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SPLM_Uhuru, the former political detainees, who were released into custody of the Kenyan president, Uhuru Kenyatta are holding onto another loose coalition that may never last. The detainees allied with Dr. Machar, which led to their arrest but afterwards claim to be "pure" to stand alone(Photo: AP/Kenyan presidency)
SPLM_Uhuru, the former political detainees, who were released into custody of the Kenyan president, Uhuru Kenyatta, are holding onto another loose coalition that starts to disintergrate, although politically managed. The detainees allied with Dr. Machar, which led to their arrest in December but afterwards claim to be “pure” to form their own group(Photo: AP/Kenyan presidency)

June 28, 2014(Nyamilepedia) — “We must take sides; neutrality helps the oppressor, never the victim. Silence encourages the tormentor never tormented. Sometimes we must interfere, when human lives are endangered, when human dignity is jeopardy, natural borders and sensitivities become irrelevant. Wherever men and women are persecuted because of their race, religion or political views, that place must- at that moment – become the center of the universe” –Eli Wiesel


The longest war ever fought on earth history was between the kingdom of England and the kingdom of France. It last almost two centuries. The protracted conflict between France and England from 1337 to 1453, which continued through the reigns of the French kings Philip VI, John II, Charles V, Charles VI, Charles VII, and of the English kings Edward III, Richard II, Henry IV, Henry V and Henry VI. The principal causes of the war, which broke out in Guienne in 1337, were the disputes arising in connexion with the French possessions of the English kings, in respect to which they were vassals of the kings of France; the pretensions of Edward III to the French throne after the accession of Philip VI; Philip’s intervention in the affairs of Flanders and Scotland; and, finally, the machinations of Robert of Artois.

The truth was the royal family was roasted Heron. Three days later a servant who fallen in love with one guard among the servant of the Richard revealed the secret. Upon hearing this, Richard the great wage one of the horrifying ever fought encounter against France killing along thousands in the first battle. For the next 134 years more than a thousands men died because of this insult. How on earth an invited guests can be served a bird in abundance of countless animals to be killed for the feast? Among the dispute was about the extension.

It was an insult indeed. That war last for over two centuries. If men died because of such, what about thousands who were massacred in broad day light on policy of ethnic cleansing? This is the light. Men died because of honor and it is worth dying for thousands who were killed for no particular reason. For any person not seeing this light that individual is walking in darkness. This war is not senseless as many claims.It’s reasonable.

Pagan Amum, Justice Luke Jock, Dr. Majak Agot, Ambassador Lol and the other self-proclaimed goodies detainees, look at that light. For you being neutral you are taking side with oppressors and never the victims. This war is worth fighting for.

The truth remain, “We must take sides; neutrality helps the oppressor, never the victim. Silence encourages the tormentor”and this is the center of our universe,“Wherever men and women are persecuted because of their race, religion or political views, that place must- at that moment – become the centerof the universe”and so no matter what, the side which the victims’ families chosen is the center of their universe and this is the light nothing else. Look at that light verycareful nothing willchange their stand. Sometimes in life human forsake great guests to dream a fight for justice and no matter how long or what it take, they run after it, pursuit it until they catch the justify itinerary.

Due to this known truth the already victimized takes you on the side of the oppressor and never their side, and so, as men with dignity and characters let us not pretend. We know being neutral is a trial on one’s natural self-regulating thinking and personality. Such a men and women who remain neutral are not loyal to the society and deserve looking behind the great change in history. Indeed they remain as that, always neutral nothing good come out of them. They can never change the life of the citizens because they don’t know actually what is to be done for the goodness of mankind. They keep stranding until heaven fall on them from there they move around searching for nothing in particular until the opportunity bestowed upon them disappear like a morning dew. It’s unfortunate being neutral because some people or public status quo wants you so.

The former SPLM Secretary General, Pagan Amum who deficiently failed to reforms the prominent party of the country came out of his moldy cells uttered these words of disenchantment to mass expectation of south Sudanese and the world at hefty. “The killing of Nuer should not be used as an excused to fight this senseless war”.  Pagan forgotten that, the current premises of SPLM office in Juba that he sold and kept in unknown over 20 million US dollar donated to SPLM by good will donors who look forward to the reformation of SPLM as a party is courting attention abroad and home as well.This was among reasons president Kiir sacked him and ordered an investigation to clean his way for the big plan. It was worthy a millions dollar agreement even for one to lost his seat for the plan to succeed. He was among the dispatch riders.

Pagan Amum and his associates held one of the most blistering three days discussions with opposition leaders, Dr. Riek Machar, Lt Gen. Alfred Lado Gore, Brig. Lul Ruai and Gen. Chuol Gakah Yier, and frantically tried to convinced opposition that, the war is senseless and because Nuer were killed should not be the route to search for Justice. In an amazement, Gen. Lado Gore dismissed these claws terming them as, “undecided that practice childish politics” and so Gen. Chuol Gaka added that, “we cannot negotiate the blood of innocents’ civilians” confirmed by Dr. Machar who informed them, “when you are ready to know the truth you can still join us”.

Yet, Pagan walked out of Lalibela at Radisson Blue and his friends with their noses in the air owning the world due to the expected promise made to them by America and Igad to scamper the nation if they stood neutral in this great crisis of moral decayed.

