Core foundations of the conflict in south Sudan

By Lam Wuor,


Among the victims and displaced are the children and women(Photo:past file)
Among the victims and displaced are the children and women(Photo:past file)

May 14, 2014(Nyamilepedia) — I am deeply concerned by the widespread political violence that has disturbed south Sudan as middle- December2013, the trustful and healthy south Sudanese community in diaspora is divided, its members are rarely share informations due to current crisis, the intellectuals has lost truth among themselves, builder peaceful relationship has rotten, however, it’s very hard for south Sudanese community to find the solution for bringing an end to the violence since the leaders are divided.

For that reasons, strong tension within the south Sudanese populations at home or in diaspora has failed to high light the multiple common perception of the disastrous indirectly and directly impact of the violence. South Sudanese cannot afford another civil war, the first civil war of 1955-1972 and again in 1983, I believe that the majority of south Sudanese officials were born in civil war. However, in the last 7 yrs. after CPA was signed the numbers of south Sudanese refugees who fled to neighboring countries were eventually returning to south Sudan, but now millions of people fleeing again the violence within southsduan or made refugees in neighbor countries, high risk of diseases and life threatening of physical abuse is in place. Now, people are going back again to refugee lives that will make it difficult for many of them.

Core foundations of the conflict

         Things that destroy south Sudan are as follows

         Corruption

         Tribalism

         Dictatorship system

         Nepotism

And etc.

Who has the power to avoid such four?

The conflict generated by what has been rendered by president Salva kiir as a coup attempt by the SPLM politicians , this come as surprise to me and many south Sudanese especially when it has appeared in context of ethnic targeting , there are many analysis who may argued that this is not between the Nuer and dinkas but if one would ask himself or herself, the country is mixed of 63 tribes and the 12 detainees are from various tribes in south Sudan and the victims of failed coup is targeting one ethnic group which is the Nuer, so such evident itself convinced me that this war is between the Nuer and dinka in which the blames could not be put on media for fueling tribal perception between dinka and Nuer since the president himself has proved to the world that is intension is to finished the Nuer .

Now, south Sudanese in diaspora and elsewhere we were fallen into tribal classification that has delicate tensions and destructively upsetting individual and public associations. However, the SPLM party has not renovated itself from being a militarized liberation struggle to a political party with stand of philosophy of which disassociation itself from military organization. The problem SPLM has not promoted or provided the political space for betterment to the nation is interest, I would point out that SPLM as has persisted and trapped in its liberation conceptually. Therefore, democracy is not about winning the election if people of south Sudan are fooling others that Kiir is elected president but to me is not as such there is not no theory says elected president has right to kill is citizens from door to door because they not from tribe .if we need the ways forward, SPLM party needs to reform to political vision to build the society that all citizens would be happy. The president has granted privileges to eliminate all these instead for him to treating all his citizens unequally, president and his followers are using tribalism language and the notion of dictatorship system that is increasing the problematic replicating a fundamental feebleness in south Sudan .within a boarder national identity , tribal identity can be used in better ways to national identity to pride self-esteem .Moreover, the negative use of tribal identity for waging and building economical again has causes current problem and confusion , however, the Nuer and dinkas are brothers and sister that has very close relationship when it comes to normal life , for example, The Nuer and dinka have peaceful intermarriage but power greediness and lack of vision has brought inerasable conflict. The nation is natural resources are being mismanaged and South Sudan distorted into a new war.

The author is a concern citizen of south Sudan. He can be reached at lamjok7@gmail.com

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