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Bombing of Teachers Training Institute (TTI) in Gambella Ethiopia

By Dhoal Larjin,

Tens of thousands gathered at Gambella regional stadium celebrating cultural event of all tribes in Ethiopia, Gambella, December 2015 (Photo: ST Photo)
Tens of thousands gathered at Gambella regional stadium celebrating cultural event of all tribes in Ethiopia, Gambella, December 2015 (Photo: ST Photo)

Feb 02, 2016(Nyamilepedia) —- A bombing of TTI in Gambella is arguably the act of terrorism. I don’t know local government is reluctant to account penetrators of this attack as terrorists. We cannot watch this inhumane happening because many of our young people are studying in this college. The attack is terrorism because it is like the bombing of any learning institution and other public places in the world. It is the same as bombing and killing of Garissa University students in Kenya by Al Shabaab militants a few months ago. It is probably we have no much literature about the group. Victims of this attack need quick help, and the government should control the conflict from escalating because it will affect the entire region. I am sincerely appealing to local Ethiopian government in Gambella to immediately stop the bombing of the Nuer students by terrorists in Gambella, the capital of Region 12 in western Ethiopia. The action is believed to have been committed by Anyuak terrorist groups, and it can be described as an active of terrorism in Ethiopia because they are using illegal bombs to commit mass killing of the Nuer. Local people believe Anyuak tribal men start the conflict by throwing a hand bomb killing some students in Teachers Training Institute (TTI). The hand bomb killed didn’t distinguish a few Anyuak from a laarger group of Nuer students, the Anyuak students died too as the result of the evil act. Terrorists attacked TTI and carried a random shooting for every student. The situation is still unstable, and it needs attention of the local and federal governments to overcome to calm it. Local government should deploy more armed military to save innocent people in Gambella.

It is innocent people that are murdered to death, and some have gone missing in the region. The public opinion in the region dictates that what has taken place in Gambella is nothing short of evil act terrorism by a few group in the name of Anyuak tribe. Their inequitable motive lies behind the land issue. These terrorists are groups of Anyuak claiming land reform from the Nuer. They resorted to terrorist killing style because they are incapable to face the Nuer in actual combat, the same way Salva Kiir used UPDF when he knew he incapable in facing the Nuer in the battlefield.

It has been leaked out that Kiir’s Government instigated the whole thing that Anyuak from Puchalla should push the Nuer out of Gambella for the reasons best known to Kiir and the Anyuak; a strategy orchestrated to make the Nuer homeless the same manner Kiir killed the Nuer kicked them out of Juba en masse . Ethiopian rebels are suspected of using Anyuak groups to restart rebellion against the Ethiopia. I argue that there should be a proper investigation of this attack to prevent further incidents. Nuer are majority in Gambella as well as they are in South Sudan while the Anyuak are the second largest tribe in the region. I think Anyuak minority are struggling for fair representation in the local government. It will get worse as they use violent to make their issues heard by the local government.

Our history will becomes a continuation of the tribal war if it is not managed by the local government. The tribal conflict can produce sever fight in the region. The fighting is said to have left a few dead and shifted between the two tribes the Anyuak and the Nuer. We know that the conflict between the Nuer and Anyuak has been there for decades. Anyuak attacked the Nuer several times because they have been politically mobilized against. Last year, they made a foolish claim brought to their attention by Jieng Council of Elders that Akobo County of Jonglei State in South Sudan is for them when actually no single Anyuak lives there. Akobo is the heartland of the Nuer. It’s persuasive for Anyuak to protest underrepresentation in the County because they share the administration with the Nuer but they have no right to claim the land because the history denies them of it. Anyuak are fighting because they want some rights in Gambella because they falsely believe that the Nuer marginalized them in their township.Their poor action will provoke the Nuer to reciprocate forcefully.


