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Compromise Peace Agreement Implementation Would Improve The Lives of The Ordinary Citizens

By Deng Kuer Tuil,

Leaders of SPLM factions, Mr. Salva Kiir and Dr. Riek Machar signed a peace document in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia(Photo: fiile)
Leaders of SPLM factions, Mr. Salva Kiir and Dr. Riek Machar signed a peace document in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia(Photo: fiile)

Nov 12, 2015(Nyamilepedia) —- The agreement that was signed on the 26th August, 2015 by the President of the Republic of South Sudan would improve the living standard of the south Sudanese people if the warring parties committed themselves and implement what it is signed.

The people of the South Sudan have suffered for long period of time and this was because of power struggling. When there are no changes in the government, the government is democratic, no corruption cases and the all the principles of good governances are in place but when others are fired to give chance to new faces, those who are fired will say the opposite, they would say the government is corrupt, autocratic and the government is not delivery basic services to the people because of the system of governance which is according them is bad governance.

However, as one of the citizens of this country I failed to understand who is right and who is not right between those in government and those who are fired, also we are confused by our own politicians by always saying different statements. At the time they are in the government they would ask their supporters to rally behind the President and government but on the day they are removed they would ask their supporters not to rally behind the president by saying the government is very corrupt and that is the reason the services are reaching you the ordinary citizens.

When the warring parties implement fully the provisions in the compromise peace agreement it will attract the international community to come back to south Sudan and participate with us in the development our own country. The African countries did not request the south Sudanese government to come to South Sudan but were invited by our own making. Now we are in crisis we can not say now we don’t need their coming let us welcoming them with good heart and work with them for the welfare of our people. What I knew as a person when we work as expected the African countries will go back to their own countries with out even informing us, the same to others continent. These countries think day and night as we are sleeping. It is call compromise peace agreement for the reason that there are many types of conflict management, we can not call it avoiding, competing, harmonizing and collaborating all the remaining types of conflict management will have time after we fully implement the compromise peace agreement. Compromise means ask each person to give a little and take a little by arranging a compromise between the two. Ask both of the members to come to your offer and talk the problem through with them, presenting potential compromises and allowing them to consider these options over. By arranging a compromise instead of just selecting one member’s interests over the other, you can reduce the probability that one member feels insulted by the way in which the conflict was resolved. Therefore, I would say that the IGAD pus has proposed good name for our peace.

The other reason that needs attention of our leaders is the issue of under payment of civil servants in the country. This issue is paining us to much and I am asking our government to priories the issue of salaries so that with this economic crisis we are in our people would want to know that they have the government which is working for their welfare and the prosperity of our country. Paying government employees enough money will also contribute to the development.

The citizens will be in a position to educate their children to be leaders of tomorrow and not that you are the leader of today, tomorrow is your child, it will not make sense. Let us educate our children together so that there is competition tomorrow.

I would love to take this opportunity to appreciate the National Minister of Education, Science and Technology for the formation of committee that would revise and review the salaries of primary and secondary school teachers, thank you Mr. Hon Minister and I congratulate you for that. I am also arguing the other public institutions to do the same. This will help the people of South Sudan to restore and regain their lost culture. Majority of our children are learning out side and from there they are copying the cultures of those countries which are not going help us. Now I am appealing to the committee formed to unified teachers salaries from the national to villages level to enable qualified teachers teach at the village level because this will automatically force them to go down there.

This is the main reason that causes all the disorders in the country simply because the government is underpaying the civil servants who are the majority and those who are getting good paid are the constitutional post holders who are elected or appointed. This is why everybody in south Sudan wanted to be a politician for him to get good paid so that his families enjoy.

Concluding remarks, I am hereby asking our government to fully implement the compromise peace agreement to give chance to development to enable the ordinary citizen know that there is   government which is working for their well being and prosperity.

The author can be reached by writing an e-mail dengktuil@yahoo.com

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DINGIT NA TUGGÖ November 12, 2015 at 8:54 pm

Hello Mr. deng kuer Tuil, you must be a jenge because it is only jenge who could not understand what is good or bad governance when their son is the one leading. Who are you trying to fool. Let me tell you that my name is DINGIT NA TUGGÖ which means only time of you evel deed will explain.

If you want try learn how to write and article, pleas write about how many cows will your sister fetch for you? to value all your cows is the most important thing and I know you can do it better. But be reminded that you need to hurry to take out all your cows which are in the GREATER EQUATORIA STATE before the FEDERAL RULE and before the establishment of the 23 pure EQUATORIA STATES. Do it as soon as possible and before we kick your ass out of Equatoria.

Do not pretend trying to use good language, it is too late for you the triblism tribe of jenge. All tribes hate you so it is too late for you to mend your relationship. the only thing is that you have to go to Abiyei and surrender to YOUR MASTERS THE MESRIYA


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