This remind me of Max Eastman who warned these neutralist, “people who demanded neutrality in any situation are usually not neutral but in frame of the status quo” so they are indeed. This neutralist will never do south Sudanese any good or either helps to solve the situation for the reason that they are neutral. They are not involves in handling the crisis since they are neutral. Neutral don’t have a choice but look behind the clouds until the right owner solve the problem and then came later to side with the mighty men and women.

Pagan’s thinking is that, Opposition under Dr. Machar will go back to Juba and be integrated as usual. They think this revolutionary movement will fall short sooner than later and so it’s better for them to be neutral and when Kiir want them they will join the government citing they didn’t participate in “killing south Sudanese” as Pagan himself said. But there is something they didn’t heard. The other side of the coin is not naked to them.They held a secret meeting with president two weeks ago and promised back their positions something which rooted uproar in Juba and shocked to the opposition.

Two weeks ago or so, some Americans delegates and members of IGAD were believed to have met Hon. Gabriel Changson asking him the interim government should be pilot by Pagan. Surprisingly, Changson informed them that if they think Pagan is the best to leads the interim, and then let him go to the frontlines and informs the generals which their relatives were massacred in Juba that, “he is the selected president for the interim period”. None of the said delegates commented on the issue again.


“If you are neutral in situation of injustice, you have chosen the side of the oppressors. If an elephant hast on the tail of a mouse and you say that, you are neutral, the mouse wouldn’t appreciate your neutrality”- Desmond Tutu

In real sense, if the Detainees think that they will lead the interim government this could be the worse dream ever imagine in history. the situation will just blast.Pagan who is not popular but known over years for making senseless noise on TVs and other International media houses has nobody even in Radisson Blue Hotel. I never saw him one day buying someone a drink. Perhaps if he read this he would like to contact me and buy me a lunch. Something I also knew an unattainable because I am a victim of Juba massacred and now he is siding with government by being neutral.

What will he tell me, that he would in future grant justice to my 21 relatives, home and everything else I lost in Juba? Sound laughable.

Let’s reason together this naked truth.

Can by any chance the oppositions generals agreed to crown the detainees as Kings? Can the said thrown seeker manage to mobilize thousands of white army to put down their guns and go back to Juba as if nothing has happened? Some of the things are really in fact unpredictable. I would have wondered what method the detainees would use to lure the interest or made the victimized fighters abandoned their rebellions against the government which killed her citizens. Something things are impossible to imagine.

Pagan and his colleague want the top seat because they are being told to lead the nation. As pagan loud it out, “they didn’t participate in staining their hands with the blood of south Sudanese” it’s ill-timed remark. Please detainees look at the light. Nobody will allow you lead this nation though its short time dream of some top Americans officials and Igad nations hoping you will restore peace which you are part of the problem. As Albert Einstein declared long ago, “no problem can be solving from the same level of mind that created”.Otherwise prepare to hired more foreigners troops to disarmed the already revolutionaries fighting the failed government and the upcoming wicked government you hope to form.

South Sudan government is a government of contradictory and government of self serves and nobody should be allows to join it again. It needs an entirely overhaul system change or else south Sudanese have a long way to go. The light is, nobody will allow detainees to lead the nation they are part of the Juba massacred. Their imprudent political ideology made them set the flames and the result was killing the innocent civilians who have nothing to do with their political interest. They made Splm rotten and pagan is the top man on the list and now expect to reform the nation.

Splm policy of killing Nuer civilians since its creation is well documented. this is time for change and not just game.

It’s the same mind among other leaders that masterminded the said policy of eliminating Nuer. Uganda security Agents revealed this truth in the broad day light. Though the detainees were arrested not all of them could be victimized. The selected few were to suffer the dare consequences of the long time elimination plans. So, they are not part of the tormented but part of tormentors. This isn’t surprised at all. Pagan and some of his colleague were used to brand away the plan in order to confuse the world. The target was Nuer politicians and that is why the Nuer civilians became the victims.

The option is there is no room for neutrality. This war is clear and sound.this is war against change and so anybody neutral is against change and support the already existed rotten government which always have a failed policy of eliminating her leaders.

The views expressed here are entirely mine, Elbow Chuol, and you can reach me over elbow.chuol@gmail.com

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kmaj7 June 28, 2014 at 9:19 pm

elbow Chuol
You had mixed the whole things altogether.I thought you would stick to one point in order to win over the former detainee however you seem so confuse to centre one point at a time.In your post you said non of former detainees could be appointed to lead interim government simply because the can’t disarm your so called black or red arm.You equally said the family that have lost their families member would not accept them.you conclude with no neutrality as an option at all since this war is all about change.if anyone try to defeat your piece,it would be understood to mean you wanted your so called Riak be the interim president because he has the ability to disarm your black Army.And that he would bring in the change to your perspective.I think you are blind to see clearly and you are most to be shown light.neutral person is always the key to unity and that why we need this third block to remained so in order to changed both parties to the conflict in order to bring peace that is needed quickly.

With your Riak you are doom to change anything in this country. It would always remains a dream in your mind without practicality on ground.Riak and Kiir must step aside in order to have a neutral person taking over for unity sake.
Kongdom the man

puot jock (@puot123) June 30, 2014 at 6:52 am

Really these detainees will follow the light one by one as stated by the writer ,because some of them believes their neutrality will have a positive solution, but for you others people following the light mean following the truth or reality which is SPLM-in opposition lead by Dr.Machar that needs democratic government not like that of dictatorship government of Salva Kiir Mayardit.


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