Could South Sudan War Be the Second Longest War in Africa, IGDA Failed.

By MIchael Kuajien Duer


Members of South Sudan's SPLA forces in Upper Nile State(Photo: file)
Members of South Sudan’s SPLA forces in Upper Nile State(Photo: file)

Feb 20, 2015(Nyamilepedia) — In a brief introduction about this article, South Sudan’s war could maturely be predicted as the second longest war in Africa because IGDA mediating team has failed to resolved the on-going conflict in the country.It is now one year and two months down the road, no an agreement have been reached since the ceasefire negotiations begun early 2014. South Sudan conflict and the so called IGDA- the intergovernmental on Development Authority hosting East Africa and Africans’ conflicts is trying to resolved a no solution peace deal in Addis Ababa, the capital city of Ethiopia.

Therefore; in the history of past peaces being negotiated in Ethiopia, there is no country where its peace deal of the conflicts has succeeded and an agreement was reached in Ethiopia, this is something known to all Africans. At the time of Sudanese’ first civil war, the sit of peace talks for Sudanese was Ethiopia and the delegates from the two warring parties of the Sudan the then were sent to Addis Ababa for peace negotiations where Joseph Lagu and other Southerner Sudanese politicians were among the delegations  representing Southerner part of Sudan. (quoting 1972 Khartoum and Southerner Sudan peace talks in Addis Ababa), the capital city of the federal Republic of Ethiopia.

The Current political confusion in the peace process,how could peace does  return in South Sudan when some leaders in East Africa and IGDA team are supporting one side of the warring parties, Kenya, Rwanda and  Burundi are give military logistic support to one side of the warring parties, helping President Salva Kiir in order to create another second genicode to clean the remaining innocent Nuer civilians  whom their beloved ones were killed in Juba ,accept Tanzania is not siding with any party in South Sudan.

South Sudan conflict has been considered as a baseless case by most of Regional and international leaders because of varieties of political interests in the peace process. the IGDA and other political stakeholders have got different opinions over the ongoing war in the country, they look at it as inconsiderable  problem yet innocent civilians are dying as they are facing different challenges in different capacities since the war broke out in 2013.

in its political implications, African leaders are dancing over the two leaders fighting for the interest of South Sudanese with reasons  best known to them at a defer levels based on their individuals capacities. I believed Gen. Salva Kiir and His former vice president Dr. Riek Machar Teny the current chairman of SPLM/SPLA in opposition  are enjoying the current war thinking that they are strong enough but what they do not know is that; they are losing so many important things as the leaders of the Republic of South Sudan.Their innocent voters are dying day and night, the resources of the country are been misused and exploited by  outsiders the none citizens of south Sudan, jobs are occupied by foreigners yet no south sudanese acquired jobs in East African countries, especially Ugandans, Kenyans, Tanzanians , Rwandans and Burundians.This came in as a results of their political failure before the war broke out in 2013 and now they are pretending to resolved everything by fulfilling the objectives of those opposed to our National identity and stability.

In-depth political analysis about South Sudan; Most of African leaders have fought for self-determinations and freedom of their people as well but are the two leaders fighting for the same objectives or it is a game of dictatorship and democratic in one way or another?.This needs political and diplomatic explanations from the two giants,the two leaders took South Sudanese like grass which suffers when an Elephants fought in the bush but definitely no, the question is; are South Sudanese citizens grass to suffer or human beings when their leaders does not valves their lives?.

The two leaders should give peace priority so that the internal displaced persons (IDPs) goes back to their homes this year 2015.there is no one else to bring peace back in the country without them to accepts conditions on both sides, because someone like Museveni of Uganda and Kenyatta of Kenya shall not advice them to agree upon their political differences instead to fuel the situation to raise funds indirectly while president Mr. Museveni is fighting us directly in the field. I think Magok Rundial, the speaker of South Sudan National Assembly juba, signed an ending lone with Mr. President Kiir and President Museveni to kills innocent Nuer civilians as a matter of satisfying their political wills.

South Sudan conflict could result to regional war if it’s peace mediators does not consider some crucial factors which may bring peace deal in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.Based on political analyst’ views in Africa that, any conflicts where its country had got natural resources, it is not an easy task to resolve its conflict in shortest time possible.This is truth because South sudan’ s conflict has began one year ago and no immediate solution been reached by all political stakeholders and IGDA peace mediators in addis Ababa.

