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The Politics of Hips-Swaying: A tip of an iceberg concerning South Sudan’s politics of accommodation

By Latjor C. Gakah,
South Sudan President Salva Kiir, right, greeting defecting SPLA-IO commander General Ochan Puot in Juba (File/Supplied/Nyamilepedia)
South Sudan President Salva Kiir, right, greeting defecting SPLA-IO commander General Ochan Puot in Juba (File/Supplied/Nyamilepedia)
April 22, 2020(Nyamilepedia) — It is complacent to sway hips at your own comfort if need be but in terms of political perspectives, whether it is natural or forced, it is a mere  portrayal of one’s own failed political game and that of his own political circle. It is a complete lack of a resting ground.  This is especially at a time of intense politics and where there is a huge desire to fit into a system that is fragile and hoping to come out as a leader that will bring change and that you will be praised.  The force behind this burning ambition is however not limited by the desires to unskillfully force your way into the system that seems to no longer accommodate you but as a result of being unsure of your position in the near future or otherwise its predicament by which its probability is always near the zero mark. After all, you have been in the dirty game and losing now isn’t an option or to least say; a bad luck. May be that comforts enough and covers up the impression of failure.
South Sudan’s political nature has been marred with impunity and that the stakeholders are always up to self-glory or after the profits from their posts rather than the idea of serving the nation or bringing change. Every appointment seems to be a jackpot and a straw for siphoning of the resources. This has been having adverse effects on the development of the infrastructures and the social amenities. Everything continues to remain six feet under. The worst being the loss of lives between the always battling politicians for political posts of which when they achieve the move or pitifully appointed by their colleagues at superior positions, they drop everything and concentrate on themselves or families. The goal of the nation is thus dropped and rest of the population is left locked up somewhere and hanging between dying as a result of starvation, or deprivation by poverty or hate one another.  Instead of now implanting strategies for nation building, the newly decorated individual only repeatedly slice a chunk of what is meant for nation building and the nation continues to remain numb. No change enforced, no step made, no school built, no hospital built but just enlargement of an individual’s pocket at the expense of corruption. But this has been the way and misuse of politics and it explains why corruption is so immense. Nearly 90% of what is meant for development or public ends up being embezzled.  We, the South Sudanese have been resilience since the Anya Anya movements, and we have somehow summoned our collective strength in the hands of the politicians. For this reason, the leaders have been slitting our throats and our voices are trapped inside our minds while our bodies succumb to these acts of inhumanity. What do the future hold for us?
The politics of hips-swaying is one reason why we have miles to cover in terms of nation building and why it is almost impossible in giving room for the younger, energetic and full of ideas generation. While this kind of politics should be practiced where democracy is thriving, to us, it does only explain the lack of trust and aggressiveness of certain individuals whose wishes are to keep holding on to power. If a stone keeps on rolling, it gathers no mosses and this is a story of unsuccessful journey.  We cannot move forward if our politicians keep seeking for greener pastures for themselves without the fundamental ideas of nation building. This is gambling and after the long run, the citizens lose and that shouldn’t be the case. The politicians’ moves should not be sides-switching for accommodation but rather retiring. This will give room to the people whose intention is to fix the nation and enforce policies that are necessary for the state building. It will also curb the unfruitful rivalry that has caused so much harm to the nation and the people as well. The negative impacts of this nature of politics, given that our politicians and military generals practice it where we haven’t yet cover even an eighth of  a mile in cementing a democratic state, are boldly reflected in the history of SPLA/M and the recent misunderstandings within the leadership of the current SPLA/M IO party. In the recent years, this nature of politics has brood so much hatred among the people of South Sudan and by far pitying one ethic group, clan or a section of persons against the other. The results have always been devastating. For this to be stopped and concentrate on the nation building, a politician or politicians of good will, if there are in Junub Sudan, must not seek for another political posts when left out by their colleagues but redirect their energy to what would benefit the nation instead. Such politicians should also cease to mobilize their followers to execute their interests by military means as this will only inflict turmoil on the nation and causing further economic sabotage. It is possible to sit at the comfort of your home and play with your children if politics has shown you red flag. But this courage is only under taken by patriotic citizens. These are men of dignity.  And it should be the case for every individual that is holding a political or significant position of influence.
For a very long time now, there has been frustration, pain and the call to bring change to the country. This change is however hindered by these very acts of a good number of politicians. Their roles on the nation building have been vague and further frightening.  This nature of politics is again worth being practiced after securing a democratic state and not at the time where the focus should be restoring trust, healing, reconciliation and state building. Knowing what to do for the good of your fellow citizens is paramount to pulling our nation out of the pit and pangs of corruption and underdevelopment, thereby cleansing it in order to be a significant host for our lives. Let this politics of sides-switching for accommodation be stopped in order to pave way for developing of our country.
May the peace prevail!
Latjor C. Gakah, an optimistic citizen. You can reach the author through social media.

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