Comparison Between Riek Machar And David Son Of Jesse

By Gatkuoth Majiok Chol,

First Vice President Dr. Riek Machar Teny-Dhurgon delivering a speech in St Theresa Cathedral (Photo: supplied).
First Vice President Dr. Riek Machar Teny-Dhurgon delivering a speech in St Theresa Cathedral (Photo: supplied).

May 19, 2016(Nyamilepedia) —- In the world that we live today, it has been a conventional norm that most leadership aspirants triumph after passing through enormous of trails and political turbulence before landing on the top seat.  To be sincere, the road to success has never been easy, both ambition and desire to champion change or reform are sufficient to engendering tension, enemies and political assassins. Indeed, an accumulation of stress due to life threats, negative attributes and character hammering by political adversaries, are considered as significant tools that shape the ability of some leaders to be passionate, enduring and determined. Based on the aforesaid, I would like to draw an illustration between David son of Jesse and Dr Riek Machar to congruently compare their ascension to power, experience, hardship and success. I am sure, I would not persuade all the readers to like this topic, but bear with me if it is not what interests you.

David son of Jesse has gone through unpleased life experience, but his harsh time equips him to handle complex problems. David began his life as normal shepherd boy in (Bethlehem) who look after his flocks, and often fight and kill the wild beasts such as lion and bear that seldom attract his sheep. These animal encounters helped and prepared David to confront or killed Philistine giant, Goliath of Gath. In similar situation, Dr Riek Machar began his life as normal boy in (Leer) who attended various schools and in 1985 he became SPLA commander. In 1986, Dr Riek fought many battles against Sudanese armed forces both in Western Upper Nile and Southern Kordofan and he also managed to attract respect and admiration from his comrades who looked up to him, like David.  These fierce battles prepared Machar to successfully challenge Dr Garang for the movement leadership in 1991.

David was known for his diverse skills as artist, warrior and as well as writer, and after he killed Goliath, the King Saul impressed by David’s prowess and invited him to the palace and subsequently appointed him as commanders in the army. As human aging remain uncontrollable, and with the passage of time, King Saul started to grow old and weak, while David continues growing strong and healthy. In the same fashion, Dr. Riek was known for his diverse skills as an educated man, warrior as well as a savvy politician. The lead up to Nairobi Declaration ushered in a new political dispensation as a result, Dr. Riek and Dr. Garang resolved their difference and later on the two leaders reconciled paving the way for Dr. Riek’s appointment as the third person in SPLA ranking list, and later became second or vice-president of the Republic of South Sudan. As time remain as only fundamental factor for human transition to old age, President Kiir descend to old age and fragility is fast accelerating and waning him down, while Dr. Riek is on his median age and continue to grow strong and healthy, making him favorite for the upcoming first free and fair elections.

In minuscule time, King Saul learned that David had gained mass popularity on the fight against the Philistines. His jealousy grew disproportionately toward David and decided to eliminate him, and hatched a plan to kill him. In many instances King Saul had attempted to kill David, but with no success. One occasion David luckily dodged Saul’s spear and run away for his life on barefoot into the nearest hills and later found refuge with the king of Moab who gave him weapons to protect himself and his men. In similar procedure, President Kiir possessed the sharp jealous against Riek’s popularity in politics and SPLM political Bureau. In same scenario, President Kiir hatched a plan to eliminated Dr Riek both in politics and the party. Kiir attempted to kill Dr Machar on 15th of December 2013. But with no success, Riek dodge Kiir’s bullets and run away for his life on barefoot to the Bor and later found refuge with General Gatdet and white army who protect him, his men and women.

After the death of King Saul, David left the wilderness and returned to Israel, he united his people and became King of Israel that reigned for forty years. In the same approach, after two dreadful years on fighting, Dr Riek and president Kiir signed peace agreement to end the bloodshed in the country. As result, Riek triumph and left the bush and returned to Juba as first vice-president, a post higher and more powerful than previous position that he had held. Machar arrival in Juba rise hope for peace, unity and restoration of country’s economy. It is believed that the circumstances that force Dr Machar to leave Juba at two years ago are now remain in minimum level and unlucky to repeat again.

However, the presumption would be that, the Machar next promotion would not be less than the office of presidency in the Republic of South Sudan. Because this man has sharped the country’s foreign policy and had established strong bilateral relationship between Juba and various capitals in the region. Dr Machar worked tirelessly of promoting justice, human right and human dignity, democracy values and service delivery unlike kleptocrats. Dr. Machar has been fighting for injustice, security, prosperity and equality for all South Sudanese. For sure his great work will eventually prevail with the establishment of a stable, secure and united South Sudan. But, nevertheless, what matters most at a moment is not the position or leadership, but entirely about the implementation of the peace agreement in good faith. Citizen needs a true peace that will encourage reconciliation, unity, restore economy and install stability across the country. Above all, we need genuine peace that is active and can be pasted on every citizen heart to produce joy, peace and improve livelihood. “O God blesses South Sudan”.

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