International Request to General Secretary of  United Nation Security Council (UNSC), US government under president Obama administration and European Countries to release the reports on sanctions of individuals who have had contributed in the killing of innocent civilians in Juba  December 2013 genicode.And also the reports of  human rights need to be release to identify those who have committed Human rights atrocities and crimes against humanities in the country.

Part One, More details are coming in Part Two of this article.

You can reach the author at michaelkuajien@yahoo.com

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Mawien Magol February 20, 2015 at 11:22 pm

The Addis Ababa peace agreement always make people doubts because traditionally, our people have sense to be lief it that, the Ethiopia capital city was bless from the first time and it is true, there was no any good thing come positively in Ethiopia and even some African leaders do believe in that notion too.

I would have recommending them both warring parties. to continued with the Arusha reunification and the reconciliation so that, all SPLA IO, SPLM Juba, SPLM DC and SPLM G11 must be combines together and works for the sake of the people suffering in refugees camp and others UN compounds within South Sudan. I do remember, how many times peace have been settle in Ethiopia during 21st plus years and none had been successful therefore, the citizens have the role to play when people are facing uncertainty situations and we want to tell both warring parties leaders to takes Arusha reunification and reconciliation seriously because are not going to hope anything coming out in Ethiopia’s capital city Addis Ababa this is a no no no answer brothers.

On the other side of Juba’s government, there are many rumors surrounding obviously, the pro Juba SPLA were being attacked by rebels in Upper Nile State and Unity State while, the government delegations and the rebels delegations were signing another part of peace agreement from Tanzania in Arusha town this make Juba’s government too skeptical that, the rebels themselves are already divided in the bush and the South Sudan’s government are not interesting to signs many peace agreements as a way of claiming rewards to the rebels. The South Sudan’s government is now saying wait a minute, we can not sign this peace while, the same rebels are attacking our troops in Upper Nile State and Unity State and the question is that, what does it mean real? Frankly speaking, the Juba’s government want to know exactly if the rebels leader Dr. Riek Machar has no control with those rebels generals who made attacks while, people were in Tanzania Arusha peace agreement and Juba’s government would like to continues dealing with those seeking war solution. The former vice president should not hided that if there are some element generals within his rebels allied disagrees with him then, he has to tell IGAD and tell the Juba’s government so that, the violation made recently on Monday this week should not be put in the record of rebels leader Dr. Riek Machar. Please keep singing about peace agreement in Ethiopia however, the people belief that, the city Addis Ababa has the bad luck to achieve simple peace that was almost done.

stephen khat February 21, 2015 at 12:20 am

The guy seem to be good thinker now even in the future thanks for that!!

AGUMUT February 21, 2015 at 3:33 am

It is up to Nuer,i think more Defections will follow.

AGUMUT February 21, 2015 at 3:38 am

Mabior Garang need to go back to Juba before it is too late or go to any country in Africa and start his own company. He is not going to become president of South Sudan because we will not support him.

GatNor February 21, 2015 at 4:39 am

This war will not last another year two. Many of these cabals that are imposing wars on to the populations do not have that much time left to continue oppressing people by subjugating the masses against their will and march them to fields of slavery or wars battle fields. As much as peace is needed in South Sudan, good leaders who will demonstrate unique qualities of interest for peace and not leadership grab and or hold on to power through violence but rather to be chosen by the by the people will be in high demands. So the warring parties must look into achieving peace rather than securing leadership position. Though, I am for peace but much a fan of self defense I do not believe in any provocation causing tensions since the SPLM-In-Oppositions are defending the citizens against all sorts of oppressions by the government of South Sudan, they must stay the course and act on any window of opportunity that is open for a genuine peace.

malek February 21, 2015 at 5:17 am

i am blaming waring parties for letting so called igad play it’s not warring parties being used by unknown organisztion. Igad, go awayyour fame is known.

AGUMUT February 21, 2015 at 8:41 am

Nuer are joking about War,i remembered The Common Cold of Nairobi and money,but there is a peace and work in place now.Why they distance themselves to call the Diaspora,is it because they become very rich! They should send some amount to Diaspora instead Diaspora are sending money.


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