Dear National Nuer youth Leadership worldwide

By Jok Nhial Both Kerjiok,


National Youth of South Sudan took a group photo after the forum 2012
National Youth of South Sudan took a group photo after the forum 2012

August 7, 2014(Nyamilepedia) — Let take steps forwards protect our communities because our youth are once again suffering in the camps especially in Juba and Bor- Our brothers and sisters are once living under the tree in South Sudan. It is to up us been second class citizen in South Sudan. Most of us are concerned with ensuring that south Sudanese youth are well prepare to meet the challenges of today’s conflict.

I suggests National Nuer youth leadership worldwide should have planning, communication, training and to have joint exercise, and collaboration in sharing doctrine that would help to improve coordination between all the youth from Western Nuer, Center Nuer and Eastern Nuer –including partner with countries in a peacekeeping operation in South Sudan and also partner with youth in overseas and have joint with your colleagues prior to develop a framework, that will joint, cohesive teams.

It is importance for Nuer Youth to form a youth task force that can operate effectively. This youth task force will evidence the committee –needed to be able to work in a cooperative partnership with other youth from different countries; so that this committee will have chance to explain what happen in Juba for Nuer community massacre-youth task force will advocate for peace – equality, democracy, and human rights, still believing there are opportunities to respond to the horrible events of the December 15 -2013 –in positive ways. “The American Bush theology seeing a struggle between good and evil-we are going, they are evil, and everyone else is either with us or against us” if we can’t see the face of evil kills in the events of December 2013, it is any forgettable and forgivable.

The youth task force will explain the conflict to South Sudanese’s and international partners should support efforts by other South Sudanese and international actors to document human rights abuses in the country and build a more full and accurate narrative of the conflict.  The December 15-13 terrorism attack to our community –Nuer, youth task force – Message to our young people his needs to learn how to manage conflict in positive ways to prevent dangerous confrontations.

The youth will bring the democratic system that wills governance the Country with true justice for all.  We need to support the Philosopher of Dr. Machar who has been working for change and bringing good governance to all nations.  Dr Machar his fighting for change, rights and freedoms’ of everyone including the children of Salva Kiir who lives in foreign countries due to insecurity in the country their father is his president.

The author is a student of post graduate -Certificate in Child protection and Student of Master in Youth and society –currently studying in Australia- easily be reach through his Email address:djock001@flinders.edu.au

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