Anyuak ethnics groups will not in any way mange to fight the Nuer. Ethiopian Government has yet not taken any action against the Anyuak terrorists as they are currently at large. Governor Gatluak Tut Khot and Ethiopian Prime Minister should quickly intervene to rescue the Nuer of Gambella that the Anyuak are exterminating. All the Nuer who fled conflict in South Sudan are also affected by the conflict. Mr. Gatluak Tut, the current Governor of Gambella should save the refugees from the daily attacks and the world should condemn the Anyuak actions.

Finally, it is sad condolence to the victims. My petition to the Anyuak ethnic group is that they should use nonviolence, the policy of the civilized world, if they believe their ancient land has been unlawfully occupied. If the Anyuak want the land from the Nuer, they should seek it through legal ways. We don’t want any violence to surface in the region because it will take us back to odds and ends and the same violence will erase the hard earned gains. The land now belongs to the governed so any one should live anywhere if affordable. I appeal to Ethiopian local government, government of Republic of South Sudan and all other group around the area to investigate the motive behind the Anuyuak’s devilish actions bring the penetrators to the account and enforce the law.

Dhoal Larjin is a leader of SPLM-IO II can be reached through email dtuolual@gmail.com

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Riek Koang February 2, 2016 at 9:20 pm

Nuer used violence means to take power in South Sudan too which they terribly failed, so let the anyuak also teach them that violence is not right way of solving problem, Anyuak should chase them out of Gambella ASAP.

philip tut February 3, 2016 at 12:33 am

U run after a wind u r step mother native are enemy to all Ethiopian as they fight with abasha only nuer rescued them from again they are in red line with all tribes in Gambella but making them annoyed b/s they ruled state for decades no change now the development achieved , u go with friends and denied family 4 money sake shamed on u

fitsum February 3, 2016 at 8:32 am

???teach a lesson about how “violence is not the right way” by being violent towards them??? that is a little out of logic….i guess…it is guys like you riek who aggravate the awful hate and make people who lived thousands of years together in love forget all about that…. the alligiation that the anyuak did this horrible thing is baseless in the first place and saying that this is what is supposed to happen isn’t right……. get urself a mind brother…. whoever did this hasn’t got a GOD but we have got one to believe in…. we believe the hand behind all this will come to light and justice one day……. we believe…. we fight against those who hate our love…..

bunny1 February 3, 2016 at 12:30 am

The anyuak issue in Gambella region was a big problem but not anymore. The Nuer in Gambella know how to deal with Anyuak and the deal have been struck. It is no longer an issue now. I feel sorry for Anyuak for throwing a hand grenade through the window, and as a result, it killed the Nuer Students. And now, all the town and villages of Anuak have been cleansed and burned. All the villages around Baro River are emptied now and no Anyuak living there. They have been displaced and are now homeless. The only way Anyuak can survive and have a future in Ethiopia is to make peace with Nuer. Do not choose to go to War with the Nuer of Ethiopia because it will not work. The Nuer of Ethiopian are known for fighting and they are very good at it and their population is equal to the Lou Nuer. They are 600,000 strong and most of them are sharpe shooters. I would encourage the Anyuak to make peace peace with the Nuer of Ethiopia. If you keep terrorism and terrorizing the Nuer of Ethiopia, you will not have a future in Ethiopia.

Bichok Wan February 3, 2016 at 10:38 am

Please let us tell the reality. We the Nuers were the ones who started the problem. Our member was the one who started the fight and threw the hand grenade . We lost the fight and hundreds of our friends and loved ones perished in Gambela and itang including our educated ones such as Gatdet. Ours villages south of Itang were all burnt down and all our people there evacuated to Lare. Our people in Gambela town were besieged for many days without food and are suffering a lot even today. Please let us not hide the reality. All the weaponds that we tried to smuggle to Pinyudo went into wrong hands and all our smugglers were killed. Therefore, we started the mess and were killed in mass.

