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TO H.E. Dr. Riek Machar Teny,
Chairman and Commander in Chief of the SPLM-IO forces 

And Designated First Vice President of the Republic of South Sudan,  

By Daniel Juol Nhomngek,

Daniel Juol Nhomngek, author…

March 5, 2020(Nyamilepedia) — Mr. Chairman, please allow me to express my heartfelt appreciation for the work you and your team have been doing since 2013 when the war has just started. You have been working hard day and night trying by all means to bring genuine change and peace in the country despite all the hurdles that all always being laid on the way to true peace and justice as you dream of.  

Despite all obstacles upon obstacles laid on your way, you determine to achieve Peace as evidenced in R-ARCSS, 2018. Hence, for your efforts to make sure that South Sudan achieve true peace and for your determination to see that all South Sudanese enjoy their dreamed dreams of justice, equality, liberty and prosperity, I would like to take this special opportunity and privilege to congratulate you and your entire Leadership on dedicating your entire life to the Liberation of the Marginalized of marginalized people of South Sudan. In that respect therefore, I would like to bring to your attention my special recognition for your unwavering struggle and courage to walk and work in the sea of obstacles of tribal waves that have sucked our true humanity and leave our Country as nothing but the country built on fiction and empty rhetoric represented by slogans of justice, liberty and prosperity.  

Mr. Chairman, I have tried to fight the war independently using different avenues such as social media and different media houses as a way of fighting against all vices that have invaded our political, economic and social fabrics in South Sudan since 2013 but the Government could not heed to what I was writing about and instead began branding me as the enemy of the State and banned me from going to the country.

However, I did not decide to join the People’s Movement, the SPLM-IO under your leadership because of threats from the government but I decided to voluntarily join it as a way of making sure that the interest of South Sudanese effectively protected as shown by your vision and mission. I made this decision after I received the Constitution and the Code of Conduct of the members of the SPLM-IO in July 2018. I loved the ideology embedded in those principles in the two documents underscored my decision.   

Since 2018 I have been working as a secret member of the SPLM-IO. To support my decision to be a member of the SPLM-IO, I have made this declaration which may come out today or a year later. But the reason I have not made it public today as of 12/09/2019 is due to the fact that I am advised by some of the members of your team, especially Dr. Akol, the Governor of Rumbek State, to keep my membership secret until the time he deemed it fit to give me go ahead to publish it. 

I have therefore kept this declaration in draft form in my email and forward a soft copy to our Governor, Dr. Akol who is going to keep it and to appoint me in the due course. No one knows my decision to join the SPLM-IO though I have been suspected and accused several times by fundamentalists within the SPLM. Nonetheless, my decision to join the SPLM-IO will be made public in the due course at the right time.  

Having said that Dear, Mr. Chairman, in recognition of your visionary Leadership, I have decided to Join the SPLM-IO and give my unconditional loyalty to it in following the principles in its constitution. I have therefore decided to be part of great change for the better that I hope will benefit all South Sudanese. With me joining, I may not use strong phrase such as with me joining politics things will never be the same again but I would like to assure you that despite the fact that I have never been a member of any political party in the past in South Sudan, you have got a true and loyal member who will not easily abandon you under any conditions.

In this declaration, I will not mention the reasons that forced me to join the APLM-IO as they are not new and they are not the factors pushing me. If they were the ones, it means that I would leave the SPLM-IO when they are corrected which is not my intention. My intention to join the SPLM-IO is to make sure that we serve South Sudan independent of tribalism which is the source of all our predicaments. Tribalism may be existing even in the SPLM-IO but with your visionary leadership and our struggle WE CAN overcome and eliminate it.   

In relation to the above paragraph, I have given my loyalty to serve the SPLM-IO in any capacity as long as I live in good health. My interest in joining the SPLM-IO is not driven by any material benefits but to exercise my skills in helping the Movement to realize its dream, vision and mission that will benefit all South Sudanese. 

I will live by the SPLM-IO principles as enshrined in its constitution and code of conduct. Therefore, I declare that I have unconditionally joined the SPLM-IO under your able Leadership as with the effect from this 12th Day of September 2019.


Daniel Juol Nhomngek.

Long Live the SPLM-IO,

Long live Your Excellency, 

The Designated First Vice President of the Republic of South Sudan, 

Long Love all membership of the SPLM-IO.  

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