Destruction of humanitration properties by Mabaan youth is unacceptable behaviours.


By Philemon Daud


Office of the UN world Food program as it is burned down in Maban (File photo)
Office of the UN world Food program as it is burned down in Maban (File photo)

July 24th 2018 (Nyamilepedia) – There is no reasons that can justify violence approach of Mabaan youth which caused harms and destruction on humanitarians properties in Mabaan county. Demands for equal job opportunities shouldn’t be a violent ways of approach, they should use the right channels to present their grievances peacefully.

Mabaan youth should bear in minds that humanitarian agencies are not responsible for unemployments of youth and local communities.  It is the responsibilities  of the local government, the state and the national government of south sudan to provide jobs for its citizens. The local officials were elected by the people to create job opportunities but they failed to secure jobs for youth unemployments and its upto citizens to held them accountable for their failures to provide jobs.

As member of Mabaan community I condemned the violence behaviours of youth against humanitarian agencies in strongest term possible. Violence shouldn’t be allowed as means to address our grievances, we should learn how to address our concerns in a peaceful means.

The infrastructures that established by humanitarian agencies will remain as the properties of Mabaan county when the mandates of humanitarian agencies ends and youth suppose to protect the properties than destroying it .

Their violent actions against humanitarian organization operating in Mabaan county is crimes and those who are found behind this criminal activities must be held accountable.  I suspect some of the wrong politician elements might be behind the youth criminals activities.

Destruction of humanitarian properties by Mabaan youth is unacceptable behaviors and we call for the local governments to investigate the incident and bring those who found guilt into justice.

It is unacceptable mindsets of  Mabaan youth to demonstrate against other South Sudanese nationalities living and working with humanitarians NGO’S in Mabaan County. Mabaan county is one of the counties in South Sudan and other South Sudanese nationalities have all the rights to live and work in Mabaan County as long as they’re citizens of South sudan. We must learn how to be a good citizens and embrace peace among ourselves.

Vandalism of the humanitarian properties operating in Mabaan county never justify their demands for fairness and equal opportunity for employments. They should know that humanitarian organizations are not  responsible for jobs creation and employment opportunities; it’s the responsibility of the local governments to provide jobs for local communities.

The humanitarians organization have the standards and criteria to hire individuals based on their qualification for job demands and youth have no rights to use violence and demands jobs without qualification.

Commissioners of Mabaan counties are  equally responsible for destructions and vandalism of humanitarian properties because they failed to convince youth and maintain law and order. It’s clear when the county administration is under group of leadership thugs, they end up taking violent as a way of addressing their grievances.

The author is a concerned South Sudan citizen from Mabaan county. He can be reached via: philemondaud84@gmail.com

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