Naath United February 3, 2016 at 3:56 pm

I am for those seeking peaceful solution to this conflict between Nuer & Anuak. I understand that both Nuer & anuak have been set up south sudan Goverment. Mr impersonator, please get the fact prior to writting ur comments. No Nuer started this conflict only our brother Anuak because they were brian washed by so called Dinka council of elder. The dinka council of elder aren’t thrilled since the conflict is confined in greater upper nile, greater equatoria, their goal is to distablise gambella region in Ethiopia. So that to see all nuer in different camps around Ethiopia displace onces again.

philip tut February 3, 2016 at 6:23 pm

U really not bichock Wan , dinka are confusing anyak is like when a blind is leading into deep river here anyak are suffering there dinka is entertaining , Ethiopia is country with Good Government& Good leaders zip can rescue their nation from danger not like south Sudan z their president are spending his time with liquor so as brothers (anyak&nuer) we will reconcile God bless Ethiopia 4 ever we loved it

Riek February 3, 2016 at 12:31 am

Dear readers .do not confuse there is some people who afraid on face book or in mass media, they use to say wrong word with other names.please Mr poster we know that you are not among nuer you are just playing with nuer names.next no one will teach us except God who create nuer . in stead to teach nuer, we tought them more than 10 years.

philip tut February 3, 2016 at 2:58 am

If someone using ur name u can block him ,true is God who teaches us but every where Nuer didn’t made any thing wrong but people worries of nuer if the Government of South Sudan really is true government like the rest of countries why they killed one tribes &why the president advice by his own tribal, when come to Ethiopia as brothers anyak&nuer we save their life when they were killed by abasha they should not 4 get, if you are nuer think z the conflicts of nuer &others tribes is for all, take care of your words

Real Nilotic February 3, 2016 at 1:11 pm

Actually it turned out that the terrorist group were the Nuer people. They were burning down Anyuak villages and killing innocent Anyuak. The agreement wad reached that all Nuer must evacuate Anyuak land. This is also what government of S Sudan do in Akobo.

philip tut February 4, 2016 at 6:57 pm

What is Terri roster mean? In south Sudan government train dinka tribes out of national army, in Ethiopia anyak murder the government workers , not nuer who are terrorist is others tribes who made illegal act by murdering including u , why u are not using ur name in media zip is what terrorist did u are part just limit your worries about nuer , unless u dink a &others tribes come in one to fight nuer instead of paying other as u did to Uganda troops

GatNor February 3, 2016 at 12:20 pm

Nuers are being terrorized from all dirrections by their neighboring tribes They are terrorized everywhere incuding places and countries Kenya & Uganda where they are seeking refuge.

In the midth of all this they as a community lack any organized systemic factoring in of basic strategic planning in dealing with various issues threatening their communities. The days of waking up to surprise attacks from Jur like Anyuaks, Jaang & or Murlei only to later retalliate and depends on sheer physical mights and accessive fire-power should be improvised with good intelligence gatherings beeping up prevention methods rather than the outdated & costly problem solving or dissaster management methods they are used to and are still using today. Times have changed and so to ways of doing things hsve changed.

riek February 5, 2016 at 5:57 am

dear all, what i want to say is ; Aman say Anuak will teach Nuer ,what lesson ? please in stead to teach Nuer, Nuer tought them more than 10 yeare and aman say again Anuak will chase Nuer never never. Anuak will not chase Nuer in Gambelle.Next Aman use to say wrong word with Anuer name do you think that you are good person? A person who afraid with Nuer ,will not say a wrong word with his name.

KOCH GATKUOTH KIKUEY February 6, 2016 at 5:54 am

This is exactly true this guy use to abuse Nuer in the media by using Nuer name as away of confusing other people.please you guy who name him self by Nuer names stop! stop! from today onward, use your Dinka names. ANuak are very small tribes who can not fight with Nuer. Nuer are brave in nature, they can not fight with Anuak because Anuak are fearful people while Nuer are fearless.


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