dinka Padang people are peace lover and rejected rebellion ideologies of destroy people lives in the Country. Shilluk and Nuer have that ideologies of destroying Country rebellion. Rebels are living in Malakal UNMISS camp that cause death of twenty one people which left sixteenth people dead from Dinka and five from shilluk and none dead from Nuer. People should not waste themselves liars against Dinka Padang in the own state of Eastern Nile State. The citizens of South Sudan must be suspicion on two governor of having connection with rebels leader Riek Machar, Johnson Olany and Peter Gatdet Yak. We are rasing their suspicions of having found truth in formations from their sons and daughters of their State of Latjor and western Nile State the two are well connected to rebels leaders in their areas. Shilluk politicians and Latjor governor are working inherently of bloodshed in the country and behind the scene but they are responsible for Malakal UNMISS camp incident. Dr. Lam Akol Ajawin has been a master minded of 1991 with Riek machar and they have been rebels leader in and they are supported by their tribes to killed any Dinka person he/she may find alive in South Sudan. For example when rebel changed hands in Malakal the wounds from Dinka who make it alive to shilluk land were killed only the wound from shilluk and Nuer were founf alive in shilluk areas, you must belief me and please ask someone from Mathiang Anyoor and Abushok fighter would tell you about their wounded who prevented themselves to be shilluk or Nuer.

The Eastern Nile side has been a shilluk side. The Shilluk people who crossed to Eastern Bank were Arabs from Egypt and British enslave worker who were good in fishing to works for their masters of Empire. There is no way for children of enslave fathers will claim some parts of Eastern Nile State.

Dinka Padang is not denying the right of Nuer and Chollo to live in Malakal as ordinary southern citizens but not killed Dinka people in the areas. Ngok Dinka Padang are truth warriors they have been patrolling Malakal to Jekmer leave alone Baliet, Adong, Abuong and Gellachel. Padang has no militias in South sudan only Shilluk and Nuer has Militias in South Sudan, the white army will not dream about Baliet, Adong, Abwong and Gelachiel, you are getting wrong information. Ulang to Nasir were librated by Abushok

GatNor March 11, 2016 at 6:21 pm

This Malakal Camp killing you just brought up has some serious implications on all the conspirators implicitly involved. Apparently it is now commonly known that its is circulating that they are in panic trying to cover up damning evidences linkages. The tower of corruptions at the expense of selected few ethnics tribe as the victims is, as we know it crashing like the tower of bable. And it will come down whether they like it or not.

Abiel March 12, 2016 at 12:45 am

Gat Darwich
I didn’t see Nuer agree with Shulluk before your entermarrage it just for couple months and will devoiced remember it was happened before and listening here what Nuer had done to Cholo no one made before went your millita inter Malakal town you killed them like they are not South Sudanese but simply they surrendered to something that can not happen to greater Padang Dinka .Gat Dawich your tribe Nuer are not a right people that the humans can following them they are par away from a human been .my advice to you brothers leave the politic and go back home and relax then try it again otherwise you will finish for nothing or leave forever in exile period.


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